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TV Theme Songs Full House Lyrics

Last updated: 02/12/2014 07:47:23 AM

What ever happened to predictability,
the milk man,
the paper boy,
evening TV,
But did I get to livin' here,
somebody tell me please,
this old world's,
confusing me,
Clouds as mean as you ever seen,
ain't a bird that knows your tune,
then a little voice inside you whispers:,
kid don't sell your dreams so soon!

Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There's a heart, (There's a heart),
a hand to hold on to
Everywhere you look, everywhere you go
There's a face,
of somebody who needs you,
Everywhere you look

When you're lost out there,
and you're all alone,
a light is waiting to carry you home,
Every where you look

Everywhere you look


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