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From First To Last Emily Lyrics

Last updated: 10/02/2013 09:48:10 AM

Smiles and her laughter,
It's the only thing that I've been waiting for, a time.
Regardless of our distance, and our hope, cuz were
Swept by pretty eyes and LETTERS for, a time.
The only thing that I've been waiting for.

I hope it's something worth the waiting,
'Cause it's the only thought that I ever feel real.
Thunderstorms could never stop me,
'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily.

She's simple yet confusing,
Her sparkling eyes make me weak at my words, they tremble.
Days seem like years in this month of December.
The winter, coldens me for I have yet to sleep.
And never, will I give up trying 'cause you're everything to me.

I hope it's something worth the waiting,
It’s the only time that I ever feel real.
Thunderstorms could never stop me,
'Cause there's no one in the world like Emily.

There's no one in the world like Emily.

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Life a year later | Reviewer: Seth | 10/2/13

I'm back haha, but I just wanted to mention I married my Emily on the beginning of this year. Life's never been for pleasant and perfect. I feels like I written my last response just yesterday. We are very happy and doing well, we also have a little peanut on the way and I couldn't be the happiest women in the world to marry my Emily. This song still reminds me of you. Love you Emily from Seth!:)

</3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/13

I used to be dating a guy for about 4 months, but I had an emo attack and started cutting myself and he broke up with me </3 I am better now, but I wish I sang this to him when we were together. However I woud have changed the lyrics a bit to suit him.

My Sonny Moore | Reviewer: His 'Emily' | 2/18/13

My 'Sonny Moore' have been together for not even a month. We've been friends for so long. We became close friends when I helped him get out of a relationship with a cheating girl and he helped me report my boyfriend to the police for domestic violence. We admired a mutual liking of each other but nothing happened. Until he asked me out in song. We are states and states apart, but I love him. We could get through anything. I never say love, except t him. Forever and always, baby <3. I love you.

through his eyes | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/2/12

I am an Emily, and I have a freind who just played this for me last night when we talked for the first time in three years since an awful breakup. We were friends since we litterally could walk so after being his friend so long and dating then loosing him through the breakup was awful. I know we're complete opposites at times, but I missed him every day we didnt speak. I can't help but wonder if he looks at me and still thinks of me the way that is described in this song. All I know is that I'm so happy to have him back in my life.

My boyfriend | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/28/12

My name is yes, Emily and my boyfriend Zach and I met over a year ago we have been together since then but the problem is we live so far away and he sung this to me. Its a cute song x

So Loved by me! | Reviewer: Seth | 3/22/12

I have a girlfriend that i've been dating ever since our middle school year. We are now graduating this year and i'm going to marry this girl. i love her and treasure her. she "everthing to me, for a while we were separated for 2 years and now no one can tear us apart now on our graduation day i'm going to propose to her, im so scared, nervous, and excited that i will be with her forever. I LOVE YOU EMILY!!!

My Emily <3 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/12

My girlfriend lives 400 miles away from me, and this song is basically our song. I'm her Sonny Moore and she's my Emily, except she won't leave me (I hope) It's actually harder than what you would think, cause I'm a girl. And I just came out, and I rather not have my mom have a heart attack cause her only daughter is in love with a girl :// But I'll never give up trying because she's everything to me <3

Emily Louise Eaton Lander . 06.12.08 | Reviewer: Saz | 12/26/11

My little dribble monster is named Emily. Born in December 08. She went into care for her Dad was violent. I see her every month because I'm still going through court about her Dad and it's not for a childs eyes. I can't wait for her to be with me, at home where she belongs.

my daughter | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/11

Emily is the name of me and my girlfriends first daughter. were only 16, Emily isnt born yet, Me and my girlfriend know we can face this world together. after years of depression, self harm, and attempted suicide we met. were the same and something has never felt so right... within 4 months we wanted to marry each other and have kids. weve been going out for nearly a year.... and still we wait for our Emily

Million | Reviewer: An Emily | 11/6/11

A know a million other Emily's but this makes me feel like the only one. I so wish someone would sing this just for me. But for now I just sit and listen to this song, singing right along because there is a million Emily's but just one me.

gb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/5/11

Im gona learn to play and sing this song for my fiance! "Smiles and her laughter" im so in love with this person its to the point to where we can read each others minds. Sjes mine fore and alwayd. She's my "emily" and nothing will keep her awat from me.

Love you mom | Reviewer: Taylor | 9/25/11

My mom's name was Emily. she died 3 years ago by suicide. This song makes me cry every time but i love it too much. My mom loved From First to Last. Miss you mom. Every thing that he describes of Emily is just like my mom. No one will ever be like her. She has the most beautiful blue eyes and curliest brown hair. If she smiles something in you wants to smile back. She is a simple person but at the same time she is confusing. you always want to be by her side and when she isn't you want to cry but you don't because you want to stay as strong as she was.

Rest in Paradise.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/30/11

I never had a girlfriend named Emily but this song still haunts me though. Perhaps I put my own twist on the meaning to these lyrics. She died this past winter. "I hope it's something worth the waiting, 'cause it's the only thought that I ever feel real." This means, to me, that I hope my dreams of us meeting again some day will be proven true because it is the only thought that keeps me here. I go more insane everyday I'm without her..

I love Emily | Reviewer: Ben | 8/28/11

Emily first i love you, i hate our break up and i always think about you, i just want you back in my life. At night i dream about you. During the day i miss our athletics trainings together. I remember the first time i saw you in Sydney, your hair, your eyes, your smiled, glistened in the sun. I LOVE YOU EMILY FIRST! PLEASE BE MINE AGAIN! <3 <3 <3

emz | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/11

My emily left me before going to the states, she said there would be a chance for us again but ive heard otherwise from her friends. I was never good enough for her but i always did my best she means the world to me and i love her so much, whenever i hear this song it reminds me that i should have played it to her and sang it with feeling. I just hope when i go to visit her we hit it off, if not i know ill be totally lost without her