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Flyleaf Fully Alive Lyrics

Last updated: 10/14/2011 11:00:00 AM

Telling Layla's story spoken
about how all her bones are broken
Hammers fall on all the pieces
Two months in the cover creases

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive
and she knows how to believe
in futures

All my complaints shrink to nothing,
I'm ashamed of all my somethings
She's glad for one day of comfort
Only because she has suffered...

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive
and she knows how to believe
in futures (Repeat)

[Instrumental 12 measures, 4 counts each]

Fully alive
More than most
Ready to smile and love life
Fully alive
and she knows how to believe
in futures

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Really?!? | Reviewer: Frogman | 10/14/11

Really, "God's so powerful" That's the statement of the earlier reviewer. If 'God's so powerful" why didn't he just stop her pain without causing her to go through one of the most horrific events anyone could imagine, being burned alive. If the story is true the woman is incredibly strong, and it demeans what she's accomplished to write it off to the boogy man in the sky. Instead of praising your invisible friend for mystically making her better, how about getting out in your community to help prevent spousal abuse.

They released an EP with different versions of the same songs.. | Reviewer: Belair | 4/23/11

Anyone who thinks these lyrics are wrong are listening to the version released as an EP. Along with another version of Im So Sick, Breath Today, Cassie, Im Sorry, and Red Sam.

so now you all look stupid. especially the dumbass who cant type without caps lock

Conflicts with who Layla actually is | Reviewer: Zach | 9/11/09

Layla is the wife of the singer TRUSTcompany's Kevin Palmer. The story of the woman who burnt herself conflicts with this woman because she is in the new band with husband/singer Kevin called Amity Lane. This was taken off Wikipedia about the song. "It's about the singer for Trust Company, Kevin [Palmer], his wife Layla. She's an awesome person, and you would never guess in a million years that she has the struggle that she has. Kinda changed my perspective about the way that I complain about things, the way that I wake up sad for no reason, and then she wakes up just glad to wake up." -Lacey Mosley, lead singer of Flyleaf.

But also knowing a few singers they have 3 or 4 stories for one song so your not really 100% sure exactly what the song truely means.

Two Versions | Reviewer: Passerby | 3/20/08

This is a fantastic song and to answer most peoples question, Flyleaf release usually two versions of their songs, I'm So Sick has another version as does Cassie and Breathe Today so it isnt just this one, the one they released on the video isnt this song.

The Story | Reviewer: Andrea | 2/22/08

To answer the one below me . The unwritten lyrics goes " Here she starts to die , in her brilliant shiny way ." It is a true story told to her by a women who went through both emotional and physical abuse. The woman mentioned in the song as Layla tried to kill her self in front of her husband my pouring gasoline on herself and lighting herself on fire . The women told Lacey that as she lit herself on fire she prayed to God for the first time to take her pain away . She then slipped into a comma and awoke renewed . She did have her children taken away for this but has been free from the abuse . Although she once was Beautiful and now burnt to the point of hard to look at she told Lacey she has a new prefound outlook on life through God . I just heard this cause Lacey was on my favorite morning radio show the blitz the other day . That is the only reason I know and it got me interested in the meaning behind all her lyrics . It is a Beautiful thing . I thought she was dark and sad . But she is filled with so much light . It is truely expressed through both her Voice and Lyrics . God is so powerful .

What I have found | Reviewer: Jamie | 1/31/08

I am really confused by all the back and forth about the wrong version. I myself have just been turned onto Flyleaf, so I am in no way an expert, but my song is not an acoustic version and these are the correct lyrics. I have been searching all day for the correct lyrics. I was listening to my song and there was the part "Here she stands today
In her Brilliant Shining Way" in my song as I listened but nobody had that lyric. Also, "and she knows i dont believe in futures" was not in my song, but in everyones lyrics except this page. The version I'm listening to is NOT Acoustic, so I don't know what certain people are crabbing about! These are correct.

I LOVE THEM | Reviewer: JADE | 12/29/07

Fly leaf is so awesome i love to listen to them no matter what mood i am in, but whos LALYA? whats her story about does it make u wonder, i mean come one they aren't just going to make up a persons name and a story about something this serious if it doesn't have meaning behind it rihgt????

i love this song [wrong lyrics or not]lol... | Reviewer: Alecia [a fLyleAf faN] | 12/27/07

OMG! Calm down. It says at the top if there are any mistakes to submit your corrections! Your the one who came to the site looking for lyrics so if you don't like them ...LEAVE!
...besides the song ROCKS anyways with or without the lyrics...

This isn't right | Reviewer: Krissy | 12/23/07

There are many mistakes in the above lyrics... after reading these lyrics I went back to the song and reviewed... This is supposed to be the acoustic version... and it's not right... sooo.. yeah...

great! | Reviewer: Andie | 12/10/07

This is so awesome! Really inspiring and I really can relate to it.
But whoever said "This song shows i like being emo"
is an ass
this isn't emo, and most probably neither are you