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Paul Carrack Eyes of Blue Lyrics

Last updated: 08/27/2007 11:00:00 AM

I want to know how does it feel
Behind those eyes of blue
You've made your mistakes
And now your heart aches
Behind those eyes of blue

People may say you've had your chance
And let it slip away
But hard as they try
There's a dream that won't die
Behind those eyes of blue

Maybe once in a while
There's a trace of a smile
Behind those eyes of blue
But it's painfully clear
There's a river of tears
Behind those eyes of blue

You know life is too short
For compromising
Take a hold of your dream
And realize it

You know there's nothing left
To stand in your way
Except yourself and I know
Though your hearts full of pain
That a hope still remains
Behind those eyes of blue

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dollys ears always know best | Reviewer: john dolling | 10/5/2004

his best ever song could u please send me the music for the song so i can learn 2 play it on my organ cheers j.dolly

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