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When you're talkin to yourself
And nobody's home
You can fool yourself
You came in this world alone

So nobody ever told you baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to you baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see

Old at heart but I'm only 28
And I'm much too young
To let love break my heart
Young at heart but it's getting much too late
To find ourselves so far apart

I don't know how you're s'posed
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To find me lately
An what more could tou ask from me
How could you say that I never needed you
When you took everything
Said you took everything from me

Young at heart an it gets so hard to wait
When no one I know can seem to help me now
Old at heart but I musn't hesitate
If I'm to find my own way out

Still talkin' to myself
and nobody's home

So nobody ever told us baby
How it was gonna be
So what'll happen to us baby
Guess we'll have to wait and see

When I find out all the reasons
Maybe I'll find another way
Find another day
With all the changing seasons of my life
Maybe I'll get it right next time
An now that you've been broken down
Got your head out of the clouds
You're back down on the ground
And you don't talk so loud
An you don't walk so proud
Any more, and what for

Well I jumped into the river
Too many times to make it home
I'm out here on my own, an drifting all alone
If it doesn't show give it time
To read between the lines
'Cause I see the storm getting closer
And the waves they get so high
Seems everything We've ever known's here
Why must it drift away and die

I'll never find anyone to replace you
Guess I'll have to make it thru, this time- Oh this time
Without you

I know the storm was getting closer
And all my friends said I was high
But everything we've ever known's here
I never wanted it to die

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Time goes by | Reviewer: Marcio From Brazil | 1/23/13

back to 1992 when I was only 17 I could not understand the actual meaning of this lyric. But now about to turn 40 I can say that it surely has something to do with our journey and the way we look at things in life. I´m pretty sure it is the best song of GNR. This song do not belong to GNR ,it has become party of those who needed at any extent because poetry and music belong to those who need them....

From A Fellow Artist... | Reviewer: Allergic To Air | 1/6/13

This is a lengthy one, folks, it is a band review as well as a lyrics review.

As a fellow artist and musician, I can say with absolute conviction that my own work has been heavily influenced by the original GNR lineup, particularly Slash, and along with Megadeth, Metallica, Queensryche and other such similar hard-rock/metal bands at the time, they had much to do with my picking up a guitar.

Much has been said about this band and its members over the years. Sorry, folks, but I stand with Slash and Duff. I have seen too many fan videos uploaded that show Axl ATTACKING Slash and wrestling him to the stage floor at live shows for such uncontrollable slip-ups as broken strings. I have also seen videos of him throwing tantrums and having fans expelled from shows for wearing T-shirts that promoted Slash.

Completely unprofessional, and I had to laugh when he inexorably tried to put the blame for the band's controversy on other band members in his appearance on VH1's "That Metal Show". REALLY, Axl? Time and time again you put on the air that you ARE Guns N Roses, yet when controversy arises over the band's material and actions, you point the finger at Duff, at Slash, at Steven Adler, ANYONE but you. Not cool, dude. NOT cool at all. And this new line-up? Sorry, but it just AIN'T Guns N Roses. Metallica has survived without Cliff Burton relatively intact (and I DO mean RELATIVELY in the strictest sense of the word), but as far as I am concerned, Guns N Roses is dead. RIP.

That said, I am actually ashamed to admit that I dismissed "Estranged" as a dud when I first heard it, not caring much at the time for the slow vocal intro. I fell in love with GNR for their rawness, not their romanticism... LOL

Still, this song called to me years later when I had allowed myself to be played like a two-dollar fiddle. I can't remember now how I stumbled onto it. But I recognized it as the song I had never listened to on Use Your Illusion. It now comforted me, and gave me strength to walk away from a situation that I felt would kill me whether I stayed or left. I only wish I had heard it sooner, the strength it has given me might have saved me some heartache.

The music of the original GNR line-up has always had a special place in my heart, for it gave me strength, then and now, but especially "Estranged". It is now my favorite GNR song of ALL TIME. If you've never listened to it, you should, you don't know what you're missing.

great song | Reviewer: chester | 5/28/12

could possibly be the best GnR songs ever. and just to mention. this song was written a long time before the original line up split. think you will find the song is about a break up Axl had with a GF at the time :)...regardless of what it's about it's still F!@#ing great :)

Guns N Roses Rock | Reviewer: Ryan Rocks | 11/12/10

This song is a very very good song it means a lot to me and axl has done well since they spit and I wish him and the new band the best of luck and hope they bring out another new album

Axl never mind the negitive comments your voice still is fantastic and you pleased me with chinese democracy I love it know matter what think you are a star enjoy Australia

GN'R Estranged | Reviewer: William Rose | 8/13/10

Im sure others have realized the parallels between this song and old gnr's breakup, but I'd like to put it out there again.

-I'll never find anyone to replace you
guess I'll have to make it through
without you-

the songs about Axl's breakup with past girlfriend Erin Everly, and through that message of seperation a link to guns n roses later self destruction can be found. I think Axl's noted that and has refrained from playing this song in concert since GNR's rebirth, cuz I havent found any info regarding this song in recent times. Please contact me if you have any info on the matter.

Pure genius! | Reviewer: Dakota X | 4/18/10

I'm lying here on my bed watchin my gnr use ur illusion tour dvd. this song jst came on n blew me away all over agn. love it more n more the more i hear it. axl wrote some beautiful lyrics, but slash on the guitar solos adds more feeling n depth to this track. he is my fav guitarist of all time. n to top it all this song so fits the way i feel on my meth comedown tday. its like i can jst wallow in it n the pain feels like its liftin. thnx gnr for this gr8 track. so glad i found it.

TODAY | Reviewer: me | 12/12/09

this is my fav guns song, perfect harmony, changes, feeling, solos..this is an example of Axl's ambitious songs and i love it, a more complex guns n roses. the lyrics express just how i've felt yesterday and today

One of my "new favorites". | Reviewer: Nicoco | 6/13/09

Estranged wasn"t the most played GNR song in my country when I was a kid so let"s say I listened with atention recently , that"s why I wrote as one of my "new favorites".

The song is very powerful in every sense and it makes me feel sad that we will never see it played on stage by the band.

I recomend search for a piano version made for a fan, is a great work.

Estranged is great | Reviewer: gusttav | 6/3/09

i think that Estranged is truly one of the greatest songs from GN'R, the song relates to me a lot because it has just wonderful lyrics and lets not forget about the solos that Slash created and that song will remain in the heart of other GN'R fans.

I like to eat my mangoes with cheese... | Reviewer: Stephanie | 5/1/09

I don't know why I suddenly feel the need to write down reviews for so many Guns songs but it's more fun than studying. =]

Love this song so freacking much! I just love the sound of Axl's voice in that second half... The first half always has me kinda humming along but when he gets to the "When I find out all the reasons" part, I turn up the volume as high as it can go and sing my lungs out.

Amazing. | Reviewer: Cathy | 3/18/09

This song is totally and unconditionally one of the best ones form GNR. I love them, always have and this song is very special, the lyrics are unbeliveably beautiful and I can't even describe how moving this song is. I was shocked when I first heard it. My favourite. GNR for ever.

Complete Gold | Reviewer: Cameron | 2/20/09

Axl Rose is one of the best lyricist in music ever! and this song is just one of the great examples of his Talent! Its too bad theres not any other real talent that can even compare to this these days, no real honesty in music anymore its not sincere (nickleback for instance). this song is soooo amazingly crafted u can not help but be sucked into its depth and feeling.

Thanks axl for Chinese Democracy a work of sheer art and puts the "artists" of today to complete shame

Magical Mushrooms | Reviewer: chloe | 7/12/08

I was introduced to this song only earlier this year and it quickly became the most played song on my iTunes. Axl does an amazing job of getting the felling across through the lyrics, which i can relate to in so many ways. But Slash blows me away. I love him. Fuck he can shread to say the least. I will always love this song. Word cannot describe how this song makes me feel whenever (with and without drugs)

Bottom line amazing. Guns n Roses are amazing and I love to see people who feel the same way.

dumbass below | Reviewer: steve | 3/19/08

Ok why do you think slash would've said that? More than likely cuz they can't stand each other. Axl wrote that song, he wrote almost all of them, but since 1993 they've done not a goddamn thing, velvet revolver was ok at first but now they suck. Where is the metal/rock!?

Axl | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/20/08

heh....everybody gives axl credit for writing the songs, if you read Slash's autobiography he wasnt there for anything but the recordings most of the time....but hes still a hell of a good singer, and this is a hell of a great song

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