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Korn Good God Lyrics

Last updated: 07/08/2013 06:56:41 PM

You came into my life
Without a single thing
I gave into your ways
Which left me with nothing
I've given into smiles
I fell for all your games
I wish so bad right now
I hadn't let you win

Won't you get the fuck out of my face,NOW(X2)

In the sea of life you're just a minnow
Live your life insecure
I feel the pain of your needles
As they shit into my brain

I scream without a sound
How could you take away
Everything that I was
Made me your fuckin slave
Your face that I despise
Your heart inside that's gray
I came today to say
You're fucked in every way

Won't you get the fuck out of my face,NOW(X2)

In the sea of life you're just a minnow
Live your life insecure
I feel the pain of your needles
As they shit into my mind

You stole my life
Without a sigh
You suck me dry

Won't you get the fuck out of my face,NOW(X8)

In the sea of life you're just a minnow
Live your life insecure
I feel the pain of your needles
As they shit into my mind

You stole my life
Without a sigh
You suck me dry

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07/07/13 | Reviewer: Michelle | 7/8/13

Iam a Sufferer of Aspergers & I Relate to Korn. . . & Now that I am CALM & in RIGHT MIND & PEACEFUL. . . . . I am Listening to this Man’s RAGE & Instead of getting ‘all Religious about it’, I have been Engaging with HOW JESUS SEES ME – DURING THAT TIME that I feel THAT MUCH RAGE, ANGER, HATRED – OFF THE SCALE . . . . . . .
Holy Spirit helped me to ZONE into the words, PASSED the Offensiveness, Defensiveness, Angry-ness, Tone, Hecticness, NOISE. . . . . To the Man’s INTENSE PAIN, DEEP HURT........... I ENGAGED With what I saw and felt INSIDE HIS HEART & I Sucked in a sharp breath, an OVERWHELMING Breath of COMPASSIONATE EMOTION, as I CONNECTED & UNDERSTOOD the Man’s PAIN. . . . . . I couldn’t Stop Crying & I Cried OUT to God saying – this Man Lord, IS IN SOOOOO MUCH PAIN & ANGUISH!!!!!!! Then from this Place, I was ABLE to Pray for Him, for the World’s HIDDEN Anger, Rage & Pain – that Society EXPECTS them to Cover up from a Young Child-Right into Adulthood. . . . . . . . That God DOESN’T ALLOW ME to Hide from or Cover Up in ANYWAY, SHAPE or FORM.
. . . . .
For a HIGHER PURPOSE that He IS CALLING ME TO. . . . . . . .
I also realised that WHILST IAM FEELING & EXPRESSING this UGLY Sound, feeling these UGLY emotions & the world around me CAN SEE Them & is Witnessing them         Whether they are Christian or Not. . . . . . . Where They & Me have NOT UNDERSTOOD them, known HOW TO COPE WITH Them (because they are not ‘Socially Acceptable’). . . . . . . . . . MY JESUS, MY FATHER DADDY GOD & HOLY SPIRIT HAVE A DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEP, DEEP COMPASSION FOR ME & ANYONE ELSE that IS GOING THROUGH This &
THAT IS WHY,YOU CAN TRUST YOUR GOD, YOUR JESUS & HOLY SPIRIT WITH Your Emotions – NO MATTER WHAT or HOW the World Around you (or even how you) VIEWs them . . . . . . .
Yes, SUBMIT to Society’s Ways & Humble Yourself in your Heart (as you are beginning to do). . . . . . . BUT KEEP YOUR EYES & HEART ON THE LORD, ON ME – YOUR ALL IN ALL, YOUR SECURTITY..........
Practise makes Perfect, you are only at the beginning of this NEW WAY, MY NEW WAY FOR YOU (New to you, but NOT New for me). . . . . Please try to REMEMBER. . . . . . .NEW WAYS TAKE TIME. . . . . . . IT WILL GET EASIER-the MORE You KEEP GOING, BEING OPEN to me – Your Daddy God, Your Jesus and Holy Spirit AND ENJOYING THE NEW things WE GIVE YOU in the Spirit for you to ENJOY what you are going THROUGH in the Natural . . . . . . . . .
I will Give you Wisdom as to WHO & WHERE you CAN SHARE your Spiritual Insights with & Where. . . . . . So that you do not feel like the ‘odd one out’...... ‘different’ from the ‘rest’ or Wrong x x x x x x

YOU ARE DOING WELL!!!!!! NEVER LET yourself Come into the Agreement with the Devil that You are a waste of space, time, love or energy when you feel these INTENSE Emotions Within, Towards others, yourself, me-REMEMBER!!!!! I HAVE GOT YOU!!!!!!!!I WONT LET YOU GO!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER REJECT YOU OR LEAVE YOU!!!!!!! Remember Mary Baxter & Hell – I had to allow her to go Through what she went through-so that she Could EXPRESS to the World THE TRUTH, THE LIGHT, THE WAY...

MUCH MORE EFFECTIVELY . . . . . . . But, I did not LEAVE HER there, did I? I DID SHOW UP!!  & Nor did I leave Lazerath to Stay Dead. . . . . . .


I AM WITH YOU, even when you CANNOT SEE, FEEL, SENSE me and the ESPECIALLY when the enemy (devil) Tries to tell you that I have hidden my face in shame towards you, or that you are ‘Just TOO Bad’ for me to COPE With, or that I am waiting for you to Behave before I will come near you………..



And My Darling, My Way for you IS UNCONVENTIONAL (not acceptable-like Jesus-when he walked the planet, Unaccustomed, not ‘seen’ as correct, not expected-the Pharasees’ did not ‘expect’ the Son of God to come from Among them-even tho it had been written, NOT Mainstream, NOT Ordinary, NOT Orthodox, NOT Received Well-by the ‘Righteous’ , NOT the Usual, NOT Common-Customary-Everyday-Popular) & IS NOT TO BE COMPARED TO ANY OTHER that has EVER BEEN. . . . . . . . . .

It's about a real person | Reviewer: Moonbeam | 5/21/13

Jonathan Davis says about the song: "It's about a guy I knew in school who I thought was my friend, but who fucked me. He came into my life with nothing, hung out at my house, lived off me, and made me do shit I didn't really wanna do. I was into new romantic music and he was a mod, and he'd tell me if I didn't dress like a mod he wouldn't be my friend anymore. Whenever I had plans to go on a date with a chick he'd sabotage it, because he didn't have a date or nothing. He was a gutless fucking nothing. I haven't talked to him for years."

What. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/5/11

First of all, amazing song. I love it. I interpret this with my own personal issues after getting my heart broken. This song is not about God. Maybe I'm biased as a Christian.. but lyrics such as '
In the sea of life you're just a minnow
Live your life insecure'
It really does not seem as if JD would be telling God he's insecure. Just putting that out there.

shut up | Reviewer: w/e | 8/1/11

oh just shut the fvck up with your religious propaganda--your type is in every lyrics page every site with even the least religion-related songs you come to every rock band's song lyrics and spew nonsensical bs about your mythological religions as it says in this song, would you get the fvck out of my face?? now!!

freedom of speach | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/24/11

I think it's weird to try give some interpretations, somehow getting into JD's mind.
The bloke has got some issues with God, and none of us really knows which.
I am not about to defend God. That's pointless. I just pray and hope that someday at least one of you will see things in a different perspective, and believe, for God is not really like that. Not a slavemaster. On the contrary, He gives us freedom... Sure you'll say I'm just another christian with a perfect life. Theres is no such thing. We all have our troubles, but God does help us... Those who trust in Him. Put your trust in God and see for yourself.

Interpretation | Reviewer: Robert | 2/15/11

Yeah, I understand most lyrics by Korn. they hit home to me. I understand this song; I have basically been a slave to everyone, and still am, kinda. I used to have so-called friends who bullyied me and abused me. Even now I have Issues with the past, and I do my best to forget it. Korn helped me from me hurting myself horribly. they also opened my eyes to my life. i didn't know before but I wasn't living a great life. And it still isn't great. thanks to Korn, I'm venting my life and memories, ideas, and perspectives in my band.

"Anon" Poster Beware | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/11

Ignore the fanatics. Apparently every fan of any sort of music genre that sounds anything like Korn, makes you a horrible/deranged/psychopathic this that and the third. No one is "pure", we have our dark sides, because that is the nature of our world. Expression of both is key, and balance and control is key. Korn is an outlet for many of the emotions we have which are confusing, or too painful to imagine. Doesn't make you whatever "Anon" claims, Mr./Mrs. Proud to be what they are, yet no name or anything. I don't subscribe to this site, so none from me, but I will put a name to it. My name is Ryan. And no, I am not against God, nor overly fanatical about him. Everyone has their beliefs. Time will tell.

Religious People who have real nice lives should shut the fuck up. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/18/10

Over Religious fuvks should not comment. Shut your face. Theres people who dont grow up in a great or religious home.. Some peoples lives get fukked up. So eat shit and remember the Judgements should be left to GOD but you knew that right faggot?

This song says much more about its performers than God | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

This song, with its vulgarity, its rebellion, its hate, and its hopelessness says more about "Korn"that it says about God. Anyone who writes such garbage or who listens to it with anything but disdain certainly has issues. When someone has this much trouble expressing themselves (i.e. vocabulary, reasoning, tolerance, etc.) they really must need help. Unfortunately, these so-called artists are only using the pain and neediness of their audience to reinforce the audience' self-loathing and hatred while "Korn" rakes in the dough. Pretty "Korny".

Good God=Good Song | Reviewer: Shadow | 9/11/10

Let me clear up what this song is about.This song is about a real person Jd knew growing up.This friend took advantage of him at every moment,coming into JDs life with nothing.Well,this song pretty much talks about that person.Good song.

amazing song | Reviewer: bob | 8/30/10

I always heard it as 'Would you get the fuck out of my face' and then someone else replying that says 'No', thats why he uses a different voice... But I could be wrong :)
Anyway amazing song from an amazing album.

Иван what are you talking about? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/27/10

This song is about a "friend" who used jd.
"in this sea of life you are a minnow" that obviously isn't talking about God, its talking about a person who is small and insignificant
and "everything that i was, made me your fucking slave" this is saying that the "friend" brought him completely down to nothing, and used him as a slave

god is гад | Reviewer: Иван | 5/16/10

as an atheist i like to imagine this song is about god. the god that takes away people's reason & makes them slaves.

that pal of JD could well be imaginary, but true or not - doesn't matter. the listener can actively participate in the song theme thus i choose to hate god when i listen to it... unlike some timmyd things that have spoken

KoRn Rules de woRld! | Reviewer: tuxmoney$$$ | 3/5/10

PeRfect. I'm a big fan of koRn and I absolutely like ze music dey have there!!! :( mom said I can't play left 4 dead 2.....*sob* ....*inhale*..WHY? *hits math book with head*....YOU SHOULDVE STUDIED, YOU KORNY MF!!.....heh...*~* perhaps I've said too much...


you' re all wrong! | Reviewer: lil korn fan | 1/11/08

The real message behind this song is basically that JD (Jonathon Davis)has some sort of invisible wall, if you like, that is in his way, pissing him off and not letting him live your life properly

P.S- thanks very much to all you guy at sing365 for having all the lyrics of every song I evr needed lyrics to right there on the tinterweb when i want them.