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I can't get it back, but
I don't want it back, I
Realized that,
She don't know how to act
Never been a dumb dude
No I'm not dense
I Just had a slight lack
Of common sense
I was the good guy
She was the bad girl
I'm thinking one girl
She thinking me, earl James and jimmy
Yep she had plenty
But love for me, she didn't have any

I was inviting, her into my heart
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But she was out riding in some other man's car
She was my night time, thought I was her star
Guess I was wrong, but see I'm strong
Wont take long for me to move on

Please don't worry bout me I'm fine
(Please don't worry bout me I'm fine)
Only gonna play the fool one time
(Only gonna play the fool one time)
Trust me when I say
That I'll be OK
Go on girl
(Go on girl)
Go on girl
(Go on girl)
Go on girl

I can't get it back, but
I don't want it back, I
Realized that,
She don't know how to act
Tried to settle down and look what I get
Thought it was my time, but I guess not yet
She at the bar getting drinks from many men
I'm in the house, thinking shes with her girlfriends
Just not knowing, truly not knowing
I look back now like, man, I was open

I was inviting, her into my heart
But she was out riding in some other man's car
She was my night time, thought I was her star
Guess I was wrong, but see I'm strong
Wont take long for me to move on


The mistake I made is clear
(we never should've been together)
Thats the reason you're not here
(I know that I can do much better)
Not a single salty tear
Not a feeling in my chest
Baby I'm feeling no stress
I'm too fly to be depressed

Go on Girl
Go on Girl
Go on Girl
Go on Girl


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I love this song | Reviewer: Amos | 11/17/10

Really luv this song coz i felt in luv wth sme1 who doesnt belong 2 m,listen 2 รจ song evry night in bed and tears jus flowing thinkng abt evrythn' we did but this song gives m strength thanks 2 u ne-yo lv ya!

i can relate... | Reviewer: tierra | 2/22/10

even tho i am a girl...i can still relate to this song from a girls perspective....ive been hurt in the past nd its been hard to move on but im glad i have but i still wish that things couldve worked out...

hurtin one | Reviewer: danica | 11/21/09

somehow i can feel the message of the song...it says that when someone is hurting you...learn to move on and find the right one for you.. but truly i cant do it because i love him and im not sure if he dont love me but i feel he loves me more than i do.i hope that he should learn to give importance for my love

so inLove... can't reLate.. (do'nt reaLLy need to..) =) | Reviewer: maureen | 9/18/09

happy & contented..
that's the present state of my LoveLife, so active..
the song was not just for those who have their hearts that are broken..
this is aLso for those who have the abiLity to open their minds about everything speciaLLy when it comes about reLationships..
everyone have the capacity to make a pLay and being pLayed with someone..
but, the point is... Love is so much wonderfuL when it is treated so weLL..
we must Learn how to work for it, keep it, & fight for it..
everything happens for a reason, promise..=)
for those who feeL guiLty, start praying..
& for those who feeL hurt & tortured, Let us not use our eyes to cry for the ones who fooLed us, instead, use it to search for the right one..

that sucks......... | Reviewer: JAY-AR EM | 9/9/08

the pain and letting go of this song is so realistic.... u could feel the sorrow,,,, so deep.... but still manage to move on.... i cant relay to it though.... anyways,,, i like this song... _reminds me of my wife...lol

Ne-Yo Go On Girl | Reviewer: fria arlyn | 8/5/08

.....This song is sad, knowing that there are people out there that do these things on a daily basis without even stopping to think about the millions of hearts that they are breaking and how many feelings are being crushed. . There's someone out there for everyone... so guys and girls, if it doesn't work out with the person that you thought was "the one", they prolly weren't the one for you. You'll find your soulmate one day, or maybe they'll come find you.... wushu.. nice copy!

it hurts,.move on girl! | Reviewer: ella | 1/31/08

ne-yo rocks!his songs are really great,.i love the lyrics of this song despite all the heartaches you must know how to move on and set him/her free. I am inlove with the man i have ryt now that's why for now i can't relate to the song..I don't want to be hearthbroken.

im hurt!! | Reviewer: diane dingle | 1/29/08

this song remind me that i love someone that dont belong to me--but i still love him despite of what he done to me and set him free...
i love him so i'll break him although he felt in love w/ other girl...=(

This song is so fuckin live!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Jardan Barton | 11/16/07

i love this song i play it every night i put it on repeat it puts me to sleep...I LOVE NEY-YO ALL HIS SOONGS ARE LIVE BUT HE UGLY AS FUCK

i love this song | Reviewer: sasha | 9/18/07

i wrot the song in my note book so wen im in skool and i nothin to do me and my gurls start to sing it in class and the teacher lets us

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