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Children Of Bodom Downfall Lyrics

Last updated: 10/22/2013 08:51:52 AM

The night of timeless fire is drawing near
I flee... Throughout the years of throe
Watching through a mirror, as I fall apart
I see a wreck, I'm burning

I see angels burning, falling down in ruins
Looking down I see me, I'm my own enemy

Watching myself decaying, falling from high spirits
I flee... Throughout the ruins of me
Longing for finding my way out
Leaving myself, there's nothing left for me
The ruins are about to crumble down.

The flame is dying by shivery winds of jet black skies
It reflects hatred in my eyes

I see angels burning, falling down in ruins
Looking down I see my ashes scattered around my grave

Angels whispering fire, no longer I'm alive
Settled down I'm done with the trip to my kingdom come

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propsalot | Reviewer: suckadick | 10/22/13

Fuck all the mainstream pop hack bullshit bands if you want real metal listen to cob its in a league of its own fuckin Finnish melodic crazy shit but razor sharp metal I've listened to a lot and some got it some don't cob deffinitly does. still not as good as PanterA though but not to be compared as they are just different just personal preference
Ps somebody needs to bring the Real metal back to town so sick of posers that aint even close people that actually give a shit about the music regardless of dollars and sorry to rant but fuck

deadnight warrior | Reviewer: dea | 8/4/11

The flame is dying by shivery winds of jet black skies
It reflects hatred in my eyes

That part of the lyrics is similar to some of the lyrics in deadnight warrior-off their first album; just thought that was worth noting. Love this song, and basically all their songs.

Are tou dead yet? & Downfall | Reviewer: Unknown | 3/5/11

Are you dead yet? and Downfall are my two favorite songs form C.o.B., sure Are you dead yet? Album kinda sucked but I think the song was great compared to the others, and downfall... one of the bests in the Hatebreeder album.

stfu | Reviewer: V | 1/30/10

really, I love this song just like every other person does.
I've listened to CoB since Something Wild when an old friend gave me the recording of it.
Since then, CoB have been one of my favourite bands.
And really, I think every single one of their CDs are good in their own way, so really, we should just enjoy the music that you do like not bitch about how much a CD of theirs sucked.

Awesome | Reviewer: Alexis | 7/14/09

Children of Bodom is definitely one of my favorite bands ever. I got into them when I first started high school, and I've been in love with them ever since. And this little gem is probably my favorite song by them (although it's pretty much tied up with "Towards Dead End." That songs kicks ass!) Children of Bodom, keep rocking! You ROCK my world!

wow | Reviewer: italian metaller | 7/8/09

i love this song, the lyrics are fantastic like everything in this song! Children 4 ever!!
@ "itay ron" I agree with you, and i think 'through the fire and the flames' is very different from 'downfall', but it's a great song, one of my favourites!! ;)

THE BEST | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/24/08

I LOVE this song, even all their songs are great, silent night bodom night, bodom beach terror,hate me, follow the reaper, angels dont kill,.... but this one its my fav. the piano solos are great, it makes the song much more melodic, and the lyric its great, it has a lot of meaning behind, alexis voice and guitar solos are in all great too, soo its the perfet combination :D

Lyrics | Reviewer: itay ron | 6/27/08

The lyrics are great, song is one of my favorites, I actually disagree with 'Song could have more lyrics' i personally think that because of the guitar in between each time he speaks its good. And if it had more people i think would get bored :P But i like how he screams the music and the best is, The lyrics are poetic, my favorite in heavy metal.. something like Dragonforce - Through the Fire and Flames

Pity about Are You Dead Yet | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/23/07

This is so good, how could they have gone from this to Are You Dead Yet, man that album blew, there was like maybe two good songs on it.

DownFall | Reviewer: Buddy | 7/6/07

Great song, this one and Are U dead Yet? are my favorite. Like ''Me'' said, the lyrics are very poetic

Nice Intro | Reviewer: Jay-Z sux | 7/2/07

This song has one of the best intros a heavy/melodic death metal song can ever have.

BUT CoB fucked up the rest.

Would be nice.. | Reviewer: BvH91 | 6/5/07

This song is awesome, the lyrics are nice,, if you would hear them properly.. ^^"

Downfall | Reviewer: Sam | 6/5/07

Downfall has to be one of CoB's best songs,great riff, great keyboards, Alexi really out does himself vocally, the drums are fckin brutal!!!
I LOVE CoB!!!!!!!

o.o | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/5/07

the song is awesome.. it could maybe use more lyrics :D

Downfall | Reviewer: Me | 6/11/06

What an amazing song. I love Children Of Bodom. This is easily one of their best songs (not THE best because they have too many good songs). The keyboards are both eerie and beautiful. It's both heavy and melodic. Awesome! And the lyrics are quite poetic; one of COBs better lyrics