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What may be the best thing
For you to do
Sometimes thats the hardest thing
For you to do
And that, that's real you know 'cause
I know I love you
I know how I feel about you
But I also know that don't
Make everything aight
And for that reason
I gotta say goodbye

Tell me
Have you ever been in a
a situation where the best thing you could do
Was the hardest thing
You've ever done (The hardest thing you've ever done)
But you tried to do
What's right
And I know deep down inside
That I really wanna be
There by your side
But I can't stand to see you cry
Not when it's because of me
Yeah, yeah, yeah

(chorus 1)
When it's over baby {its over baby}
I'll never love another (i'll never love another)
I'm always thinking of her
I'm doing this because of her

(chorus 2)
and I don't wanna say goodbye
I don't wanna let her see me cry
Looking out the window and
wonderin' why
Did we have to
Say all those things
That we said last night (that we said last night)
I don't wanna say goodbye
So I'm just standing here
Wondering why
Just don't like to
See you when you cry
So I'mma say goodbye

what you think cause
I packed your stuff
That inside I aint really
Really cracking up?
'Cause you're wrong
I just hide it good
'Cause I know that's
What you need girl
And there's more to life
Than loving yourself
You gotta learn to
Love somebody else, yeah
And that's why I
Do the things that I do


Aint no one in this world that can ever take your place
all the love that we shared it can never be erased
and I know that, that it hurts so bad
and i'm sorry, you were the best i had.

(repeat ^ 'til fade)

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My relationship | Reviewer: LonelyStar | 9/28/13

It's been a couple of weeks that my bf of 1yr & 4mnts have been fighting, arguing & all... It hurts me so much. I love him & I never really thought I was going to love him the way I do now. Everyday I miss him & I think of him. Today I almost called it off but I couldn't. It was so hard to say goodbye. I just couldn't let it go. I love him too much. & the sad part is that we both now that it's time to let go but we are scared to see one another with someone else. He loved me from the start & I didn't. But within time my feeling grew & grew. He use to live only 15mim away from me but it's been 8mnts since he moved 2hrs away from me so I only see him twice a month & it hurts because I miss him & I feel like we are falling apart. I'm scared to get cheated on I'm scared that because of the distance his love towards me is going to fade away. I got heartbroken once almost 3yrs ago & it was my worst & to think of being heartbroken again kills me. I know it's time to say good bye because even tho I love him with all my heart we have tried to make it work but it's just getting worse!!!!!

Sorry | Reviewer: Bossk | 4/15/13

I'm playing this jam over and over thinking about you boo. The hurt I've caused you. The ease with which I let our relationship go. The little faith I've showed in our relationship from the start. Its been two days of hell since we last had any conversation. We used to talk the whole day and I almost always want to reach for you whenever I have something to share.....but I broke it off with you. Life is unfair and I felt like I was doing the best thing and I'm so sorry for hurting you. You're the best I've ever had. I've never loved no other like I love you. I will always live with the regret of letting you go. Goodbye Bri....

I still love him | Reviewer: Chi | 8/9/12

Once had a man who trully loved me, he was the best thing that ever happened to me.I loved him too,so much and i still love him,but i had to leave him.The relationship didnt feel the same anymore;ie we lost the spark.I thought the best thing was to leave,didnt want to see him cry.I had hurt him enough so i left.It was the hardest thing to do,i cried myself to sleep too many times after the breakup,but i just had to do what i thot was best for both of us,i mean pretending everything was in a good health wasn't really a good thing.Now he's with someone else and i miss him so much.I hope he is happy with her cause i wish him the best in life.He is a good dude and he deserves such..I love you Goo.I miss you everyday.No regrets though

can't get over him | Reviewer: jada | 7/31/12

My (ex) bf and I have been tryin to make our relationship work for a very long time,we recently had to slip I always see at school and the way he looks at me is jst so amazingly strange.he trys so hard to hide his feeling bt I always see the pain that he's hiding ,he's my everythng.Ealier on this year I found out that he was seeing some1 else ,he evn told me that as we're now friends.About a month ago he told me that he loves me and that he's not over me ,I love him so dearly no matter how hard I try to hide my feeling I jst can't he was the best thing I ever had,we spoke about everything,did wat lovers did but wen he said goodbye for the last time,I knew that ths ws it so I jst had to move on and carry on with my life ,I know he still loves me where eva he is ,but I guess I gotta say goodbye as life goes on ,people chang,feelings go away but my feelings for him will never fade as what we had was realy strong!# almost in tears!I soo love ths song!

goodbye :( | Reviewer: alma | 4/30/12

I'm listening to this song right is about to be here && i knw hes anout to tell me goodbye...he lives 45 min away from me and hes loding his job n he got an offer in louisiana which is like 2 hrs.from here && he is thinkin of ending things with me so this is hard im crying right now as a listem to this song :(

The hardest thing i ever done | Reviewer: Tee | 4/23/12

21st of 04 i let go the love of my life cause he was with someone else, and i bet he love her more than he love me but he clams he love us the same... I love him so dearly but if he loves him more then he must go to her. I don't wanna say goodbye but i have to and he must know that aint no one in this world that can ever take his place,all the love that we shared it can never be erased and i'm sorry

Im so sad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/13/12

Its a day before valentines day. I feel weird writing this but I just want to share with others who are going through what I am. Ive been with the same guy off and on for three years. i love him with all my heart. so bad it hurts. but hes cheated on me and i try so hard to trust him but i just cant.I've tried other relationships but they just dont work, i always go back to him. we just got into an arguement and he told me i deserve so much better. he said i should save my tears, im perfect and hes not strong enough to fight for me. These lyrics touch DEEP cause i feel hes talking to me. I wish i could tell him that he's my everything and that i see potential in all his flaws. I dont wanna be with anyone else.

saying goodbye | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/3/12's hard for me to say goodbye to the person i really love...the man of my dreams.but i need to coz i know someone needs him... letting go or saying goodbye does not mean i will forget him...i love him no matter what and im willing to let him go if i need to.

Walking away from the love of my life | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/23/11

The hardest thing I ever had to do was walk away from the love of my life. 6 years of an on and of intense passionate relationship. He's loved me harder than any man has before. Through all my mistakes he always was therefor me and took me back when I wasn't sure he was right for me.but his insecurities got the best of us. I grew up and took him seriously and saw the man he was trying to be so I finally realized he was the one for me. Even tho he accepted me for who I am he couldn't never quite let past mishaps go. We broke up because he moved away but then ended up talking every day and making it work for another whole year and the distance actually made us stronger until he brought up past things I did and I told him unless he stops we can be no more. Once again we reconnected. It was stronger than ever and we talked about spending the rest of our lives together and then the phone call came... He was going to be a father and it wasn't with me. He had gotten another woman pregnant. It was the most devastating heart wrenching time in my life . Knowing you can never be with the love of your life and you just got them a string independent woman... But that I cannot do....and for that I am truly sorry .

It's all over now baby blue | Reviewer: ps | 11/15/11

Sometimes, i still feel him next to me, kissing me.. I wish just for one day we could kiss each other aggain. I dont care about all the things he did to me, even thought at times i think of those things and cry my eyes out. He hurt me so much and didn't even say sorry or try to make it right, i guess it was the right thing for me to do.. was to say goodbye. P.S - no matter how much you love him you have to KNOW when enough is enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Real | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/11

This song makes me cry. I was married when I met my real love. We got close the last year or so. We came close to crossing the line and becoming lovers. Very close. That was when I realized that she desevrved somebody better than me. And my wife didn't deserve to be with a man that was a cheater. So I had to break off the relationship. I still love her but I got to do what's right.

Heartbroken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/11

My (ex) boyfriend made me listen to this and i cant stop crying...we got into a really bad fight yesterday...i have scratches all over...this happened quite a few times (like two or three ) i love him so much....yes lies were told, mistakes were made, but those dont matter...i love him..its been almost 14months but around 2 years of knoeing him...hes my life...he makes my world spin...but i just cant take the abuse....i love you J...i always will...i dont know about our status but i do know i am and forever will be in love with you.......but we gottw say goodbye,,,

I can not listen to this song with out crying, | Reviewer: Broken Hearted | 8/1/11

I fell in love with this guy in grammar school, 7th grade to be exact, and ever since then we have never been able to let each other go. Its been 6 years and no matter how often we break-up.. we always find our way back to each other. This last time tho, he really hurt me and I dont think going back is the best idea, because I cannot allow him to hurt me any longer. Like all other times, he came in and swept me right off of my feet, and I was ready to drop everything (even my current boyfriend) ..because I was ready to make this our last time trying because we would make it work. He had other ideas. I spent a whole weekend with him, and everything was so beautiful, the time we spent I cherished. I had fallen back in love with him just like I did that day back in 7th grade, and I just wanted him to be mine. The weekend passed.. and so did all the emotions and feelings we shared those 3 days. I have not heard from him since. And it hurts so bad. I dont know why or how he could just do me like that.. I tried to reach out to him, but still nothing. I would never do him like this. I later found out that he has a girlfriend, she's much younger, and attractive I guess.. but besides that WHY would he put me through that?? This song tells me.. and just like him. I'm gonna say goodbye.. I'm tired of wondering why!

hurt so. | Reviewer: the hurt one | 5/15/11

My ex was my everything ... we were long distance but we were making it work. He broke my heart twice I'm one year... cheated and got a girl pregnant. His greed tore us apart. I loved him with all my heart and I was ready to move from my family who I'm very close with to be with him and only him. I had to say goodbye because although he might love me... he doesn't respect. My heart has been abused by you enough. Goodbye.

Broken | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/25/11

I fell in love with this guy and he has been serving time i been by his side the hole time but wtv i do is never good enough. every word in this song is soo true i know i have to leave him and it is the hardest thing to do!!!

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