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Lamb Gabriel Lyrics

Last updated: 07/02/2012 11:00:00 AM

I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel

I can love
But I need his heart
I am strong even on my own
But from him I never want to part
He's been there since the very start
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

Bless the day he came to be
Angel's wings carried him to me
I can fly
But I want his wings
I can shine even in the darkness
But I crave the light that he brings
Revel in the songs that he sings
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel
My angel Gabriel

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memories | Reviewer: Marius | 7/2/12

Did you ever felt that moment when you think you are the strongest among all and the world is yours ? and then suddenly you find yourself without her/him... and then you feel weak and hopeless.. and only then you realize that that strength that you felt before was only, just only... because she/he was with with you and she/he loved you with all her/his heart. I felt it and i hate myself because i didn't realize that when i was with her. Very beautiful song.

One Day! | Reviewer: A09 | 4/23/12

I've always been there for one and been crazy about her and she told me about this song citing me. Only thing is I told her what she meant to me and now I'd only wish that she would choose me as I've always chosen her. FML!!!

touched my wound | Reviewer: Magdala | 1/7/12

this song made me feel that I want my dad who abandonned us for years and then came back.. my child in me wants him and his lost love and support(wings) though i know that he hurt me and my siblings..

special song | Reviewer: tkep | 11/12/11

some girl i used to hang with sent me this song on youtube and all, with the lyrics to it. Maybe i should have stayed with her? Still i Think that that girl means something to me, sad if i dont mean something for here?:/

My angel | Reviewer: Assem | 7/14/11

First, when i heard this song, i wanted to dance with my loved one to it. This song makes me so sad and happy. I really want to know the true meaning of this song, its story.
I like it so much and i feel like i really can fly...

song | Reviewer: vale | 6/29/10

This song was made as the soundtrack for an italian movie, that's the reason everyone thinks of as a love song. the movie is call Io e te a tre metri sopra il cielo, that means you and 3meters above the sky, it's an AMAZING movie, it literally tops EVERY chick flic i've ever seen

could i have a word.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/09

in my opinion people shouldnt assume that this song is about some close friend or a lover. everything is one and i dont think we should idolise one person over the other. ofcourse many of us have a loved one who they feel so deeply connected to. but just know that you are always on your own - alone. and in my opinion such a beautiful song about the angel Gabriel has brought to you to remind you the warmth you have inside without anyone else's help.

god love ittt!!! | Reviewer: iris | 9/16/09

the most special songs ever sang.make u feel walkin in earth n flying into sky,make u feel sad & happy in the same time.make u belive that somebody is somewhere ,waiting for u,to protect u,to see your smile ,to give u everything!this song give u power to live life coz somewhere is someone who live for you angel gabriel.

Sadness and Happiness | Reviewer: Leslie | 6/22/09

this song was the one I shared with my boyfriend, we had a car accident listening to it. I´m in a wheelchair, he is now my angel. This song reminds me of him. Tht´s why it makes me so sad, but also so happy

Sanjcxe | Reviewer: Sanja | 6/8/09

This song is part of soundtrack for italian movie "3 metri sopra il cielo".It's one of the most beautiful song I have ever heard.It makes me cry,'cause in the movie they play this song when Babi left Step,and everybody are really sad,especially he.

hope... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/19/09

this song makes me feel special because i am human!!it makes me hope, love, wonder, cry!!so meanings in one song!!we need each other to live we can survive apart but can we live happily?i hope someday to find what the song descrbes!my soulmate, my lone my alter ego

one wing | Reviewer: Justyna | 3/31/09

in my opinion, this song is about someone special. it can be a boyfriend or a girfirend, but not only. my friend claims that you have got only one wing, and that one's best friend is an angel who has got the other, so only together you can fly. i thnik that her opinion is wonderful :)

so...deep. | Reviewer: dana | 1/17/09

i dont know what to say.this song makes me cry,laught,smile...just all feelings that a human can have...when i hear it..sometimes ,i just wanna die,but sometimes i get the feeling,that i should live,that somebody needs me.i thank so much.this is so beautuful.

*__* | Reviewer: Ilaria | 11/13/07

This song makes my heart beat. I love it...
I know who my angel Gabriel is...

Simply wonderful | Reviewer: Nada | 10/17/07

If there's a song that penetrates so deep in my heart, it is absolutely this song. A song that makes you smile, cry, live and love. A song that makes you hold your heart in your hands and for a second long as a heartbeat and short as the infinity, you really feel three meters above the sky...