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If you're lost and feel alone,
Circumnavigate the globe,
All you ever have to hope
For too.

And the way you seem to flow
Circumnavigating home,
and I seem to lose control,
With you.

Everyone of us is hurt,
Everyone of us is scarred,
Everyone of us is scared.
Not you.
With your eyes closed,
Your head hangs,
Your eyes felt stone.

Everyone of us is scared,
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Everyone of us is hurt,
Everyone of us has hope,
For you. (x9)

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GA | Reviewer: For the idiots who just come here to judge music | 11/1/11

Why do you come here to judge the grammatical mistakes in the lyrics ? Just shut the eff up an enjoy the damn song . Coldplay is too good to ever be judged by idiots who aren't even close to Coldplay's intelligence .
And by the way a song is a poem ... And poems clearly break many grammatical rules . Sheesh.

Review / Comment Commentary | Reviewer: Blakely Wintersfield | 3/18/11

Before I start on the review, let me simply point out that the first stanza's grammar is not grammatically incorrect. A comma COULD be put after the and, but it is not needed. To further this, lyrics do not need to be, and are usually not, grammatically correct. If you look at any songs today, chances are you'll find grammar mistakes. Grammar is obsolete in lyrics, thus pointing out any grammar 'mistake' is faulty.

Now, to the review.

Beautiful song, very well written. The music is very heart wrenching, while the lyrics are touching and sensitive. I do wish they could've done more with it, maybe added another verse, and possibly extended it, but the song itself is fine, and a calm, soft piece. Music like this touches my soul, and I feel that today's music should be more like this instead of the filthy mainstream it is now. Thank you to Coldplay for making some clean, clear music. Good job!

grammar opinion | Reviewer: coldplayfan | 3/10/09

I just wanted to point out that I do not think there is anything wrong with the grammatical structure of that first stanza. The sentence "if you're lost and feel alone" in an inclusive manner just like if you are cold and hungry or sick and tired or angry and upset. I'm pretty sure the writer of that song had the lyrics checked for grammatical and spelling errors before publishing it. I am not trying to argue or challenge your grammatical expertise it's just merely my opinion. I believe this is a BEAUTIFUL song and the piano sounds so pretty throughout the song.

Derrrrrr | Reviewer: Andy | 7/13/07

The first verse of the first stanza is wrongly written? If your going to complain about grammer.....please the correct grammer yourself....or dont bother. The second writer is correct in stating that its a song...and does not need to meet any gramatical standard. Songs are suppose to flow...regardless of grammer.

GR | Reviewer: LI | 7/6/07

I get what you mean by pointing out that the coordination between the two items does not respect grammar principles, but it is a song! songs never respect grammar!

"For You" | Reviewer: fanofgrammar | 2/8/07

The first verse of the first stanza is wrongly written. Grammatical wise AND is a coordinate conjunction; thus, there should be agreement in gender and number between the two parts of speech; i.e. "Lost=ADJ" and "feel alone"=Adjectivial phrase. :))

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