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I'm cold, I'm ugly
I'm always confused by everything
I can stare into a thousand eyes
But every smile hides a bold-faced lie

It itches, it seethes, it festers and breathes
My heroes are dead, they died in my head
Thin out the herd, squeeze out the pain
Something inside me has opened up again

Thoughts of me exemplified
All the little flaws I have denied
Forget today, forget whatever happened
Everyday I see a little more of overall deficiencies
I'm not ashamed of being one complete catastrophe

What the hell - did I - do to deserve - all of this?(2x)

I save all the bullets from ignorant minds
Your insults get stuck in my teeth as they grind
Way past good taste, on our way to bad omens
I decrease, while my symptoms increase

God what the fuck is wrong
You act like you knew it all along
Your timing sucks, your silence is a blessing

All I ever wanted out of you was
something you could never be
Now take a real good look at
What you've fucking done to me

What the hell - did I - do to deserve - all of this?(2)

Gimme any reason why I'd need you, boy
Gimme any reason why I'd need you
Gimme any reason why I'd need you
Gimme any reason not to fuck you up
Gimme any reason why I'd need you, bitch
Gimme any reason why I'd need you
Gimme any reason why I'd need you
Gimme any reason not to fuck you up

I see you in me(8x)

I keep my scars from prying eyes
Incapable of ever knowing why
Somebody breathe, I've got to have an answer
Why am I so fascinated by
bigger pictures, better things
But I don't care what you think
You'll never understand me

What the hell - did I - do to deserve - all of this?(4x)


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give me reason why i need you | Reviewer: g8t7 | 7/29/12

RI admire every One of you i love cathastroph people ( thats how i Call them)
Maggot 4 Life i love Slipknot
I love evety disturbed shit i get.
Thanks to you to be like you are, it made me laugh many times while reading this. (I'm serious I admire such people)and I give a shit for society. This song is epic and RIP to them they really got the train to afterlife. Stay SIC everyone

nothing | Reviewer: me | 7/6/12

i want to kill myself because life is so fucking redundent 10 years same shit my lifes fine for most not mad at my gf nobodey mad at me my jobs fine im just saying theres nothing wrong with me i just dont see the point day in day out and all the stupid people not that they wouldnt try to help they would but i just dont want them to

UR ALL FAGGS ! :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/24/12

Obviously you don't realize the actual true reason that stands behind the people that cut themselves. i used to cut because i wanted someone anyone to notice. noone did until i ended up in the hospital. that doesn't make me cool. im actually embarrased about it. i get angry. for no reason usually. for a long period of time. unrealistically angry. and i listen to slipknot and scream along with them and feel better after i smoke some weed.

Suicidal guys. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/12

A guy below me said he was killing himself, 16, fucked up with his gf, that guy. If he did it, well RIP to him, but he was 100% wrong if he did. I'm 16 too, I hate society too, I fucked it up with the girl I love too, but I'm still going. To throw it in their face. I don't deserve this, nobody does, but you continue in your stride to stick it to them, really piss off your enemies. You don't have to value your own life to value the gift of life itself. Stay (Sic).

diluted........outfuckingstanding | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/20/12

I fully agree with the "what the hell is wrong with me reviewer, I knew I wasn't the only one that felt that way, this song is amazing, I always feel judged in everyway even by my shity family, my own fucking father thinks I'm depressed, hahaha my time in the usmc I got to see so much bullshit and made me realized how shitty people really is, this song in particular I love, fuck those idiots that make you feel like shit, fuck them up if you can, take out your hate and rage on those that look down on you, they're pussies anyway, all hail SLIPKNOT, and I believe if you truly wanna commit suicide, take those fuckers responsible with you as well, and I will see all you maggots in hell when my time comes

Diluted | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/11

The guitars in the chorus sound so nice and low. Over a good pair of headphones it's like ear mastrubation!
I havent listened to these guys for eight years, since I picked it up again recently I realize what a great and unique band it is. Theres really nothing like it. Back then I was getting more into faster stuff, I stopped listening because I thought they didn't have technique compared to bands like dimmu borgir and nile and i didn't like the "image" around them and their fans back then ( not anymore btw, I dont give a shit) . But the last couple of years I've heard tons of all kinds of music, and there are few I've heard who come close to creating such a dark psychotic sound and envoirement as slipknot does. And I think they express something that a lot of people feel in modern societies (often or not), which I think is getting worse. I remember that their songs were often a huge relief, when I discovered them. Great band. Don't cut you're selves, and treat it for what it is. Music

Been there, done that. | Reviewer: Hondy123@hotmail.co.uk | 6/14/11

Right, at first I thought that this song was agreeing that I don't deserve the shit I'm getting. But after several years of pain, and anguish. I have come to the conclusion this is my sweet symphony, this is my song.
Suicide failed me, three tries, three fails.
This song has now changed to my reason for staying, and it's almost as if someone out there feels I deserve to live. Slipknot go so deep with there songs. Corey is a lyrical genius and the songs they produce inflict hearts all over the world with a relieve barrier from all the bullshit in this world. Stay (SIC) maggots. And don't let all the bullshit bring you to your knees, there's more of us out there, and were here for one reason. Slipknot.

wat the hell is wrong with me? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/13/11

Why do people call me emo? I don't Fucking cut myself, I think that's for pussys and for all of you want to kill urselves because ur life is so fuckin screwed up its not fucking worth it. Killing urself lets u escape bullshit why not take it? people say cutting themselves makes them calmer if ur so mad why not go fuck up or kill the mother fucker who got you mad in the first place.Fuck everybody that you hate one day they will all Fucking pay. Why should you die for wat they did to you? Fuck that shit I don't why I'm like this I've dreamed of killing so many people and enjoying every second of it .... I'm scared of myself and so are other people..... damn I really am fucked up in the head. anyone who wants to escape life is a pussy take all bullshit and hold it inside of you then one day let it all go and go fucking crazy ... hey, that's wat I'm about to do.this is a fucked up world and people in it are even more sick. P.S this song is badass. Peace out mother fuckers.

06/05/2011 | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/11

I hate my life. Why the fuck am I even here. My mom says that I just bring bad spirits to my family for being atheist. Everyone I care for could do much better without me. I stopped cutting and tried improving myself by helping people around but I was just taken for granted. I'm extremely ugly and fat ass hell. The girl I love is with my old best friend. Fuck mylife.

death and eradication to all human society | Reviewer: kendall | 4/28/11

kevin im your twin brother ive gone through the same fuckin thing i fuckin hate fucker heads mostly blacks who bother me ive grabbed thumtacks and randomly left a handfull of them on a seat for a special person to sit on them comfortably.ive stabbed someone with a pencil 3 times in the thigh and stoned someone through the nose bridge.ive dreamed of eating abortioned babies showering in blood and digging through someones throat.ive watched over 147 live surgery operations that went bad while eating food and laughing with great hatred me i used to be a friend someone you can trust someone you feel comfortable with now im the opposite of what i used to be 666 times worse and i respect you for what you are.

Just going to join the crowd here.. | Reviewer: PainMadeToOrder | 3/16/11

Well, I have to say, I can relate to this song as well. I just figured I would leave my story since everyone else has. My mother tried to kill herself when I was in the womb. I never knew my father until third grade. My first suicide attempt was in fourth. I was so tired of it all, even as a kid. After that, I developed severe depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.I've regretfully attempted suicide about 20 times. I used to rely on habits like cutting to cope with things until about a year ago. I started drinking heavily and smoking. I quit the drinking and kept smoking. So, I've been smoking for about a year, and things haven't changed. No one understands why I'm the way I am. Not even my girlfriend. She's scared of me. I'm scared of myself. I can't even control most of the things I do. I hear voices. I change moods violently. I experience delusions. Most of the things I see or do, I have no idea if they are real or not. It's not fun. I don't know what I did to deserve it. But I can accept it. Well, sorry for the wall 'o text. Just felt like venting. Peace.

Society is corrupt and everyone is fucked | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/1/11

Im a 16 year old male with no self esteem and nothing to live for and now ive screwed up with my amazing angel perfect girlfriend.. im killing myself in about 3 hours.. i hate this bullshit world and this bullshit society we live in, im not even an adult yet and ive had enough of life. Im sick of being a piece of shit that people can walk over and the expectancies and pressures of my family and 'friends' to be someone im not are too much. There is only one final escape.. and finally, im escaping. my favourite bands are SLIPKNOT and KILLSWITCH ENGAGE. Maggot 4 life and i will be in death bitches.

Same thing is happening to me | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/11

Kevin, alot of those same things are happening to me. I got the acne al over my face I get called a pedifial for having a deeper voice than everyone. I lost all my freinds because of some "popular" people at my school. I have even been emotionally scarred by my fathers anger problems and now have trouble focusing in school. I'm even teased for having different intrests than most people.

Sickness | Reviewer: Anotherpsycoticfucker | 11/8/10

All u reviewers "o i seem normal but i love slipknot because (insert something u feel is deep)". Im not in ur stereotypical "emo" group. I hav all kinds of friends and i can talk to about anyone in my school. Im about to kill myself. Stop steriotyping urself as a saint ur not. Humanitys sick. Its a social desease where suddenly some people are "cooler" than others for no reason. They dont deserve it, their the sickest fuckers out there. Forget it

! | Reviewer: XxMAGGOT555xX | 8/31/10

SLIPKNOT is the best band in the god damn world always will be. To bad no one else can fill in Pauls mask...:,( but yet no one deserves too. Slipknot will never end in my mind and will never end in my life. FUCK whatever those pussy ass motherfuckers who think Slipknot is just another band or think they suck, Fuck them and let them die in a contorted death! STAY SIC MAGGOTS (STAY STRONG FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU DAMN WELL PLEASE)

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