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Queen Dragon Attack Lyrics

Last updated: 02/05/2012 10:00:00 AM

Take me to the room where the red's all red
Take me out of my head-'s what I said yeah
Hey take me to the room where the green's all green
And from what I've seen it's hot it's mean

-Gonna use my stack
-It's gotta be Mack
-Gonna get me on the track
-Got a dragon on my back

Take me to the room where the beat's all round
Gonna eat that sound - (yeah yeah yeah!)
Take me to the room where the black's all white
And the white's all black take me back to the shack

-She don't take no prisoners
-Gonna give me the business
-Got a dragon on my back
-It's a dragon attack

Get down - Nice and slow
Hey hey - All right

She's low down
-She don't take no prisoners
Go down
-Gonna give me the business
No time
-Yeah chained to the rack!
Show time
-Got a dragon on my back
Show down
-Go find another customer
Slow down
-I gotta make my way

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Got that groove thang goin' on | Reviewer: Michael Ratcliffe | 12/15/11

Always been one of my favorites from "The Game"...crushing riff opens and proceeds to rip your ears off...this band was always so tight with their song structures, and Brian's tone is simply Killer...Queen

Classic Queen | Reviewer: Sid H | 7/23/09

I remember when this was new. The guitars allways got me on this one. Definately one of my favorite Queen songs, much better than their commercial offerings. I never felt like Freddie was trying to make this song special in any way. My feelings is that he knew this was Brian's song and was just letting him have it all the way.

Great Work! | Reviewer: Will K | 9/6/08

I definitely wouldn't call Freddie's vocal mediocre; it's really great, and there are some really high notes in this one. Also, he wouldn't get the chance to take multiple vocal takes to get it perfect as it was recorded as a band in a whole take, with only Brian multitracking solos.

I would say it is incredible, not that I'd expect anything less from THE Freddie Mercury. Yes, May's guitar/bass riff in this song is AWESOME, and John's bass playing really shines here, where you can see why he is one of the greatest bass players of all time. As always, Roger delivers a FANTASTIC drum solo, grandiose in the Queen fashion, and the boys really jam together to create one of the most bluesy rock approaches to a Queen song.

hell yeah! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/28/07

Agree with previous post. This is a fantastic example of why Queen is so highly regarded musically. The solos are amazing... tight, precise and intense. To me, this is the best song on The Game, more like "old school" rockin' Queen than anything else on the album, which is not to say it's a bad LP, just different. Dragon Attack is definitely one of my favorite Queen songs.

Good Stuff | Reviewer: Jag | 3/17/07

The things that make this song are the solos. The lyrics are just all right, and Freddie Mercury is only mediocre (which means pretty good for most others). But in the middle, when the solos appear, is what make me like this song so much. Starting with the lightning drums, then incendiary bass work, and finally ending with a great guitar solo that by the end has scaled to dueling guitars fighting for power like two dragons. Other than Bohemian Rhapsody, I don't think they've written better music.