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Michael W. Smith Draw Me Close Lyrics

Last updated: 03/24/2014 06:32:11 AM

Draw me close to you
Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear you say that I'm your friend
You are my desire
No one else will do
Cause nothing else can take your place
To feel the warmth of your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to you

You're all I want
You're all I've ever needed
You're all I want
Help me know you are near

( repeat all)

Thanks to Jacquie for submitting Draw Me Close Lyrics.

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Draw mw close to you! | Reviewer: Sibusiso | 3/24/14

Help me to find , the way!! We alwayz become, but we need God, Holy spirit,,to guide us,,, and One else can take you away! For the lord is faith,,for the Lord is love! My shield,,so I don't see any other gods,I can saerve,,, I only need Jehovah,as my Lord in Jesus Christ,,,,, love M, W Smith,,,I'm at South Africa,, I play ur songs everyday!! Even at gym,, I wish one day I can sing one song with you!! Go
d bles you Sir!

Highly inspirational n allegiance | Reviewer: Elijah m. Akalenyi | 3/7/14

First time i heard dis song, my spirit was revived, and whre it says.'cause nothing else can take ur place. Dis part mak humbled me nt to giv my heart to pride dispite my achievmemts. May u finish strong, M W. SMITH

Draw me close to you makes me feel connected to god my creator | Reviewer: Musa Reshama | 2/18/14

This song was given to me by my friend cause he love the song dearly.Always while listening to this song it makes me happy,though my eyes are open i still believe that am telling God my best priority in my life.

It's an inspirational song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/14/14

Draw me close to you i luv dis song because when ever i sing it ,it touches my spirit,my soul and not only dat it always making me to forget about my problem&my thinking also and i luv playing it over and over again i luv d song

am touched | Reviewer: itohan | 2/8/14

this song has being in my fone for quite sometime now but never played it but today? God touched me to play it n since morning, i have repeatedly played d song. great song, it's inspiring.

Very Sensuous Song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/14

At my church the Music Director has the women sing the first verse and the men sing the second. It sounds as if we are preparing for a big group orgy.
Song is just too sensuous for congregational singing.
I feel very uncomfortable singing this song like this. It seems very inappropriate.
It is great for personal quiet time worship.

I FEEL CLOSE TO GOD AND INSPIRED. | Reviewer: Prince Koomson | 12/7/13

Anytime i hear and meditate upon the words in this song i feel very close to God and he very close to me, i realy feel very inspired anytime i hear the rythm. I gain hope and courage that God is close to me against all odds that will come my way.

Inspirational and lifting. thank you Smith for lifting my spirit with this song. Reviewer Oguaghamba Ebele | Reviewer: Oguaghamba Ebele | 10/28/13

I just came back from church and I received this song in my spirit. Each time I sing this song, I do cry. More especially, the second stanza that says, No one else will do and then, to know that he is near.

god is great! | Reviewer: cirila chu generalao | 10/23/13

When I went to church to a friend of mine who invited me to come to her service, at first I didn't understand a thing & saw. People praising god & crying, first I thought they crazy people until I heard this song they played on the 3x I went to the service, I started to cry & I was weaping, right then God was working through me, I was filled w/the holy gosht! Great song, very touchy, extremely annointed one..

inspirational | Reviewer: frank oj | 10/21/13

I luv dis song,but a bible vs says'my people perish for the lack of knowledge' & anoda says 'that i may know him & the power of his resurrection & the fellowship of his sufferings'.One must have the desire to b close 2 God b4 He ll draw u close 2 Him.dere4 desire 2 b close 2 God,study the bible always,fast always & pray always & God ll draw u close 2 himself.Also desire 2 knw God & also 2 hv de undastandin in His word 4 many pastors 2day preach falshood & not de true Jesus.

Draw me close thank you 4 dis inspirational song | Reviewer: Nombuso Ncintela | 10/20/13

This song is inspirational,wonderful and touching.When i first heard this it waz at school when the sons daughters of God singing it....when they reapeted it again i felt like i'm on heaven.I rly want GOD TO DRAW ME CLOSE and this song just lifted me up and feel the warmth of his embrace and his mercy which stands stil.GOD is al i want and i need he is faithful each and every day.When am hearing this song i feel like am newly born created en watver dat had happened 2 me when i listen ths sng i fil lyk am relieved it also refreshes ma soul W.SMITH MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU STRENGTH..THANK YOU

Declaration n spiritual desire | Reviewer: Onyeisi d Gr8 | 8/24/13

I love dis song b/c it is a song dat reminds us as an individual dat we need 2 b closer 2 God in all areas lyk d chorus said "u're all i want & ever needed".D first tym i heard dis song ha...even dis "draw me close n neva let me go"it reflected my lyf b/c if we ar away 4rm God den we ar doomed.A bible vs says "be closer 2 me n i wil b cloza 2 u".So i urge us dat any tym dat we wil listin 2 dis song we shud jst put it as a tot hw is my cloznex wit God.KUDOS 2 Mike, u 2 much n God wil continue 2 establish u,AMEN

touching and inspirational | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/13

the frst time i heard dis song 4rm my sister phone i was feel by d holy sprt. d song hav been my best music, i pray that God we give u strngth 2 cary on spreading da messages of God

A life changing inspirational song. | Reviewer: GODSWILL NKWOR | 8/22/13

The song inspired me of a truth. And i believe anyone who listens to it be him/her a believer or not, will find a reason to say: God please draw me close to you.
I believe the song writter was inspired by the Holy spirit. May God bless His servant. . . .MICHAEL W. SMITH.

So inspirational | Reviewer: Blezycool Ochom Omaleko | 7/7/13

This song is so inspirational, each time i listen to it, if am derailed, it brings me back in line with God. Its a kind of song that even if an unbeliever listens to it, he/she ll giv his/her life to christ without someone preaching to them. Its a song that requires broken heart when singing it. Mike, may God bless you for this ministration. Amen!