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Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn Lyrics

Last updated: 08/06/2012 12:41:51 PM

We both lie silently still
in the dead of the night
Although we both lie close together
We feel miles apart inside

Was it something I said or something I did
Did my words not come out right
Though I tried not to hurt you
Though I tried
But I guess that's why they say

Every rose has its thorn
Just like every night has its dawn
Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song
Every rose has its thorn

Yeah it does

I listen to her favourite song
playing on the radio
Hear the DJ say love's a game of easy come and easy go
But I wonder does he know
Has he ever felt like this
And I know that you'd be here right now
If I could let you know somehow
I guess


Though it's been a while now
I can still feel so much pain
Like a knife that cuts you the wound heals
but the scar, that scar will remain


I know I could saved a love that night
If I'd known what to say
Instead of makin' love
We both made our separate ways

and now I hear you found somebody new
and that I never meant that much to you
To hear that tears me up inside
And to see you cuts me like a knife
I guess


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Only Mmmm nothin more | Reviewer: Xal | 8/5/12

Mmmmm wat a song man reminds me very much of love tats tru N also of ta tyms wen i wasnt even born,.. Oh ta 80's man.. Luv it... Journey, warrant, mr.big, poison, def leppard, bon jovi, man wow very much my luvd ones.. Wishin to mak someting lik those songs they make.. Watch out..

First love song | Reviewer: Jasmine | 3/7/11

this song definitely reminds me of my first love because he was the one who introduced me to it in our first break up. thankfully we got back together, only to break up again a year later "I know I could saved a love that night If I'd known what to say, Instead of makin' love, We both made our separate ways"

life | Reviewer: eric | 10/7/10

to me it really not only reflects on some of the best relationship ive had but the times in life i've had for every good thing that has gone on or that has happend in my life eventually something had happen to fuck my happiness up..

remembering song | Reviewer: Andie | 1/2/08

This song remains me to my first love because he played in the guitar so awesonme and with that song he in loves me...that´s why i love this beautiful song...

fuckin awsome song | Reviewer: kerrod | 10/1/07

man this is the song to get to know. poison an gunners an acdc an motely crue an aerosmith are the ppls to listen to. great work fellas love the music an keep it coming