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Metallica Fade to Black Lyrics

Last updated: 08/08/2014 09:43:28 PM

Life, it seems, will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else

I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free

Things not what they used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deathly lost, this can't be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel

Emptiness is filling me
To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me, but now he's gone

No one but me can save myself, but it's too late
Now I can't think, think why I should even try

Yesterday seems as though it never existed
Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye

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In response to sunshine | Reviewer: Chris | 8/9/14

James himself admitted that this song IS in fact about suicidal thoughts. So no shit people associate a song about suicidal thoughts with having suicidal thoughts. you sir are an asshole

in total love with metallica | Reviewer: sunshine | 1/15/14

As far as I feel, if people are weak, and take this beautiful song to a whole bad content, suicidal, bullcrap level, they are weak. Feelings are real, and Metallicas music comes real, from the heart of reality....bad things happen, but if some ppl want to think oh they are supporting suicide, and it is going to affect my child, well maybe you did something wrong....not Metallica, you don't see Metallica performing FADE TO BLACK, and then going and doing a brotherhood basically...just handle yours and let all of us enjoy ours , and if your afraid of it don't listen to it....YOUR LOSS

listening, listen | Reviewer: HellzWind | 8/14/13

listening to Ride the Lightning. Singing along, at least attempting to, and reading y'all motherfucking comments. REally interesting , really wonderful.

Rock on!

I'm from the south, g'ddamnit!

such a good song | Reviewer: luki | 3/15/13

so i´m from austia but i write in english becouse i want that everyone can red this... pleas forgive mistakes..

thiis song is soooo FUCKING AWSOME the best song ever heard..

last year my grandmother died.. the first thing i start was listen to this song..

the lyrics are a masterpeace i cant belive how good this song is... i just wanna say "thankyou" to james hettfield for this lyrics.. in this song is sooo mutch Pain and so manny feelings in the lyrics and in the guitar.. AWSOME !!!

In response to the religious comments | Reviewer: Mariah | 1/20/13

This song about pain, emptyness, agony, helplessness, is a song expressing extremely painful feelings, like you feel with you're uncle, and like you fear him slipping away, they're expressing the feeling of your own self slipping away. Why would you criticize another one of God's children in pain? As an unbaptized Jehovah"s Witness with Major Depressive Disorder, I feel a strong and painful connection to these words. When God gave us free will he explained he was not incharge of us, the point of Genesis and adam and eve disobeying him displayed that. If you continue to read the rest of the scriptures you learn that he has removed himself from being a leader, hence why there is a judgement day. We challenged his authority so he stepped back and let us run the world without his guidence so we could see what would become of it. His book is to help us all understand in our own way to build our own relationship based on our own interpretations, you included you're uncle to explain why u were saying what you were saying, you're misrepresentations of the Bible show you haven't read it, if you feel the need to explain your opinions, read his before you judge him. Science and religion are not enemies, they both help us understand the world, but there are many things that cannot be physically proven, e.g. consciousness. As a specialist in neurological and environmental connections to psychological disorders and phenomena and treatment, I know that the scientific community as a whole has never agreed on the same definition, nor have philosophers. Where did it come from? The greatest minds are those that are open. God will always bless his holy spirit on those in need, and your pain sounds horrible, but he cannot control our lives while he agreed to let us do so.His holy Spirit is there to help you help yourself to keep going, to find and replenish inner strength. It hurts you to see your uncle like this, it hurts me thurts your uncle to see you like that. It hurts me to feel this way, elouently expressed by this song, and it hurts Jehovah to see us all in pain. But just as we cannot appreciate any happiness without despair, he knew we could not appreciate his leadership without understanding our need for it. I am not and will never push anyone to believe what I believe, I used to hate God so much for my fathers death, but his death was not about punishment, That is no where in the Bible, so are you going to blame science? Ofcourse not, Iknow you want someone to blame, but it's being displaced to others in pain, that doesn't help anyone. So if you need someone to blame, blame me, Mariah, but know Jehovah doesn't blame you for you're anger, you can always reach out to him, or anything greater than yourself that brings you comfort, you cannot rationally believe this is about causing you pain, so reach out to the hands that still reach out to you, it doesn't have to be Jehovah, the point is for you to get comfort, so you can understand why your comments may offend some who identify with the pain in the song. Were all hurting, anger can only cover it for so long, think of how you would honestly comfort another in your exact position, and try to treat yourself that same way.

F**ked up people | Reviewer: Felix666 | 10/15/12

You people r f**ked. Talking about religion. THIS IS ROCK, NOT RELIGION. Not to mention one of the greatest (arguable), because of its main stream property's for thrash metal. METALLICA IS THE GREATEST.

Fade To Black | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/12

This is such a beuitful song, people argue and complain that a song is about this or that, bottom line is it's art and cannot be interpreted wrong, Lars and James have both said their music is art and it's about whatever the listener perceives it to be, I am a strong ATHIEST but if one person sees it as a direct message from god that's their connection they have with the song, for me this song is all about the outro, the buildup to the persons suicide, and their death is carried on through James's rhythm guitar, such an amazing song that only METALLICA could deliver.

Sheer Poetry | Reviewer: Aditya | 4/20/12

Every single line of this song drips with 'poeticity'. Although I admit my knowledge about music is not the best, I am yet to hear a single musician with the level of sophistication that Metallica has. I went through the list of top lyrics by Rollingstone or something similar. And none of them even came close to what some songs by Metallica have. Admittedly, not ALL songs by metallica have as good lyrics but I would say about 80% of their songs have better lyrics than the top 10 in the rolling stones list IMO. Even some supposedly 'crappy and 'sellout' songs have amazing lyrics.

Most of the other bands/musicians I ve heard have one of the following problems: too many cliches, lyrics seem 'forced' - they try to be poetic but fail, desperation to rhyme, etc. And most of the 'good' ones are too abstract and dont really convey any meaning (to me). An example of the last category - Stairway to Heaven. I will be most delighted if someone could explain to me what that song means.

Also if some enlightened soul could name a few other songs by other bands (preferably metal) with high quality lyrics, it will benefit all; instead of fighting over religion :P

read | Reviewer: maurissa mason | 11/29/11

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Turkish Fans | Reviewer: Ozzy | 10/21/11

We are telling all the world. METALLİCA is the best rock group and lots of people love them in Turkey. Music is something much more than religion. Most of us are Muslim but we live like a rocker. We drink, we sex and we go concerts(like we did 3 years ago in İstanbul) We love you all Metallica Fans.

aubout rock songs in metallica | Reviewer: agastya.vinchhi | 10/5/11

i like metallica the best because, they have rock music and i like rock music.but some bands like the white stripes,they don't play rock.fade to black is one of the most hot song ever.i wish i was the drumer in metallica.

Dear Timmy with all the respect... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/3/11

I am not that much but Im truly religious, and in fact bands like Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Pantera or Bullet for my Valentine, have some of this kind of lyrics, but I dont really think this is in somekind satanic, because yeah they might have a dark heavy lyric content but this is heavy metal, trash or hard rock dont expect them to talk about worship God either, leave that to Christian music,I take this lyrics like in a neutral way about life,and not talking just about love, they got to be heavy about feelings, , thats it. Instead I do think that some of the bands that is integrated by a known creepy religious dude, like Jimmy Page, besides I dont like them I kind of reject them, maybe they transmitt something.

Anonymous | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/4/11

This is to the guy that worships Cthulhu, I don't understand why you're talking about God and Jesus on Metallica Lyric Web page, but don't blast someone's religion just because you don't believe it. And don't blast a religion or anything for that matter when you don't know jack about it. Asking questions like where did God come from? won't help your argument at all. The Bible says it tells us what we need to know, the Bible isn't gonna tell you everything, like how a big a woman's vagina expands when your little head pops out of it. If you took any philosophy classes you would know thats a loaded question. And don't talk about fuckin Science man, Science hasn't disproved the Bible at all. If you knew anything about the Bible you would know there are scientific facts in there about gravity and "The Lord hanging the earth upon nothing" which comes thousands of years before Newton or anyone else analyzed that topic. The whole Creation vs. Evolution topic is a different story, we won't get into that unless you want to. The "seven deadly sins" aren't even the Bible, its some BS that the catholic church decides to spit out there. "Be fruitful in multiply" thats in the Bible, God says to abstain til marriage, but he never says not to ever have sex. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, but just because God hasn't miraclously healed him doesn't disprove anything, those are just your emotions taking over. I understand cuz I've gone through the samething. Anyways before you bash someone's beliefs, I advise you educate yourself.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/19/11

One of the six greatest solos of all time IMHO. The intro is beautiful, the lyrics are beautiful, beatiful riff, and along with Holy Wars...The Punishment Due, Hangar 18, and namely Welcome Home(Sanitarium), the greatest outro of all time.

GOD!!!???? | Reviewer: AlcohollicA | 9/7/11

Metallica is one of the best bands to walk this earth there lyrics and all there songs have power to them and actual meaning. but god has nothing to do with these lyrics if god existed than were is he in these lyrics, point it out to me cause i see no god or here it in the song