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I remember the first day
I met you
we were so young
you were a blessing
and there was no guessing
you were the one
Love is so crazy
We had a baby
and said our vows
That's when you told me
should anything happen
I can hear you now
You told me

if the sun comes up
and I'm not home
be strong
If I'm not beside you
Do your best to
carry on
Tell the kids about me
when they're old enough to understand
tell them that their daddy was
a good man

First anniversary
remember we
chose a star
And as i stand under it
I can't help but wonder if
You see it where you are
For whatever reason
We don't see the seasons
Change again
Go there with peace of mind
We'll meet on the otherside
Cause true Love don't end
and baby

if the sun comes up
and you're not home
I'll be strong
If you're not beside me
I'll do my best to
carry on
I'll tell the kids about you
when they're old enough to understand
I'll tell them that their daddy was
a good man

Two eyes
up at me
Pointing to the picture like where is he
Mamma are you OK
What did the paper say
To make you cry that way
it said your Daddy lived for you
and your daddy died for you
and I'll do the same
Now baby

if the sun comes up
and I'm not home
be strong
If I'm not beside you
Do your best to
carry on
Tell your kids about me
when they're old enough to understand
tell them that your daddy was
a good man

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This song is a songversation | Reviewer: Princess | 11/27/13

Today in June of this year (2013) my boyfriend lost his dad,it was so hard to see him in the bad space that he was in at times i did not know how to be there for him. Whenever he talks about him,i wish i knew him. When God blesses our relationship into a marriage relationship,i'd want our kids to know what a good man their grandfather was. He always wore a smile and was a very welcoming person.

I'll be a better man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/24/13

Why do I still cry every time I listen to this song? I can't seem to find rhyme or reason because I am the man but it works up something in that want's me to be a better man to my sons and grandchildren. I pray love finds me again one day when I let my open just a chink. Thank you Ms. Arie. Happy 2013.

So true for me | Reviewer: Mrs MD | 2/17/12

This song was given to me as a gift 5years ago after losing my other half to the cruel streets of the D. Still till this day everytime I hear it I'm in tears. It is a beautiful touching song that really hit home with me. No even after years goes by it doesn't get better its just accepted that I can't change it.

Young widow... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/11

i am a young widow... my soulmate died 2 months before our second anniversary... how cruel is Life!! i am okay, but it's nearing the 2nd anniversary of his death and suddenly i am dreaming about him every night, and it hurts so much to wake up and realise he's not there. it doesn't ever get better, it just gets tolerable. I miss my baby more than ever and life will never be the same. This song is spot on :)

I can relate | Reviewer: Wanda | 12/14/10

I can relate to this song.. i became a widow at the age of 22.. with a 9 month old and a child on the way.. its hurts so much to have to tell my boys about their father.. i wish he was here.. but im strong and im going to tell them how good their father was.. RIP Min. Andre Dandridge Sr.

Amazing song | Reviewer: Nomfundo | 10/25/10

I have an amazing man. I can't listen to this song without almost shedding a tear. The thought of his leaving me due to whatever circumstance, I just don't know what I'd do. India is amazing. Her music resonates with something deep in my soul. Glad to have lived in this lifetime where such music is still made

beautiful song | Reviewer: mshampton | 6/1/10

This song touched me so deeply. I fell in love with it the first time I heard it. My boyfriend is headed off to Afghanastan in a day for his first tour of duty. This song just makes me pray that he'll be back beside me soon. God bless all the troops who are away from their loved ones.

Beautiful.. | Reviewer: Jabez | 11/12/09

i found this song and India (who i'd never heard of) completely by accident and thank goodness i did. this song is absolutely beautiful. the words and India's tone of voice make it close to perfect and unforgettable. i think ill play it to whoever i fall in love with in the future :)

REAL! | Reviewer: Irie | 9/16/09

This track always makes me want to cry. It relates so well to myself and my partner of 2 years and the legacy he'd leave behind on this Earth were he to ever leave. Miss Arie just shines in this jam, as she does with all her other music. This is the way music is supposed to be: An elevating experience for the soul. Real!

EMOTIONAL | Reviewer: Carmela | 9/17/09

I can't sing this song all the way through without crying. My husband is still alive but, just the thought of him not being in my life makes me very emotional. I LOVE THIS SONG! India is a VERY talented artist and this song comes off my favorite album of hers!

amazing song | Reviewer: kierra | 7/28/09

I JUST WANNA TO SAY THAT I LOVE THIS SONG SO MUCH I SING IT SO MUCH IT REMINES ME OF THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND EVEN THOU WHERE ONLY TEENAGERS WE CAN UNDERSTAND BECAUSE HIS very good men and thats why this is our song for a young 15 year old who likes two sing i would sing this song for anybody who didnt know it but this is an amazing song and it will all ways be in my soul for god knows when and so thank u for writting it and sharing it with u always big fan keep up the amazing work all always be behind you 100 perecent love kierra

Beautifil song | Reviewer: Percy | 4/16/09

This is a very beautitful sond and the tone that india arie is jus so makes u wanna fall inlove again and at the same time it's very insipiring.India arie plz keep up the good work.ur music is jus so real adn so soulful

Beautiful song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/09

This is an amazing song, everytime I listen to it I think of my ex, he's a good man and I know that things did not work out for us now but true love never dies and maybe we'll meet on the other side.

Really touches my heart | Reviewer: Ryskie | 4/1/08

As the wife of a United States Marine, this song really touches my heart.
My husband hasn't been sent over to Iraq or Afghanistan yet, but he could in the future. This song reminds me of all the almost conversations we've had about the future.
Hopefully I can play this for him and it'll be easier for us to talk...

goodman is a good song-putting it mildly! | Reviewer: r&bguru | 3/28/06

I was first told about this song by a GOODMAN(long ago in my dark days when the only India.Arie song I knew was Video)...and when I heard it the first time I instantly fell in love with it!
This song will remind you of all the wonderful men in your life,even those whom you crossed paths with only for a while. but mostly (atleast to me),this song is about appreciating and loving while we have the chance~and being strong when changes come,knowing true love never ends.(what do I know about true love~is a question you aren't allowed to ask,ask me about r&b)
This is one of the most poignant,sweet..stay in your soul always songs.
and to the goodmen in my life...Dad, Phil,Will...and the goodman that first told me about this song...I hope that you'll be home when the sun comes up!
many r&b hugs!

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