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Bob Dylan God Knows Lyrics

Last updated: 08/13/2013 03:02:24 PM

GOD knows he made your eyes so blue,
He smiled in the sunshine
When He gave me, you;
He knew you'd love me, too.
God knows about all the struggles
With hard times that are a crime;
He knows there' gonna be no water,
But fire next time.

God knows it'll last for a season,
Even if it's against man's reason,
And seems so strong for so long.
God doesn't call it wrong.
God knows how fragile,
He knows everything
Could snap apart right now
Like scissors cutting string.

God knows it's terrifying
When men will be crying
For mountains to fall on them
So they could be dying.
God knows when you see
These tragedies that will sweep
Over men like lost sheep....
God knows,you've gotta weep.

God knows the secrets of your heart,
He'll tell them to you, when you're asleep.
He knows how to make the river flow,
He knows you ain't gonna be taking
Nothing with you where you go,
God knows the love of many is cold,
Still, He has a people who are bold,
Trusting in Him a these things unfold.

God knows there' a purpose,
God knows there's a chance for romance;
He knows you can rise above
The darkest hour of any circumstance!
God knows there's a heaven shining bright;
God knows it's out of sight...
He knows we could get from here to there,
Even if we've gotta fly a million miles by candlelight.

God made your eyes of blue,
He smiled in the sunshine,
When He gave me, you...
He knew you'd love me, too.
Hold my hand, and we'll go together where
We've never been before;
Where there will be no more
Need to knock, knock, knock
On Heaven's door.
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