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By the turnstile beckons a damsel fair
The face of Melinda neath blackened hair
No joy would flicker in her eyes
Brooding sadness came to a rise

Words would falter to atone
Failure had passed the stepping stone
She sworn her vows to another
This is when no-one will bother

And conceded pain in crumbling mirth
A harlot of God upon the earth
Found where she sacrificed her ways
That hollow love in her face

Still I plotted to have her back
The contentment that would fill the crack
My soul released a fluttering sigh
This day fell, the darkness nigh

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I took her by the hand to say
All faith forever has been washed away
I returned for you in great dismay
Come with me, far away to stay

Endlessly gazing in nocturnal prime
She spoke of her vices and broke the rhyme
But baffled herself with the final line
My promise is made but my heart is thine

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No words to explain! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/16/12

My words can't explain how much I love this song, it's like the best song when it comes for acoustic skills.
The song from the beginning till the end kepts you imaginning and imaginning, imagination built a glass castle just then she threw the stone.

Story: edit | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/12/11

actually, she's a nun. She swore her vows to god. Godhead=nun. Even the cover of the album is a picture of a nun. And she dies because the town is religious, and a villager must have overheard her wanting to elope with a "heretic" no marriage, just god

touching. | Reviewer: Paul | 6/22/10

a past love of mine passed away suddenly. and i was listening to this album and i listened to this song and read the lyrics and i said wow. this is her and i. she swore her vows to god and heaven, but still had love for me. i loved her too but her heart was with god and she had to leave me.

Opeth is just awesome on so many levels. you can't find one "bad" song by this band in any of their masterpiece records.

Face Of Melinda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/29/09

This was when he came back to Melinda, and tells her that he still loves her. She tells him that she's a nun and surprises herself with the final line "My Promise is made, but my heart is thine." That is what she said last to him. Meaning, she is sworn as a nun but she still loves him. Good song.

mikael | Reviewer: kealeib | 3/13/09

his vocals the way they contrast, and the way he sweeps the guitar as they did in early 60's love songs. This song was once again a success, as is all their others. When i saw them play during the roundhouse tapes, and i heard them play this song, it was indescribable.

Opeth's fave song | Reviewer: Andres | 7/15/08

This is my favorite song from Opeth, which also is my favorite group. The hole CD and its concept are great, Mikael's a really great songwriter. I love his voice in this song and I love the song itself. It's mellow at the beggining and then it turns pretty heavy, but Mikael doesnt screams, so it gives that cool contrast cof heaviness with mellowness

genius | Reviewer: Mirjam | 12/30/07

They perform this so well live. This is truely a gem. Mikael's songwriting and poetry really combine into a testiment that great musicians are still here, only hidden. I've been a fan since I first heard them, Blackwater Park LP, and have indulged in their entire careers worth of work since, early to present. They are never bored, never stale, and always persistant in their musicianship. "The Beatles" to the realm of metal in their revolutionary music. "Pink Floyd" in their artistic statement. Scratch all that. They are Opeth.

Simply Amazing | Reviewer: Mingo | 11/16/07

This song is just amazing. Sometimes you cant describe a song with words. This song is one of those, 5 minutes and thirty four seconds, gut wrenching, heart breaking and simply amazing.

Story | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/07

This is where he confronts Melinda after following her home (Moonlapse Vertigo).

He discovers that she still loves him but she is married to somebody else.

"She sworn her vows to another"
"My promise is made but my heart is thine"

P.S. <3 To Jonnypoo.

love it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/07

this is the most beutiful text ever :D and opeth is the greatest!

face of melinda | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/13/05

mike's vocals sound great, the acoustic and elecltric riffs are all incredible especially the first heavy one, the lyrics are beautiful especially for a scandanavian death metal band. What more is there to say? this songs a heartbreaker from start to finish

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