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Johnny wanna be a big star
Get on stage and play the guitar
Make a little money, buy a fancy car
A big old house and a alligator
Just to match with them alligator shoes
He's a rich man so he's no longer singing the blues
He's singing songs about material things
And platinum rings and watches that go bling
But, diamonds don't blink in the dark
He a star now, but he ain't singing it from the heart
Sooner or later it's just gonna fall apart
Coz his fans can't relate to his new found art
He ain't doing what he did from the start
And that's puttin' in some feeling and thought
He decided to live his life shallow
Cash in his love for material.
And it's gone...

Gone going, gone
Everything gone give a damn
Gone be the birds when they don't want to sing
"Gone people" up awkward with their things gone.

You see yourself in the mirror and you
Feel safe coz it looks familiar
But you're afraid to open up your soul coz you
Don't really know, don't really know who is
The person that's deep within
Coz you're content with just being the name brand band
And ya fail to see that its trivial,
insignificant, you addicted to material

I've seen your kind before
You the type that thinks souls is sold in a store
With A vegetarian MEAL
To you, that's righteous
You're fiction like books
You need to go out to life and look
Coz what happens when they take your material
and you already sold your soul?
And it's...


You say that time is money and money is time
So you got your mind on your money and your money on your mind
But what about... that crime that you did to get paid
And what about... that bit, "You can't take it to your grave"
And what about those shoes YOU're WEARIN' today
They'll BE no good on the bridges you burnt along the way

All that money that you got gonna be gone
That gear that you rock gonna be gone
The house up on the hill gonna be gone
That gold FRONTS on your grill gonna be gone
The ice on your wrist gonna be gone
That nice little Miss gonna be gone
That whip that you roll gonna be gone
And what's worst is your soul already gone
Coz it's...


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Like the song :) | Reviewer: Perfekt | 3/27/11

I really like the song...

I'ts cool that it isn't som many instruments in the song :)

I never heard of Jack until i listened to this song:D

Funny you think that Black Eyed Peas attacked Jack. I acually think that they maybe liked to work together on this song :)

ruh-tard | Reviewer: austin kuzniewicz | 2/22/11

emily=ruh- tard. this song is not dissing Jack in anyway. it is written about the bands that are out there that think music is just about making money and driving expensive cars. its a collaboration off the song "Gone" by Jack. on a side not. Why would Jack Johnson agree to sing the refrain of a song that was dissing himself? lets think b4 we speak here.

I love this song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/11

babe I don't think you really listened to the song they r definitly not disin jack. I think the comment you just made was very close minded and the only attacking going on is from you. Play the song again and really listen to it this time it is a beautiful song from the heart with such truth to it. I hope you play it again and can open your heart and mind to it. I feel that if someone is trying to make a stand against all of the matirial insanitys of the world today they should be praised for trying to help others to see the light never ridiculed. Peace love and light!!! :)

ahem... | Reviewer: thisguy | 6/25/10

I really don't think this song is attacking Jack Johnson... For one thing, it seems to be going along with the song Johnson already wrote. Oh, and another thing, why would Jack Johnson list a song that's "attacking him" as a compilation album up on his site?

Chill Guys | Reviewer: Emily | 4/5/10

So I heard this song about an hour ago and flipped freaking shit. Not good shit, bad shit. It is obvious that Black Eyed Peas are attacking Jack Johnson saying he is a hypocrite. But guys, we gotta relax and realize that he attacked them first, not directly, but many of his songs are about how hopeless consumer driving soulless people like the black eyed peas are. They're going to get angry back, no one likes to be called out. But just remember that Jack Johnson has never sold out, but they started out being sell outs. I mean, all of their songs are about absolutely nothing except sex and what they think is love. But people who are not people cannot love.

Jack Johnson will keep on keeping on and making the rest of us happy =]

Beautiful | Reviewer: Buer | 11/23/09

Just beautiful...
This song makes you think about how people can change because of success. It also can make you feel sad; but thats OK-- it means you are still capable of feeling something for humanity.

I love it. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/09

I love how the Black Eyed Peas can always mix a good moral and a catchy beat together. I think when they used to write this kind of music (before that horrible techno crap) they could put things together and whenever I heard one of their songs, I felt as though it was simply put so anyone could understand the song's message.
I love the chorus it fits in so sophisticatedly with the rap and Jack Johnson sings it so smoothly, I have always been a fan of his music on the radio.

I also just read the BEP mixed his song "Gone" in that comment above or below, I never knew that, it just fits so perfectly. :)

Refreshing. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/11/09

This song is wonderful. It's the perfect mix of acoustic and hip-hopesque style. I love BEP and Jack Johnson...

and I'm not sure how anyone thinks this song is about Jack Johnson or Fergie. She's singing in it, isn't she? Anyway, people should just chill and enjoy the song. It's nice. :)

it's amazing | Reviewer: mischa | 1/4/09

uhm, have any of you asked the BEP who this song is about? because maybe it is about Jack Johnson and maybe it isn't. how the hell can any of you know that?
it's a good song with a good message. so stop causing stupid fights over muscicians. if the song pissed jack johnson off he could have said something.
oh, and "your all stupid" reviewer, Jack Johnson isn't singing that. they just mixed him into the song from HIS origional song called Gone.

*Elaboration... | Reviewer: Clara | 10/25/08

I actually failed to develope my thoughts...
Here is the message (as simply as possible) that I feel this songs gives:
Johnny (any random artist, not one in particular) starts their career singing from the heart, it's hard, but they make it. They soon become interested in singing for a paycheck, songs mean so much less, but the $$ rolls in.
The fans will stop respecting his work, and soon, there will be no more $$ flowing in, and when "he" needs to open his soul to his fans, he won't be able to, cause he doesn't even know what he's about now.
Everything (money, house, "friends", fame, fans...etc) will be gone...

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