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All I knew
All I believed
Are crumbling images
That no longer comfort me

Scramble to
Reach higher ground
Order and sanity
Something to comfort me

Take what is mine, hold what is mine
Suffocate what is mine, bury what's mine
Soon the water will come
And claim what is mine
I must leave it behind
And climb to a new place now

This ground is not the rock I
Thought it to be

Thought I was high
Thought I was free
Thought I was their
Divine destiny

I was wrong
This changes everything

Runnin' away, runnin' away now
Runnin' away, runnin' away now
Runnin' away, runnin' away now
Runnin' away, runnin' away

I will take what is mine, hold what is mine
Suffocate what is mine, bury what's mine
Soon the water will come
And claim what is mine
I must leave it behind
And climb to a new place
Water's risin' up on me
Said the water's risin' up on me
Thought the son would come deliver me
But the truth has come to punish me instead


The ground breaks down right under me
Cleanse and purge me in the water

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Fairly Simple | Reviewer: Rain Brayner | 12/5/13

This song is about the erosion of Maynard's faith in the Christian religion.

The flood is a biblical reference. The water of the flood represents the inescapable truth, even though he tries to cling to what feels the most comfortable and secure.

It eventually comes and cleanses away the lies.

an even different perspective | Reviewer: Michael | 5/22/13

I think this song is about the truth that even if you believe in the Son, you still have to face the trials and tribulations and forces of life over which we have no control but nevertheless cleanse us of the objects of lower consciousness, I suppose, and reveal our own nature too us pushing us to higher levels of consciousness and morale or bringing us face to face with death and letting go of this life to move on truly to the truth and be cleansed in its waters. Even if we know that Jesus is the truth, the way and the light and He brought us the Gospel of the Kingdom of God, do we really know what that means, that the last should be first and the first shall be last? Jesus seems almost like a spiritual lord of karma, for lack of a better way to put it. God is a lord of judgment, which ultimately just means God is a lord of karma, a regulator and instigator, and a record keeper. The truth reveals our true selves to us as what it is and not our ignorant blind delusion of what it is. We are full of sin which brings judgment, and we are subject to temptation and strong winds, through which if we persevere, we build character. This is what the Christian path is all about. Are you a good person? A blind person would answer yes, but a rabbit with glasses might see the psychopathic nature of the system chanting almost demonically "this is necessary" and then ending with the clear inner-depiction and thought process of a killer who sees people off in the distance and moves towards them as if they're his prey, his to kill. I know that's the next song, but what evs. Do I have a point? not really. Peace, Love, Shalom. Go with God, seek His Spirit which resides with us. Bless

asdfbbn | Reviewer: torehh | 9/5/12

This song includes recognizing & accepting truths which have contradicted former beliefs, the ways in which he responds to them, & how he is effected by them.
"scramble to reach higher ground, some order & sanity, something to comfort me"
Because a lack of comfort forms while he realizes he was wrong about what he previously believed in, he feels the need to immediately grasp another belief to fill the void. ^
& so the cycle happens again when he realizes this NEW truth is invalid. Since water/waves are continuous & repetitious, it is a never-ending cycle,& the effects on behavior these beliefs constitute vary depending on what is believed at the time.
"But the truth has come to punish me instead"
*belief: any cognitive content held as true
Basically, beliefs are assumptions created 1.by considering past/pertinent events relevant to their desires 2.based on which will be beneficial.
So why didn't he just believe in the water in the first place instead of everything else that it has "washed away"?

Flood | Reviewer: Shane | 6/19/12

well these are just my thoughts about the song, im sure many people have had the thought, why am i concious? how do i know everyone else is concious in the same way i am? and then ask themselves not in a selfish way but in a curious way, what if i am the center of the universe, a divine being, and i think maynard was trying to describe that in this song, saying how he thought he was high, free, their divine destiny, and now hes come to realize that no one really is and that is the truth that he is speaking of

Flood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/4/12

I think this songs about how Maynard or someone he knows thought that drugs were the way to enlightenment but they wernt what he\they thought it would be and he\they must "climb to a new place now"

Flood meaning | Reviewer: Bottomfeeder7001 | 5/4/12

I've heard in random interviews that this song has to do with the Great Midwest floods in '93. Could be wrong but also the name of the album alone has connotations that remind me of the Mississippi River. I think the album was probably dedicated in a negative way to the midwest floods. The guys really didn't like how conservative the midwest is and hated the zealots there.

Flood in relation to the Parable of the Two Builders | Reviewer: botvader | 3/1/12

This song is a satire or a response to the parable of the two builders. MJK says he tries to reach higher/ safer ground where can he survive the flood. He has given up all he has to be able to follow God who he hopes will protect him from the oncoming flood (Thought the son would come deliver me). But he realizes his mistake and realizes the error of his decision (But the truth has come to punish me instead) and attempts to salvage what he can of his possessions which he had now foolishly given away. The song ends by declaring his death because he attempted to put physical powers into a spiritual being.

Third Eye Unblind | Reviewer: TinFoiler | 4/21/11

This song is about his third eye opening for the first time. The truth revealed to him crushed his existing beliefs. The truth showed him he had to purify his heart to reach the new higher ground he saw. He knows the flood inside him is coming to kill all he was leaving a cleansed spirit in its wake so he can now take what is his to have.

Tool's always been great | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/30/11

(directed at below)I'm a Christian and while everyone simply thinks that we (all Christians) blindly believe it's simply them stereotyping. Yeah there is faith involved but I assure you that I have used logic and reasoning towards my faith. Some stuff told to me I call BS. I choose what I believe and the morals I follow. NOT the church. But I didn't come to argue about that lol.

I love Tool. I think the music is absolutly amazing. The lyrics are usually well put together and portray emotion. Most of their songs are anti-Christianish but they also come across as a portral of the struggle of life.

Flood Review | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/16/10

To me, Christianity is a hoax designed to control the masses. The idea that a great and all powerful being watches over us and judges our actions with his divine wisdom is frightening, but very hard for me to believe. The idea of a Heaven, for the righteous, and a Hell, for the wicked is a great way to hold sway over any Christian. If you do what your church leader asks of you, for he is the voice of God, and occasionally slip a twenty in his pocket (must be God's personal piggy bank as well), then a seat in Heaven will be saved for you.

I interpret this song to be a rude awakening for a Prophet or Messenger of God, or anybody that has devoted him/herself to God. This particular person gave up everything they loved for this God, but later found that "This ground is not the rock I thought it to be". This person built his/her life on what he/she realizes is a false foundation. He/She helped plant this foundation in others lives as well, and realizes that he/she led his/her followers astray.

"Thought I was high. Thought I was free.
Thought I was their...Divine Destiny.
I was wrong. This changes everything."

The truth hurts, and can sometimes feel like its punishing you as it bears down on you in waves.
The "Son", "Christ", "Messiah" is not coming.

This is of course my interpretation, and could be entirely off track of what Tool felt when they wrote this song. Also I'm on acid at the moment, which will explain the random rant and grammatical errors.

Flood | Reviewer: RDM | 8/1/10

I absolutely love this song. The way the music flows, it's like rolling waves that get ever stronger and faster. Starting, of course, from a more docile speed. Maynard's singing is, as always, electrifying. And the way he vocalizes his words puts an intense emphasis in just the right places.

GG | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/10

I interpret it as meaning climbing to a better vantage point on life. Rather than being stuck with restricted perspective.

It seems to me that the lyrics are about the realisation that previously accepted blind faith is a poor basis for a personal philosophy and must be replaced quickly or there is a danger that mental illness of some sort may ensue.

The drowning metaphor is very well expressed. Realisation that more solid ground is available and required very quickly as the thin crust of the current platform is giving way. Long-held beliefs must be discarded however painful it may be.

This is not negative, it may be slightly angry but it never implies that solid ground will not be found. It also implies that the new knowledge (the flood) is cleansing and purges the misguided views (presumably Christian with reference to 'the son').

A clear message if you ask me (which you didn't). A nicely designed track, well implemented.

Flood | Reviewer: Phillyboy | 3/27/10

Like alot of the songs on Undertow, this may have some religious meaning ( again a negative one ), but I interpreted it to be a bit about suicide possibly.

"Soon the water will come
and claim what is mine.
I must leave it behind,
and climb to a new place now."

Climbing to the afterlife?? Anyways this is a deep ass band and the best thing is that the lyrics are always subjective.

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