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Billy Joel Everybody Has A Dream Lyrics

Last updated: 06/06/2012 11:00:00 AM

While in these days of quiet desperation
As I wander through the world in which I live
I search everywhere for some new inspiration
But it's more than cold reality can give
If I need a cause for celebration
Or a comfort I can use to ease my mind
I rely on my imagination
And I dream of an imaginary time

Oh oh, and I know that everybody has a dream
Everybody has a dream, everybody has a dream
And this is my dream, my own
Just to be at home and to be all alone with you

If I believe in all the words I'm saying
And if a word from you can bring a better day
Then all I have are these games that I've been playing
To keep my hope from crumbling away
So let me lie and let me go on sleeping
And I will lose myself in palaces of sand
And all the fantasies that I will be keeping
Will make the empty hours easier, easier to stand

And I know that everybody has a dream
Everybody has a dream, everybody has a dream
And this is my dream, my own, just to be at home
And to be all alone, all alone with you
Oh, oh, with you

I know that everybody has a dream, oh oh, everybody has a dream
I know that everybody has a dream, everybody
(Everybody has a dream) Everybody, everybody, everybody has
(Everybody has a dream) Everybody has a dream, I know that
(Everybody has a dream) Everybody
(Everybody has a dream) Everybody has a dream
(Everybody has a dream) Everybody has a dream, everybody has
(Everybody has a dream)

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My Insipiration | Reviewer: I'm a singer too | 6/6/12

I tried singing this song.. Woww.. I can't hit the notes that Jessica did.. I'm a fan of her.. she's my inspiration in singing Motown songs.. I'm 12 and won a contest when I was 9 years old and sand And I am Telling you by Jeniffer Hudson.. wanna check it out?? just enter my name.. Lucky Nicole Galindez or rtrabado.. Thankss !! such of now I'm 12 years old from Philippines..

Jessica is beautiful talent | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/19/12

Jessica is such beautiful talent, to revive an old song like this and make it a hit, overnight wow! I have Billy Joel albums and don't even remember this song. The impact her rendition has is AMAZING! She can make any song sound great. Vote for her and make her #1 on american Idol. She deserves it and the public needs to hear more of her music because it makes us all Feel Good!

The song... | Reviewer: Random Person | 5/4/12

The song means so much... Jessica sanchez made a great rendition to it in American Idol... Billy Joel is amazing and very talented too.... More blessings to come to both of you!!! :)

P.s. this is my favorite song so far :)

jessica sanchez | Reviewer: thanks | 4/15/12

i'm honestly listening to this right now and trying to sing it because of listening to her rendition of the song on American Idol. She is such an amazing singer and that sound she produced made me want to listen to the original. This song is beautiful

Because of Jessica Sanchez | Reviewer: Charles | 3/27/12

After hearing this song being sang by Jessica Sanchez in American Idol I started loving it........My gosh such a beautiful song...I hope singers revive such songs instead of making a lot of these noisy songs.

Thoroughly unappreciated | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/22/06

This is not the only Billy Joel song that hasn't received the attention or airplay that it deserves over the years, but it is one of the most compelling. The lyrics are poignant, the melody reflective. It speaks of our universal ability to deal with life's challenges by retreating to a corner of our mind in which such struggles do not exist. When this song came out, I was a teenager and my major concerns revolved around my social life. As an adult, I deal with raising my son, keeping my job in a hellhole that I can't stand and planning for a future that may not include the safety net of Social Security or even my retirement savings, as one pension plan after another goes bust. When my brain reaches its maximum saturation, I, too, lose myself in palaces of sand. There's a lot to be said for the power of daydreams!