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Eminem Evil Deeds Lyrics

Last updated: 02/13/2013 10:03:54 AM

Lord please forgive me for what I do
For I know not what I've done

Father please forgive me for I know not what I do
I just never had the chance to ever meet you
Therefore I did not know that I would grow to be
My mother's evil seeding do these evil deeds

Momma had a baby and it's head popped off
(head popped off, head popped off, head popped off, head popped off, head popped off)
My momma don't want me, the next thing I know I'm gettin' dropped off
(gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off, gettin' dropped off)
Ring ring ring, on the door bell of the next door neighbors on their front porch
(their front porch, their front porch, their front porch, their front porch)
But they didn't want me neither so they left me on someone else's lawn
(else's lawn, else's lawn, else's lawn)
Till somebody finally took me in, my great aunt, uncle Edna 'n Charles
(Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles, Edna 'n Charles)
They were the ones who were left in charge
My elementary they gang up on me and sang this song
(sang this song, sang this song, sang this song, sang this song)
It went a little something like Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb
Debbie had a Satan spawn, Satan spawn
Momma why do they keep saying this I just don't understand, understand
And by the way, where's my dad?


Predominantly, predominantly, everything's always predominantly
Predominantly white, predominantly black
Well, what about me, where does that leave me
Well I guess that I'm between predominantly both of 'em
I think if I hear that fuckin' word again I'mma scream
While I'm projectile vomiting, what do I look like, a comedian to you?
Do you think that I'm kidding?
What do I look like some kind of idi-wait a minute, shit, don't answer that
Why am I so misunderstood?
Why do I go through so much bullshit, it sucks bullshit, it's tush mull bish
Woe is me, there goes poor Marshall again
Whining about his millions and his mansion and his sorrow he's always drownin' in
And the dad that he never had, and how his childhood was so bad
And how his mom was a dope addict, and his ex-wife how they go at it
Man I'd hate to have it, as bad as that Mr. Mather's claims he had it
I can't imagine it, that little rich poor white bastard
Needs to take some of that cash out the bank and take a bath in it
Man if I only had half of it.
If you only knew the half of it


Evil deeds, while I plant these evil seeds
Please release me from these deamons
I never had any of this shit planned ma, please believe
I don't wanna be Satan's spawn, never got the chance to say I'm sorry
Now look at all the pain I caused
Dear Santa Clause, why you not comin' this year again
What did I do that was so bad to deserve this
Everything could have been so perfect
But life ain't a fairytale, I'm about to be hoist up in the air
Forty feet below me, there's people everywhere
I don't even know what it feel like, they know me cause I'm in this ferris wheel
And all i wanna do is go to the mall and take hailie on the carousel
Without this crowd everywhere I go, but life is like a merry-go-round
Here we go now, doe see doe now, curtains up, the show must go now
Ring around the rosie, the shows over, you can all go home now
But the curtain just don't close for me, this ain't how fame is supposed to be
Where's the switch I could just turn off and on, this ain't what I chose to be
So please god, give me the strength to have what it takes to carry on
Till I pass 50 back the baton, the camera's on, my soul is gone

[Chorus x2]

Thanks to Sam Parkins for submitting Evil Deeds Lyrics.

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Lyrics meaning | Reviewer: Killuminati | 2/12/13

Here is the real meaning: Eminem didnt know much about his father... that is NOT the main topic in this song. This song is about a group controlling him and his music and the whole music industrie. Eminem says father as another meaning for god, now his evil deeds is what THEY make him do subliminally for people around him (brainwashing). Theses bloodsuckers, also called the Illuminati, are often referred to as "deamons" . And eminem says "I dont wanna be SATANS spawn". Wich means, he doesnt want to be a puppet for the crazy people controlling him, but he aint got no choice. "Please release me from these deamons I never had any of this shit planned ma please believe" He says here once again that this was not his intentions, his intentions were to put up his own music and lyrics so that people could here them, not to get payed by bankers to subliminally brainwash people along with MTV, CBN etc. He also says "If I only had half of it, If u only knew the half of it", after he says that he from others point of view is so rich and aint got no problems but then he tells us, "if I only had half of the money u think I have" and "If you only knew half of whats going on here in my life aswell as in this buisness". Because that is exactly what it is, it is nothing more than a buisness witch the bankers and the royal bloodlines are controlling for their own benefits and to keep the human race supressed by listening to music that keeps us focusing on sex, drugs, money, fame and not reality wich is love, peace, bliss, GOD. THIS IS THE MEANING OF THIS FUCKING SONG LADIES AND GENTS. IT IS NOT ABOUT HIS FATHER, NOT ABOUT HAILIE, NOT ABOUT KIM, NOT ABOUT HIS MOTHER. Its all about the fact that he is trapped in this dirty buisness, also pinned in the song "say goodbye to hollywood" where he says "Im trapped, If I could go back, I never would'a rapped" and "I sold my soul to the devil, ill never get it back". AND THIS IS THE SAME REASON WHY TUPAC GOT KILLED AND MJ. OPEN UR EYES LADIES AND GENTS. PLEASE !! :) I am a great fan of eminem, I bet u are too, but the difference is, I feel his lyrics, I feel his pain, I KNOW what he is talking about even without reading the lyrics.

ummm | Reviewer: Emily | 4/22/10

Lucy Ford? Did lucy have a daughter named Hailie too? Do they also call him or herlsef marshall mathers? Did they have an addict mother, no dad, and a crazy ex-wife? I think these lyrics were written by rabbit himself, I'm sorry.

Evil deeds. The best song...EVER! | Reviewer: Kyle Erasmus | 1/31/10

Slim Shady,the guy that took rap to the next level. Famous for his funny but awesomely disturbing way or ripping people off, made this crazy song called Evil Deeds. If you dont like it, then I'ma kill you! You know why? Coz I'm a EMINEM FREAK! Download this song now or die!

your not that smart.... | Reviewer: Carissa | 10/27/07

the person who posted before me isnt that smart....this IS a song by eminem ahah. for sure. cuz im listeing to it right now.

eminem 4 ever <3

you sir are an idiot | Reviewer: Nathan | 3/16/07

say goodbye to slim shady and say hello to lucy ford. This is an song by atmosphere..... NOT eminem