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Staind Epiphany Lyrics

Last updated: 07/28/2012 08:24:57 PM

Your words can be just a whisper
Your face is so unclear
I try to pay attention
But the words just disappear

'Cause it's always raining in my head
Forget all the things I should have said

So I speak to you in riddles
'Cause my words get in my way.
I smoke the whole thing to my head
And feel it wash away
'Cause I can't take anymore of this,
I wanna come apart,
or dig myself a little hole
Inside your precious heart

'Cause it's always raining in my head
Forget all the things I should have said

I am nothing more than
A little boy inside
That cries out for attention,
yet I always try to hide
'Cause I talk to you like children,
Though I don't know how I feel
But I know I'll do the right thing
If the right thing is revealed.

'Cause it's always raining in my head
Forget all the things I should have said

Thanks to Lorelai for submitting Epiphany Lyrics.

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lyrical content and an interpretation | Reviewer: Dave | 7/28/12

I personally believe that this song's meaning is quite simple and obvious, though that could just be as it reflects my younger days...

it seems to me that the song relates to a guy who is going through a depression, but at the same time has fallen in love, and can't find the right way to tell the person he has fallen for.

just my opinion though.

good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/20/11

idk about the dude that said its about adhd... i do have adhd but it has nothing to do with that. BUT anyways it is a very touching song because it's exactly how I see myself, always confused hence the its always raining in my head. I tend to get stumped when I talk to girls I really like and I beat around the bush or speak to them in riddles. which all in all I feel just like a child lost in the world of love. there have been times I wished to just forget it all and just quit because it couldn't be.

the most powerful sony ever | Reviewer: simon | 7/3/11

as mentioned previously it has to be the most powerful song ever, it relates to any one out there that have either lost someone or split up for whatever reason i supose its just part of life. listening to the song can bring tears streaming on the other side can lift your feelings intense for the moment you relish now. keep it that way. well done staind...

:( | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/3/11

my old bf sang this to me and we both cried, the next week he died in a car wreck.... i always think of him and how much i loved him whn i hear this song..... i thank staind for having this song and i compliment them in how beautiful it sounds.

Raining in my head | Reviewer: Blank | 7/23/10

What a great lyrical description of an over active/confusing thoughts of our minds. Very emotion evoking song. Fabulous vocals and the musical arrangement fits the words perfectly. Very well done Staind.

interpretations | Reviewer: t.holmes | 6/24/10

The beauty of a song is that anyone can interpret the song in any way they please. Mr. Nate, anyone can look up the meaning to the song. Interpret it for yourself and you might find something a little more special.

It's actually about | Reviewer: Nate | 3/18/09

The song is actually about growing up with ADHD, trying to come to terms with it, and explaining what it's like to those that don't know. It has nothing to do with heartbreak, break-ups, or your ex.

Little Boy | Reviewer: Zuho | 3/15/09

This is really great song, everytime i hear it i get this fuzzy feeling and everything seems little blurry, and that part: "Just A Little Boy inside" really touches me, in the end, we are all just children deep inside, it doesn't matter how adult we get and wise, we still need some comfort, i think that's what the lyrics' writer has wanted to point out.

a crossroads song | Reviewer: Brandy | 2/27/09

I am not heartbroken, I haven't broken up with my boyfriend... actually I'm watching him sleep right now. I am not sad, this song has no group value between my friends & I. It is a comfort thing. I always listen to it when I feel as though I have nothing left. & it always inspires me to keep going. This time, I will go to college. Next time, who knows.
I first discovered it written with black sharpie on the wall of the Home Economics class. Which was more than cooking, or sewing, interpersonal relationships, or reproductive cycle lesson to me than the norm. Kind of like the art room, but... different. The teacher let you paint on the walls... let you draw, let you express yourself.
& I read the words left by a student in 2001, looked it up, bought the CD. Every now & again I resort to it when I'm melancholy or looking for answers.

The best of the best | Reviewer: Petra | 1/12/09

My husband and I used to sit and have a beer or two with our friends and we huddle when this song comes on and sing out loud together. It's ok if you think we're crazy! The song is just so unbelievably awesome! I told my husband when I die I want them to play Amazing Graze and Epiphany!

yep | Reviewer: Chelsea | 12/13/08

i love this song it is beautiful in all aspects of life. my boyfriend of fourteen months broke up with me and went out with someone else two weeks later. its been two months and i like someone else now. this song has helped me through all this. it shows you can walk in any path of life and live through it even when you simply can get your head to look toward the horizon.

Epiphany! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

This Song Can Make You Come To Grips With Everything In Your life.Although A Great Love Song..Im sure everybody can relate to it in some way.When i lost my girlfriend this song spoke the world to me.When True Love Is Taken Away From you,and you cannot do anything about it,but in the end you do the right thing=]Thats what this song means 2 me.

Amazing | Reviewer: I am master chief lololololo | 11/26/07

I love this song. Bottom line: it's amazing. I listened to it a lot when my girlfriend broke up with me. I listen to the most brutal music, but this song has a special place in me.

how great can it be | Reviewer: not important | 10/31/07

yesterday my girlfriend broke up with me.a friend said that epiphany was a good song to think about where i was in my life.Aaron Lewis has a great voice.till now i have bought all his albums today and i need to say that i can't quit listening his songs.

just an amazing song | Reviewer: oso | 9/24/07

this is the best song!!I listen to it many times...and I´d never want to stop...and acustic version or live version is amazing too