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Mother Mother Dirty Town Lyrics

Last updated: 06/08/2012 11:00:00 AM

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Don't like living in a dirty town
Cause a dirty town gets me down

I saved up and I bought some land
Cause I can't stand living in a dirty town
Yeah I pinched my pennies and I put em down
And I washed my hands of a dirty town

Plant my seeds in the ground
Yeah I put em down in my new found land
Cause you can't plant seeds in a dirty town
No you can't plant seeds in a dirty town

I choppin' firewood choppin' firewood
Chop chop chop
Just like a country boy should be chopping wood
I country
My kindling sticks are the perfect little width
Kindling sticks

Get gone from a dirty town
Everybody now
Get gone from a dirty town
Ah-ah-ah-all I need is a chicken wire
and a chicken feed
And a ah-ah-ah-all I see is a new found land fertility, yeah!

My lady friend oh she don't need to pretend
She country
She cracks the crack on dawn with her crackin' whip
We having fun just makin' little chillun
Cha chillun

Get gone from a dirty town...

My government no he ain't made of cement
He country
We get along singing good ol' country songs
Ol' guthrie
My bank account is a shoebox in the ground
And empty

Get gone from a dirty town....

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