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Laura Nyro Emmie Lyrics

Last updated: 09/18/2011 11:00:00 AM

Oo la, la, la, oo la, la, la, oo la, la, la, oo, la, la, la.
Emily and her love to be, her love to be, carved in a heart on a berry tree.
But it's only, only a little farewell love spell, time to design a woman.
Touch me, awake me, Emily you ornament the earth for me.

Emily, you're the natural snow, the natur’l snow, the unstudied sea, you're a cameo.
And, I swear, I swear you were born a weaver’s lover, born for the loom's desire.
Move me. Oh, sway me. Emily, you ornament the earth for me, for me.
Emmie, your Mamma’s been a callin’ you.
Who? Who stole Mamma’s heart and cuddled in her garden?
Darling Emmie, la, la, la, oo la, la, la, oo, la, la, la, oo la, la, la.
You are my friend and I loved you, Emily, Emily, Emily, Emily.

She got the way to move me, Emmie. She got the way to move me, yeah.
She got the way to move me, Emmie. She got the way, get up and move me...

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Dan Nigro and I commented on this subject at lenght | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno | 9/18/11

Please see - "An Open Letter to Dan Nigro Re: Laura Nyro."

To say any more would be to abuse the very generous allowance to state my views that sing365 has already afforded me. Agape Rabdrake


Laura Nyro's family (The Nigro family) finds it offensive that this person is claiming that our family member was at any time ever courting a 13 year old (or 16 year old or 17 year old) teenager. This song is about Laura the young woman singing out to her fading girlhood, or as Laura herself put it "it's about the eternal feminine." Laura and Maria became acquainted in 1980, and Ralph Bruno knew neither of them and is in no position to make any such claims as he has here.

Four Songs about Maria by Laura | Reviewer: Ralph Bruno | 6/22/08

Laura Nyro and Maria Desiderio were life partners. Maria was born on June 9, 1954.

The two women became enamored of each other around 1967. The Italians call it "Flamma" (flames - It describes a relationship between a younger and older woman).

Laura's song "Emmie" is about Maria. "Emmie your momma's been a callin’ you. “Whoooo? Who stole momma's heart and cuddled in her garden, darlin’ Emmie?"
Also with "Emmie," on the album “Eli & the Thirteenth Confession” is "Timer." This song is also about Maria. "I like her song, and if the song goes minor I won't mind..."

In July of 1971, Laura adapted her version of the song "Désiree." The song was the closest she came to coming out about her relationship with Maria. It is more than a remarkable coincidence that Desiderio and Desiree both mean desire.

On May 30, 1971, at the Fillmore East, Laura opened the live concert with the debut of "American Dove." This song was to her fiancé, a decorated Vietnam War Veteran. "It's been a long time coming I mean love." At this concert, she sings a redacted version of "Timer." Among other lines referring to Maria, Laura also excised the line "I like her song."

Then in July of 1971, in the recording of the album "Gonna Take a Miracle" she sings her heart out to Maria in "Désiree." I believe the reason was that Maria and Laura had a rendezvous, perhaps to celebrate Maria's 17th birthday. The song is unmistakably a Sapphic reverie.

Her song "Roadnotes" is also to Maria. By 1984, with the release of the album "Mother's Spiritual" everyone accepts that Laura and Maria were in a committed relationship. Who else would have been the inspiration for the lyrics "that's right lover," “music in my ear,” “a wild dear,” “a magic potion,” "angel of the night"? "Happy birthday thirties" is not reference to Maria turning 30 in 1984?

Ralph Bruno