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To my mother To my father
It's your son or it's your daughter
Are my screams loud enough for
You to hear me? Should I turn this up for you?

I sit here locked inside my head
Remembering everything you've said
The silence gets us nowhere,
Gets us nowhere way too fast.

The silence is what kills me
I need someone here to help me
But you don't know how to listen
And let me make my decision

I sit here locked inside my head
Remembering everything you've said
The silence gets us nowhere,
Gets us nowhere way too fast.

All your insults And your curses
Make me feel like I'm not a person.
And I feel like I am nothing.
But you made me so do something.
Cause I'm fucked up because you are.
Need attention, Attention you couldn't give.

I sit here locked inside my head
Remembering everything you've said
The silence gets us nowhere,
Gets us nowhere way too fast.

I sit here locked inSIDE MY head
Remembering everyTHING YOU'VE said
The silence gets us nowhere,
Gets us nowhere way too fast.

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Right in the feels... | Reviewer: Jami | 11/11/13

My mom's mom died when my mom was a little kid. It really messed her up, and she was a terrible parent. I spent my whole childhood hating her and hating being a part of that family. She blamed all of her problems on us (her kids), never apologized *ever* for any of her wrongdoings, and kicked me out when I was 16 even though I hadn't done anything wrong. I came across this song shortly after that point, and it stuck with me. As I've gotten older and spent years trying to get over everything I went through, trying to make sure I'm healthy mentally and not going to pass that abuse on to kids of my own someday, I realized that she grew up without a mom, and had no idea how to be one. I'm now trying to learn to forgive her, but this song just reminds me what a dark place I was in back then, and I don't know if I'll ever really get over it.

Sounds like me long ago | Reviewer: Leah | 11/11/12

For me it wasn't about my parents but a person I let in- Someone who broke an already fragile mind. It took a lot of time and therapy but I came to gripes with it. There are no perfect people; parents or otherwise. We all just do the best we can. I nolonger need validation of being worthy as a person. I cut out the people who don't want to be a positive part of my life. This song reminds me where I was and how far I've come.

expression of lockers | Reviewer: daniel | 10/16/12

when i first listen this song i was totally locked by so many problemz . . . Those r only created lack of my parents attention . .when i needed dm they were bz no time for me bt after finishing everythng they blame me . . . huhhh . .dt time felt happy to think dt ohh no one bt ds song undrstand me .. . . . . .

Sad but True | Reviewer: Ears14U | 10/22/11

You know I've got to agree with BRENDA's comment, which is 2nd from the top. I am a parent of a grown son of 26 years, although his dad never mistreated him and didn't ever take the time to not listen to his concerns. I'm nearly 52 now and I still am a rocker. Staind has very inspirational songs with incredible lyrics. My own dad was really shitty at times towards me, but the thing we all need to realize is this one important line. "What one generation will tolerate, the next will accept". Now this can deal with the upbringing of your own children, down to just how we "all" treat one another. Hopefully we call can "learn" to be good stewards towards one another. God bless all of you that took the time to read my post. Psalms 121:8

Tells My Story | Reviewer: Amit | 3/4/11

OMG I can't believe how much these lyrics say just what i wanna tell my parents. Loads of thanks to STAIND for this song. It was really awe inspiring when I first heard this song....... Bad relation with ur parents can really fuck ur life.

POSTER CHILDREN ARE EVERYWHERE | Reviewer: brenda | 10/29/10

my mom just died, 10.18.2010 this would make a great euligy (sp?) the greatest solice i get, is in knowing i drew a line in the sand and REFUSED to inflict the same on my kids, but try as we do, it seems each generation has their own brand of disfunction that they readily heap the blame on their parents. my daughter introduced me to staind when they were playing clubs.


wow. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/7/10

I just heard this song on the radio and wow..I don't have a bad relationship with my parents but they just almost got a divorce..and things got so bad and were so hard and then one day they just started acting like nothing happened..but everything that happened still stays with me and hurts me, so I guess I can connect with this song.

It's a little different for me | Reviewer: Kaylin | 1/1/10

Other than not knowing my real father and having a shitty relationship with my adoptive one, this song connects to me in a different way... it reminds me of the relationship I have with this guy and how much he breaks me down by the things he does and says... when I heard this song it really helped express the way I feel about the whole thing, I love this song.

For You - | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/09

I am 45 & have had yrs of therapy b/c of parents. Too bad Staind wasn't around when I was young. Would have shoved this song down my parents’ throats, figuratively of course. Might have saved me a shit load on therapy bills & Xanax.

This song... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/09

I can so relate to this song. I had a really pathetic childhood,and now my life is full of hate and ignorance. My mother was a psycho, and because of the abuse i got from her i am empty.
"All your insults and your curses make me feel like im not a person."
That line links directly to me. Staind write some of the most emotional music ive ever heard.

emptysoul | Reviewer: lea | 8/7/08

this is song which kick me right in my heart.beacouse all things done are almost said in this song.i have fucking geat family(i rather wish that i dont have them) my dad alcoholic my mom... all day fights kicking ...and so on and on... this is song of many of us who have fucked life!

Amazing | Reviewer: Tara | 7/14/08

When I first heard this was when my ex-boyfriend said that Right Here Waiting should be our I looked up some other Staind songs on the internet...I read the lyrics to this song before I heard it...and all I could think about was my reminded me of my mom so much I actually laughed out loud...anyways I loved it before I even heard it...and I was like...Wow...when I actually heard it...

Connection | Reviewer: Morgan | 1/18/08

i can totally connect to this song, because of my father.
he has so much hatred towards his own side of the family
that he takes it out on me. and i have no one to go to.
but my music. its my escape. and he is so fucked up that it
affects the way i live and feel, the way i treat others, he makes me

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/07

My friend first let me listen to this song and she said, "You know who I think of when I listen to this?" and I asked, "Who?"
She looked at me and said, "You...Because your parents are terrible and you deserve a better life."
Its sounds Emo I know, but my friend loved me, when I listened to this song I realized she was right...
Its why I love this song, 'Cause I connect with it

Eh... | Reviewer: Ryigenchi | 10/8/07

Ive got to admit, ive never really had any real problems with my parents...besides the time when my mom was crazy into church...we would always be in church and i really didnt have much of a life...I suppose thats when i heard this song...Its pretty awe inspiring!

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