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A.F.I. (AFI) God Called In Sick Today Lyrics

Last updated: 03/26/2013 10:31:31 AM

Let's admire the pattern forming
Murderous filigree
I'm caught in the twisting of the vine
Go ascend with ivy, climbing
Ignore and leave for me
The headstone crumbling behind

I can't help my laughter as she cries
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes

Let's amend the classic story
Close it so beautifully
I'll let animosity unwind
Steal away the darkened pages
Hidden so shamefully
I'll still feel the violence of the lines

I can't stand my laughter as they cry
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes

And miles away my mother cried
Omnipotence, nurturing malevolence

I can't stand my laughter as they cry
My soul brings tears to angelic eyes

And miles away my mother cried
Omnipotence, nurturing malevolence

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AFI is an atheist band... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/13

You guys know that all 4 members of AFI are atheists, right? Davey Havok on particular is very outspoken on the matter. This song is open to the listeners interpretation as is any song, but it was originally written about Davey Havok's displeasure and disbelief in Christianity. It's really that simple. Oh and Davey is confirmed not to be gay. So that silly explanation is out the window.

Religion in music | Reviewer: Nigel | 4/16/12

As was stated earlier in the thread we need to look at what is said and it contains sentiments that can be read as both a love affair gone wrong and religion. This whole album contains a Christian locus whether you want to believe it or not... Song names such as Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of the witches... the divine interpretation of a couple of German religious freaks), The Prayer position and yada yada yada... It is possible to see how this song can be attributed to the view of Jesus as he is having the final nails hammered in. Many other songs contain suggestions of lorn love and regret. I must say which ever way you read into it relates to what you bring to it, it is hard to do a closed reading of a text when you bring your own knowledge and emotions to it.... Enjoy one of the best albums in the punk genre

just song | Reviewer: tony1pony | 1/2/12

there is a haven and hell be live me there is a nother life after this one ppl its real . i had out body walk beside haven and hell my dead sis told there as real as fire u get brun by. Yes there is a god be live ppl

Good song... | Reviewer: Jack | 4/22/11

But Kennelmouth? What in God's name are you talking about? First, punk and religion are not opposites. Do you have any idea how many religious punks there are out there? Second, if you're an atheist I don't care. You don't need to attack organized religion. Hell, I'm not a very religious person myself (Agnostic, maybe?) but believing in something isn't a 'flaw'. Spread your hate somewhere else; don't ruin AFI-related things please. Oh, and if you're into AFI, listen to their song Sacrilege. It's all about people that use their [non?] religious beliefs to attack others.

In any case, this song is a beautiful display of Davey's dark romantic lyrics and Jade's wonderful guitar playing. This was definitely the highlight of Black Sails in the Sunset, and quite possibly AFI's career if not for Morningstar, ...but home is nowhere, and Endlessly, She Said.

About Jesus? | Reviewer: Kennelmouth | 2/12/11

Well, even though it kind of ruins for me an album that is probably AFI's crowning achievement, I have to say that what Anonymous said below does make a lot of sense. I didn't want that to be true. Being religious is the diametric opposite of punk, but hell, we all have our flaws.

I guess that Anonymous' interpretation of the lyrics would shed a lot of light on the title, as it reflects Jesus' final words according to the gospels of Matthew and Mark, where Jesus is essentially asking his god where the hell he has gone off to.

Havoc's lyrics seem very arcane at times, and heavily open to interpretation. For this atheist, I am acknowledging that it does appear to be about Redemption in the Christian sense, but for my own listening pleasure I'm not gonna buy into that interpretation 100% until I hear it straight from the band's mouths.

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/2/10

For all you people thinking it's about religion and belief and stuff. No, not at all. Davey has admitted in many interviews that this song is about the feeling of seclusion and strangeness that comes along with being gay and being guilty for being different, or "sick."

mom on computer | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/27/10

I don't really understand the lyrics of this song. I know it makes me sad and makes me question God's love for us.- God's love for us is always present!!Call out to Him anytime, Day or night. If you feel sad, lonely,angry, hurt,frustrated, scared, confused, hopeless. If you don't know where to start-tell Him that-start talking to Him the way you would a friend-whoever reads this-have a nice day!

Correction | Reviewer: L. | 5/13/10

Black Sails in the Sunset is a phenomenal record.
The art presented (musically, visually, overall theme) is an amazing piece of craftmanship.
God Called in Sick Today is a powerful song and one of my all-time favorites. I'm not going to condone or condemn the albums created after Sing the Sorrow, as I am not the band. If they felt a need to evolve further that is their choice. They are a talented group and hold the freedom to do as they wish. Oh, and in correction to someone's previous post, Davey Havok writes all the lyrics.

'lyrics' | Reviewer: someone that really loves music | 5/1/10

Hayden is right. The wrighter may have a personal meaning added to the song, but that doesn't mean everyone else have to share that same meaning. Whatever the song means to YOU, that's what's important.
I know this kinda is exactly the same as Hayden said, but I just wanted to say that I agree with him ;)

Lyrics | Reviewer: Hayden | 10/3/09

Lyrics and poetry in general, are normally open for interpretation. So anyone saying that there is one solid meaning for the song is mistaken. It means whatever you want it to mean. Davey (or whoever wrote it) may or may not have had one specific meaning in mind when he wrote this song, but it doesn't matter. If he said exactly what it meant, the song would be rendered meaningless to so many people who had already garnered their own meaning for it.

Okay okay okay | Reviewer: Dani | 6/1/09

Okay toni and anonymous confuse me. I'm reading toni's comment that says davey believes in god but not the bible. I'm pretty sure that davey has said he believed neither in god or the devil. Anyway it's Jade that writes the lyrics

I myself am not exactly sure which one of you (anonymous or toni) is closer to the real meaning. I'm not exactly hugely familiar with the bible so yeah.....

Anyway this is yet another amazing song by AFI

religious? | Reviewer: some dude | 3/23/09

i dont konw about that, but the anonymous guy talking about toni sounds right. the thing is davey is not religous, doesnt believe in god. he even said "fuck god" youtube "davey havok w/ ceremony at gilman street. so it could be about religion but not in a belief way?

You are absoulutely right | Reviewer: Toni | 12/30/08

Hey, the guy below is right bout what i first wrotte but it could be interpreted both ways, because it is part of the "dogma trilogy" BUT afi's lyrics like this one have been a passage for this kind of thinking ever since they began let me just say that it is true my opinion takes it out of context of the record, but Davey said himself that each song is meant to be listened to individually while at the same time be a coeherent part to what the theme of the record was, A fire inside itself refers to kind of thought i implied, maybe we are both right but you cant deny the entire second verse, is full of dual meanings towards the bible itself.
Let's amend the classic story
By amending he could be talking about amending Motheisteic beliefs till that point, and you are wrong when you say he was laughing on the inside because he was changing the bible, Up to that point there wasnt a bible, the old testament wouldnt be ended by him anyway.
Close it so beautifully
it just for some reason doesnt seem like it is sarcasm
I'll let animosity unwind
like saying i wrotte the story now interpret it any way you want
Steal away the darkened pages
? ive taken the literal meaning concerning all the gospels taken out of the bible that proved christ to be human and not so "divine"
Hidden so shamefully
Why would it be shamefull to hide these violent pages, if in the end he was dieying for humanities sins right? even if the story was to end there with his death and he prophrtiested exactly that
Why would what Jesus is thinking to himself be shameful?
now when he says his mother cried miles away it does not seem like mary crying, to me it is more clear and straight to the point that he was talking about the mother of his child. that would make sence as a song structure,Obnipotence(god,jesus.) nuturing malevolence (human,maybe a human son)
but then again, you are more of an afi fan than me, so...i guess we cant know for shure exept, it is a great song no matter because it sparks conversations like these.

What the song is about | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/08

Someone named Toni put up a review of what the song is about, but they're making it far too modern, as well as taking it out of the context of the album. God Called in Sick Today is the second part of what is essentially a musical trilogy of At a Glance, GCiST, and the hidden song, and Midnight Sun. They all deal with Christian dogma. At a Glance is from the perspective of Jesus before he is taken by the Romans, when he is praying to God. Jesus sees everything falling apart and knows that his disciples are powerless to help him ("No haven ... hold"). He wonders whether or not he will be remembered by his followers after he dies, or if they will forget him and move on (as was common at that time with messiahs). "Quick to deny that their open to deceit" directly addresses Peter, who said that he would not deny Jesus, but then did.

This song, God Called in Sick Today, is while Jesus is on the cross. The first verse is referencing Jesus' role as the final sacrifice. The use of "twisting vine" and "filigree" is a reference to the crown of thorns. A filigree is a type of gold ornament, like what a crown normally is. Then the chorus references Mary and the disciples who are lamenting his death, but Jesus laughs inside because he understands how things have to be and that his death is not the end. The next stanza is about the New Testament. With his death and resurrection, Jesus will amend the Bible and close what is a rather violent, earth bound work with a new ending of hope. "And miles away my mother cried / Omnipotence, nurturing malevolence" is directed right at Mary, and how God the Father is the cause of this pain for his mother, who is so far away because Jesus is passing on.

Midnight Sun is the most ambiguous. It is either describing Jesus' descent into Hell, or the role of the Devil as he awaits the rise of an antichrist.

Wonderful, Beautiful | Reviewer: Rachel | 1/15/08

This song is such a pretty song that many people can relate to (including myself). I listen to it whenever I'm feeling frustrated or upset. It's so aleviating.