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Peter Frampton Do You Feel Like We Do Lyrics

Last updated: 10/20/2013 05:51:34 AM

Well, woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand.
Whose wine? What wine? Where the hell did I dine?
Must have been a dream I don't believe where I've been.
Come on, let's do it again.

Do, feel like I do?
How'd ya feel?
Do, feel like I do?

My friend got busted, just the other day.
They said,"Don't walk, don't walk, don't walk away."
Drove INTO a taxi, bent the boot; hit the BACK.
Had to play some music, OTHERWISE HE'D CRACK.

Do, feel like I do?
How'd ya (FEEL)[turns from mic]
Do, feel like I...

[1st guitar solo]

Do, feel like I do?
Yes ya do.
Do, feel like I do?

Champagne for breakfast and a Sherman in my hand.
Peach TOP (hat), Peach TAILS, never fails.
Must have been a dream I don't believe where I've been.
Come on, let's do it again.

Do, feel like I do?
How'd ya feel?
Do, feel like I...

[keyboard solo]

Do you feel like we do?
Do you feel like we do?
Oh, that's true.
Do you feel like we do?
Get back.
Do you you feel like we do?

[2nd guitar solo]

Oh baby do you feel?
Oh baby do you feel, feel like we do?
Do you you we do?
I want to thank you.
Do you feel like we do?
That's alright, that's alright HERE TONIGHT,
Good TIME, good TIME, good TIME, good TIME, good TIME, OW!

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Framton Comes alive! So did we! | Reviewer: mike Heuler | 4/23/13

Has to be his best album ever. A collection of hits all rolled into one from a series of concerts he performed. I rocked to this double album when I was 20 yrs old and today still do!.
from 'Somethings Happening' to 'Do you feel like we do', the music moves you and excites to nerves of the music in you! Peter
Framtons best album and one he couldn't top! todays rock fans should enjoy it as much as I did and cherish it till you die!

ONE AWSOME SONG | Reviewer: Randy D. Johnson | 11/15/12

I remember when I was young in the 70's they played that song alot I liked then and I like it now and im 51yrs young. I have the CD I listen to it every chance i get. Its a awsome song

Absolutely Great Song -- My Favorite of All Time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/16/11

There is no bigger song from his era than this one.

I saw him in concert in 1979 and again last week (Oct 2011) and it was absolutely great both times. His base player was the same one from the original album recording.

Boy can he still play the guitar. And that voice box is still great. Now that I have seen him in concert again, I can see why there is all the cheering about 10 seconds before he starts on voice box. That is when he walks up to the mike and everybody get excited. I started cheering myself.

I am so glad I got to see him perform the "Live" album songs again.

THE signature song of the 70's | Reviewer: David Pihach | 5/6/11

No greater song to sing with a group of friends while having a bbq, a tailgate and especially during a "road trip". Peter Frampton is touring during the summer of 2011 and I am so excited that he is recreating the live album. My wife and I will definitely be attendance and I can't wait to shout out these lyrics and all the lyrics from the greatest album of that time. Peter Frampton live during the summer of '11 - for us will certainly be a blast!

Awesome even now-a-days. | Reviewer: Jeff | 6/27/10

Many might find this a shock but I am 15 and loving this song. You can tell through this solo that Peter is a excellent guitarist. I personally think of him in the same category as Steve Vai and Eddie Van Halen. They all practiced with most of their time and got amazing critics because of it.

Thumbs down | Reviewer: David | 4/21/10

The song name is D o you feel like I do? Plus these lyrics are all rong. The boot hit the bag. Other wise he'd drag/brag. Peached up peached ale never fails.
And plus you did not even finish the song! :(:(:(:(:(:(

They just thought to record at the last minute | Reviewer: Victor | 1/23/10

You know what's sooo freaking cool about this album. I saw an interview with Peter Frampton a while back. They decided at the last minute to record this concert and had no intentions of ever publishing. They were recording just to get a feel of how the public responded to their music.

Can you imagine if they never recorded this...? It would have been a tragedy.

Open Interpretation... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/23/09

I thought the lyrics of the song "do you feel like we do" (which only happens ONCE in the whole song, the rest is "do you feel like I do?") i thought it related to a hangover. lol. Or maybe its to do with a heavy toke sesh. i dunno. Perhaps Frampton likes to leave it open to interpretation, which would be very clever!!

Yes We Do! | Reviewer: debsings | 6/12/09

“Do you Feel Like We Do” is one of the best songs of its time and it is timeless! There is electricity here that is not present in very many songs! I grooved on it when I was in college and I am still grooving on it! All I can, if we know great music and we get it, we can then say we feel like you do!

Love that sound! | Reviewer: Steve | 4/26/09

Ya know. Peter frampton had/has such a great song. I can just jam his muzik for hrs. and the same songs over. Do you feel like we do?, show me the way, I'm in you, baby, i love your way. Pure classics. Peter Frampton is a Legend!

What is the secret?????????? | Reviewer: Shirley | 9/5/08

I like everyone else love this song, but I was just wondering.....On all the lyrics printed for this song, they all say, guitar solo,voice box, etc. however, not one of them that I have found publish the words that are coming thru the voice box???Makes you wonder why???

Framptons' the man | Reviewer: Don The Brain | 8/19/08

How could anybody live through the 70's and not have "Frampton Comes Alive"? Its impossible I tell ya. I saw some African tribesmen in National Geographic holding a Frampton Comes Alive album. How about a guy named Frank Carillo, who co-wrote and played with Frampton. This guy is a genius, no shit. If you ever come across Mr. Carillo doing a live show, take my word for it, run as fast as you can to see this dude play. Fucking awesome!!!! Check out and check out his bio.


Keep feeling | Reviewer: quintella | 1/23/08

This song/album is the greatest of all time I purchased the album after it realeased and I have cherished it ever since. Peter is one of a kind {rock on}keep feeling.

Lyrics | Reviewer: erthona | 1/16/08

This is just typical 70's stoner lyrics, not even very good ones, if that is not oxymoronic. I was there, everything was as shallow and superficial as the over-electrification of the music. I don't know how many times I listened to this song(a lot), and I never did know what the lyrics were are meant, nor did I care (which I guess is good as they didn't mean Jack Squatt). But now that I have taken the time to look, I must say they are some of the worst god-awfully written lyrics I have ever taken the time to look at. But hey, we didn't listen to this goof for deep meaning, you know what I mean (deep inhale)? I am glad to see that it looks like Peter finally got a brain, he always was a pretty smooth player. So fire up a bowl and rock on dude! "Do you feel like we do?" Yeah right, like we cared!

Lyrics? | Reviewer: David | 9/12/07

I've seen some lyric sites that have different lyrics than the ones I hear. This is how I think the part about his friend who "got busted" goes
"My friend got busted . . . other day . . .
"Jumped into a taxi, bent the boot hit the bag, had to play some music, wonder why's he sweat'n."
I picture his friend walking in traffic, cops see him doing something (presumibly illegal) and then a taxi drives up, he gets in and gets away to the show. When he arrives at the show, the singer looks at him and wonders why he's sweating.
Any takers?