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50 Cent Get In My Car Lyrics

Last updated: 11/12/2009 10:00:00 AM


[Verse 1]
I'm a straight guerrilla with it, cold hearted killa wit it
Any nigga gettin' outta line can get it
I make it hot, motherfuckers freeze up when I come through
Mac-10, thirty two shot clip in my snorkel
I might smile and say whats up but I don't fuck with you niggas
My rap money slow up, I'll run up on you niggas
I'm on the edge, I'm just waitin' on a nigga to push me
Put my hand on my strap, what you lookin' at pussy
We ain't buddies, we ain't partners and we damn sure ain't friends
So much chrome on my Benz, you see ya face in my rims
If your bitch wanna roll, I'ma let her get in
I don't play but I'm a player till the mothafuckin' end [gunshots]

[Chorus (x2):]
I got no pickup lines
I stay on the grind
I tell the hoes all the time
Bitch get in my car (Bitch get in)
I got my 64, ridin' on Dayton spokes
And when I open that do'
Bitch get in my car

[Verse 2]
Don't tell me you don't know that, uh I'm the shyiiit
Now you better watch ya girl mayn, I'll leave with you bitch
I ain't shitting these hoes, man I'm bout my paper
If your bitch really bout it nigga I'm gon' take her
Backseat of my jeep, fuck till I fuck up her make up
Take her to the Diamond District, introduce her to Jacob
Tell her if she like me she should keep me icey
My game fuck with a bitch brain till she think she wifey
Spent a life savings in a day, cause she likes me
Commitment from me, uh nah not likely
When I with Vivica, I thought I was onto somethin'
But then the next week, nah man it was nothin' [gunshots]

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3]
Look into the windows of my soul, the eyes never lie
They blood shot red, its gaunja in my system, I'm high
First its pain when you lust for love, then its smooth and calm
Feel the rush, like a needles in your arm
Its a cold world baby girl, lovin' me is not enough
Find out when you fuckin' broke, love won't get you on the bus
Man you should see the pretty bitches that be sexin' me
They suck cock that make 'em hot, I just let 'em stand next to me
Hundred percent thug, freak too, I'll taste your love
69's the position, your mouths full baby huhhhh?
My conversations so deep, I get in your head
Next thing you know, you yawnin', turnin' over and I'm in the bed [gunshots]

[Chorus x2]

Quit playin' bitch get it
You know you wanna ride with a nigga
50 Cent

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good song | Reviewer: spencomaniac | 7/2/2008

in 50 cent's first mainstream hit "In Da Club", he said that he took Llyod Bank's advice and changed his style up, "and if they hate then let them hate and watch the money pile up"

so yea hes pop rap, but i dont really care, this is a pretty tite song (and halarious)

fuck there's a lot of dickriders in here | Reviewer: Noods | 8/8/2007

fuckin hell, 50's got some nice shit, 50's got some garbage, but get the fuck off 50's nuts. People act like everything he comes out with is fire, half of Massacre was garbage, other half was pretty good. People hate 50 because if you listen to his old shit from back before GRODT, you'd realize he went harder than he does now. Anyone who's obsessed with him now just likes pop rap and not real rap, so get the fuck outta here. Jada already worked fif, dude doesn't have the fire he had back in the day, the money got the best of him. You wanna listen to some real shit, get into Saigon, Styles, Jada, Papoose, shit like that. And to the dickriding faggot above that said fif is nicer than Nas, what are you, 12? get the fuck outta here, Nas is the nicest alive, you're probably just too much of a dumb fuck to comprehend a complicated rhyme scheme, and due to Nas not selling out and going pop like fif, you think he's weak. the one pop song Nas has had was I Can, which wasn't even so bad because it was sending a message, not trying to sell records. So get the fuck off fif's dick and open up to some other shit. Not sayin fif doesn't have nice shit, but it's 12 year olds like you mothafuckers that enable dude to make so much garbage and be so rich.

THIS IS 50 A.K.A. FERRARI F50 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/8/2007

why dont u guys just start listenin to other rappers instead of arguing like jackasses about whos a better rapper. and if some of u hate 50 so much why r u listenin to him dumbshits

bitches | Reviewer: 50= Amzing | 6/23/2007

if u fuckiln people think the straight up gansta 50 is weak then somebuddy should fuck u in the head or somebuddy already did. pussys like FAT joe r weak and ja rule, people like that. 50 keep doin wut ever the hell u r doin to piss them and them dumbass people off keep doin it. and keep urself on top. G-G-G-G-G-G Unit

Buttcrack is a retard | Reviewer: pshhh | 6/8/2007

"I didn't know "do" was a word" ??? XD, are you dumb? Wait, let me answer that for your dumb ass... YES! But yeah, good song I guess

50 | Reviewer: zach | 3/13/2007

to G-Unit Shorty i think ur very mistaken about hiphop. if you really believe that 50 cent is better then jadakiss and NAS? what the fuck? you say hes better then nas, obviously you know nothing of true talent. yes 50 is better then ja rule, but then again 50 makes music for the "commercial" crowd. if you like tight beats but unsatisfactory lyrics 50's ur dude, but if you like true hiphop with meaning then listen to nas, or tupac or rakim. but to say 50 > nas, hahaha i dont even know where you got that idea. hiphop has truly changed.

50 cent deserves to be T-bagged | Reviewer: buttcrack | 2/1/2007

Why 50 cent has been a success i have no idea. He has got to be the stupidest human being out there, even compared to humans with an i.q under 35. Not only does he objectify and degrade women with lyrics like "bitch get in my car" and "i ain't standing these hoes", he wouldn't know correct English language if it hit him in the head...this guy speaks 'dumbass'. "And when I open that do'", i didn't know "do'" was a word. This guy deserves a good T-bagging. And anyone who lets their kids listen to this kind of shit is just asking for their son to become an evil little criminal and their daughter to become something with no respect for themselves and sell their body on the streets, just like in these dumbass songs.

50 smashed em again | Reviewer: G-Unit Shorty | 3/9/2005

all ya'll who don't like 50 are some stupid ass mothafuckas. ja rule is WEAK. jadakiss and fat joe is WEAK. nas aint even that good either. 50 is the realest nigga i know and i would love to see ja or jada or fat joe run up on 50. 50 would pop that heat on them like it was nothin. G-Unit is the flyest group out there right now, and all ya'll who dont like it are some mothafuckin hatas and ya'll just dont like it that 50 be takin fat joe, jada, and ja rule's shine- not that they deserve any. think if you put any of them (or all of them) up to come on and tell me whos gon' get they ass whooped. 50 is a tru gangsta, and he doin it well! Keep doin what u doin 50, cuz everybody i know lovin it. fuck pussy ass niggas like ja jada and fat joe, they just mad cuz 50 on top! "hate it or love it the underdogs on top"