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I looked away
Then I look back at you
You try to say
The things that you can't undo
If I had my way
I'd never get over you
Today's the day
I pray that we make it through

Make it through the fall
Make it through it all

And I don't wanna fall to pieces
I just want to sit and stare at you
I don't want to talk about it
And I don't want a conversation
I just want to cry in front of you
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I don't want to talk about it
Cuz I'm in Love With you

You're the only one,
I'd be with till the end
When I come undone
You bring me back again
Back under the stars
Back into your arms


Wanna know who you are
Wanna know where to start
I wanna know what this means

Wanna know how you feel
Wanna know what is real
I wanna know everything, everything

[Chorus without last line]


I'm in love with you
Cuz i'm in love with you
I'm in love with you
I'm in love with you

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ex | Reviewer: FILIA ASIA GIRL | 2/2/13

this song remind me about my ex. :') I almost cry when I hear this song. I love my ex. but he lets me go. I was angry that time so I just left him. now I was regret what I have done before. :(

love this magic girl (avril) | Reviewer: Sajid | 12/15/12

i am asian , even m not good in english, i always need lyrics to understand english songs, year before my girl send me this song, and now i have almost all her songs, she hav such a magic. i think love have no boundaries and it feel same every where...love u avril love u my girl... avril will reminds me of you always.....

past memories | Reviewer: cemy | 11/14/12

this song reminds me of my ex, he was cute and smart but unfortunately he suddenly dissapear. and 2 years later we met again and i cried infront of him and telling him that i still love him as before

i love avril/ nesrine naidja/ 10/05/2012 | Reviewer: nesrine | 5/10/12

i love lavig very mutch i l love the words wanna know how you fell wanna know what is real h wanna know everything everything

i love avril/ justin/ 10/05/2012 | Reviewer: nesrine | 5/10/12

i love lavig very mutch i l love the words wanna know how you fell wanna know what is real h wanna know everything everything

Connor I Still Love You | Reviewer: You Know Who | 2/29/12

Connor H.,
I still love you so damn much. I cry every time I hear this song and I think of us.
I know you think I'm loud and annoying at times bit I can prove you wrong I promise. I can't sleep at night because I miss you so badly. I want you and I want all of you for myself. I just wanna cry infront of you and pour out my hear to you. I doubt you'll ever read this bit if you do, it's me. The first girl you ever left who still loves you. I lost my virginity to you and I want you back so damn badly, were meant to last for a long time and I love you </3

Cause I'm in love with you
Xoxo G

Best Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/11

I love this song. Avril Lavigne is a pure genius. Every girl has felt this way at least once in her life. My favorite line...." Today's the day
I pray that we make it through, Make it through the fall, Make it through it all."

Wish he realised how much he means to me | Reviewer: Mandy | 1/25/11

I've been a Avril fan for a long time now and i must say ths is one of her best songs ever. My boyfriend and i have been together for about 3 years and now we have to seperate due to varsity, which sucks! This songs just portrays every single emotion i feel for this guy and wkust wish he realised how much he means to me. We've been through a lot and he's my world. I just wonder if our relationship can survive the distance...

i actually... | Reviewer: gabby c | 9/7/10

I actually did this. My ex and I had been together for a while and he was jus too immature and had that "natural" male instinct to not eliminate all other unimportant things. He is just immature and no matter how much he wants to change, he doesnt know how. I couldn't hurt anymore, so I borke up with him. We sat in my car and I balled my eyes out. I jus sat there and cried infront of him. The next day, he was the one sitting and crying in front of me. In a year or two he will mature and God will reveal if we are meant to be.. for now, we will go our seperate ways. But we will always love each other.

wow | Reviewer: melswirls | 7/19/10

I miss this about Avril. Her first 2 albums were brilliant in my eyes, and now, well now we find her not where id like her to be.

anyways this song reminds me of my boyfriend, because nothing can pull us apart, and i want to show him everything he's worth and give him everything because hes worth it,

but it also reminds me of my first crush (who commited suicide) because i wish i could have shown him what he was worth and how much he was loved and how much people cared for him. Its a brilliant song and it makes me miss the old Avril.

for me its the best song... | Reviewer: tasso | 6/9/10

This is the Ist song of avril lavigne I have heard... both the lyrics and music.....gives me satisfaction....moreover its avril lavigne..... I love it very much.... For me its the best song I have ever heard....

i miss him damn much | Reviewer: capital A | 3/27/10

i really miss him, damn it ! feel like wanna hug, kiss and scream his name ! if i saw him at school, suddenly i cried. and i never tell anyone about it.
he so special to me. i really loved him, and he text me and said :
i love you t and always remember you.
if we met this day and then we will go that way.

NICE!!! | Reviewer: elmira | 3/25/10

this is one of my favirote songs.it makes me feel good specialy this part:Wanna know who you are,
Wanna know where to start,
I wanna know what this means.

Wanna know how you feel,
Wanna know what is real.
I wanna know everything Everything!

ccccccccc | Reviewer: love u babe | 1/19/10

i heard this song..read this lyric..and guess i feel the same as many of you.
just feel like screaming her name..and tell her that i love her.. cos she's worth that and much more.. but this long distance relationship makes us miserable everytime.. "im sorry for everything i said"...but how can i repair something i can't undo ? ...just hope you understand me soon.

I love you so much Caro!

i love this song. | Reviewer: Tonialice | 11/16/09

I know its not about death. But it reminds me of my brother, Ben i miss you sooooo much! Can't believe it these few past months its really coming true. Your not coming back :/ & now theres nothing i can do. Lifes different.. see you someday bro. Until then take care XXXXXXXXXXXX

i miss you...

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