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Bob Dylan Forgetful Heart Lyrics

Last updated: 11/18/2013 04:49:31 PM

Forgetful heart, lost your power of recall,
Every little detail you don't remember at all;
The times we knew, who would remember better than you?

Forgetful heart, we laughed and had a good time, you and I.
It's been so long, now, you're content to let the days go by;
When you were there, you were the answer to my prayer.

Forgetful heart, we loved with all the love that life can give!
What can I say? Without you it's so hard to live.
Can't take much more, why can't we love like we did before?

Forgetful heart, like a walking shadow in my brain,
All night long I lay awake listening to the sound of pain.

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Forgetful Heart | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation | 11/18/13

This is another beautiful love song that Bob Dylan wrote. Most people have at some time in their life experienced "mind over matter". What I mean is we discipline ourself
to forget some things, or someone who has caused us pain. However, there is a love that is strong enough to continue to suffer through it, rather than to forget. Blues singers express this more than others.
"Forgetful Heart" is a love song ballad that twists into the singing of blues, especially in the last 5 lines of these lyrics.

'Forgetful heart, we loved with all the love that life can give!
What can I say? Without you it's so hard to live.
Can't take much more, why can't we love like we did before?
'Forgetful heart, like a walking shadow in my brain,
All night long I lay awake listening to the sound of pain.'

Glory Cloud Revelation desires to respond with words of prayer and healing because of wanting people to have the joy of the Lord which is our strength. Therefore, if anyone is still numb, or hurting from a broken relationship that meant more to them than almost anything, we hope this little poem will help you to live and love, again..

May the Lord rain
Love and peace that will never cease
Washing away the pain of yesterday.
And may you receive sweet sleep
In the spiritual embrace
Of the secret place
Of the most high
Where true love never says, 'good-bye.' *Never Say Goodbye" song by Bob Dylan

Oh, darling, there is a song
That belongs to love that went wrong,
It goes like this.
He captured me with a kiss,
None other could bring such bliss,
As the sweet rhapsody of his kiss!
'I'll remember you', *I'll Remember You" song by Bob Dylan
Even when my life is just about through;
I will remember you.

When the ship comes in, the Captain *When the Ship Comes In"song by Bob Dylan
Of my soul will say, 'Get Aboard'
And I'll reply to my Saviour, "Yes, Lord".
Thank You, for your grace, and mercy, too.
You've seen me through
Every day of my life preparing this journey
To my real home in Thee;
Without Jesus it would never be
Accomplished victoriously.
One last request, My dear sweet Lord,
Please help my soul mate get aboard.

Forgetful Heart | Reviewer: Glory Cloud Revelation | 11/18/13

Glory Cloud Revelation in response to Forgetful Heart would, also, like to express appreciation of how nicely hope and grief from a broken relationship are expressed in a soft atmosphere of instruments in the back ground. The author of Forgetful Heart, Bob Dylan, moves in his special gifts of song writing and singing that touches upon one of the most serious subjects - a Broken Relationship.
Millions of people all over the World have had a broken relationship with someone they loved. Some of them may not survive it, or are still hurting. In hearing these lyrics in Forgetful Heart youd have to have a heart of stone not to feel compassion.... Without you, it is so hard to live...Forgetful heart, like a walking shadow in my brain...All night long, I lay awake listening to pain.
However, there is a glimpse of hope in recalling, ...We laughed and had a good time, you and I...When you were there, you were an answer to my prayer....Why cant we love like we did before? Glory Cloud Revelation believes that some of these people who separated were meant to be together. The following poem called, "Reminiscing" written by Glory Cloud Revelation, was inspired by Forgetful Heart for such a relationship as that. It is being shared because maybe something said in it could help melt the coldness of pride, fear or unforgiveness that sometimes is so subtle we dont even know its keeping a relationship from being healed. Thats why communication is so important, and the anointing of the Holy Spirit that heals the brokenhearted. Still, it takes two people to love each other enough to try, again - the right two people.

Reminiscing By Glory Cloud Revelation 11/18/2013

Forgetful heart, remembering only what you want to,
May I gently remind you
Of why I put awaythe memory of love
That's so real I love him, still?

Strong warm arms held me close as our lips passionately kissed;
When he wasn't with me, I thought of him every night;
In the Fall, Winter, Spring or lonesome summer moon light,
My life was never the same
When I lay in bed dying, I called out his name.

A red flannel plaid shirt looselyhung over his blue jeans that night,
While his thick wavy reddish brown hair
Touchedhis shoulders just right
Framing the face I loved so muchwhere
Blue eyes shinedlike twinkling starlight.

Here's another little detail, I recall...
He opened a can of spinachand offered me some.
I guess that was a hint that he liked to eat but didn't cook;
I said, 'No, thank you', with a funny look.
If he would have asked why I was so sad,
When he tried to make me glad
By pretending to be a DJ, so cool!
It was because I still thought I lost the only true
Love I ever had - you!

Do you remember telling me about your other lover,
Who loved Bobby, too?
I couldn't understand it,
'Cause my kind of love was only for you.
A thousand miles I flew
To make up with you.

When you drove me back to that two flat;
You didn't ask so I didn't say,
I was staying upstairs with some friends that day.
(Not with my x-lover)
But you got angry and walked away.

Then, it seemed like you hung up the phone
A million times driving me out of my mind,
Killing my hope and breaking my heart,
Making me feel like we really did depart;

I felt like I lost everything when I lost you,
But until now,I guess you never knew;
Only when the Holy Spirit came in,
Could I really live,again.

Why cant we love like we used to do?
I dont know why not, Jesus healed my broken heart
....Come and show me how to.