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OK Go Get Over It Lyrics

Last updated: 06/24/2012 11:00:00 AM

Lot of knots, lot of snags,
lot of holes, lot of cracks lot of crags. Lot of naggin' old hags,
lot of fools, lot of fool scum bags.
Oh it's such a drag, what a chore... oh your wounds are full of salt.
Everything's a stress and what's more, well it's all somebody's fault.

(Hey!) Get, get, get, get, get over it! [x3]
Get over it, get over it.

Makes you sick, makes you ill,
makes you cheat, slipping change from the till.
Had it up to the gills... makes you cry while
the milk still spills. Ain't it just a bitch? What a pain...
Well it's all a crying shame. What
left to do but complain? Better find someone to blame.

(Hey!) Get, get, get, get, get over it! [x3]
Get over it, get over it.

Got a job, got a life, got a four-door and a faithless wife.
Got those nice copper pipes, got an ex, got a room for the night.
Aren't you such a catch?
What a prize! Got a body like a battle
axe... Love that perfect frown, honest eyes...
We ought to buy you a Cadillac.

(Hey!) Get, get, get, get, get over it! [x7]
Get over it, get over it.

Thanks to Safi Syed for submitting Get Over It Lyrics.

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Fan-F%#king-tastic | Reviewer: josephmx | 6/24/12

I found this song when some girl was doing a striptease to it on her webcam. She had all the right moves for the song, made the song "stand" out...
I tried downloading the ringtone it three times, the service associated with this website kept sending me the wrong songe.

aotherdefault | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/2/07

Great song
I don't even like that kind of music as it freakin' kicks butt! (Oh, my language is out of control now)

awesome amazing song.
lyrically roles well.
Nice rifts.
did I say this song rocks?

^_^ OK GO | Reviewer: Hitomi | 6/17/07

OK GO!!!!!! WOOT! U GUYS ROCK! Get over it reminds me of Shikamaru and Naruto!

<33 times infinity | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/1/06

i honestly think this song cannot be topped
its stellar

I absoulutly love it.... | Reviewer: lindsey | 9/2/06

I saw ok go, with the hush sound and Painc! at the disco, and they were so good, but "get over it" was the song that i fell in love with, i highly reccomend it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

get over it | Reviewer: Jennifer | 3/18/05

I love this song! 10/10