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My Chemical Romance Dead! Lyrics

Last updated: 01/17/2013 11:03:44 AM

--*Official Lyrics straight from the book*--

And if your heart stops beating
I'll be here wondering
Did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life
And if you get to heaven
I'll be here waiting, babe
Did you get what you deserve?
The end, and if your life won't wait
Then your heart can't take this

Have you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyway
Oh take
Me from the hospital bed
Wouldn't it be grand?
It ain't exactly what you planned

And wouldn't it be great If we were dead.

Oh dead.

Tongue-tied and oh so squeamish
You never fell in love
Did you get what you deserve?
The ending of your life
And if we get to heaven
I'll be here waiting babe
Did you get what you deserve?
The end

And if your life won't wait
Then your heart can't take this

you heard the news that you're dead?
No one ever had much nice to say
I think they never liked you anyway
Oh take
Me from the hospital bed
Wouldn't it be grand
To take a pistol by the hand?

And wouldn't it be great
If we were dead?

And in my honest observation
During this operation
Found a complication in your heart
So long
'Cause now you've got
Maybe just two weeks to live
Is that the most the both of you can give?


well come on!

if life ain't just a joke
Then why are we laughing?
if life ain't a joke then why am I dead?

Thanks to Karl Miguel P. Olfato/ for submitting Dead! Lyrics.

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This song rocks. | Reviewer: PHOENIX•RISE | 1/17/13

Is it just me, or does anyone else want to sing this song really loudly in the middle of a really bad time? For example... in the middle of religion class at catholic school.... if anyone at my school was ever gonna grow up and talk to me, I might have possibly scared them away today.... 0.o

11/12/2012 | Reviewer: pure Killjoy | 11/12/12

okay im 12 and i love MCR for loads of reasons there unlike any gay asshole band there realistic and gold about there songs my favorite song has alwats been ‘‘House of Wolves!’’ and this song Dead! if you have nothing nice about this rock band to say then i sudgest not saying anything...

Emo music | Reviewer: Dylan | 11/29/11

Dudes seriuosly stop argueing about MCR not being emo.. im sick of people saying 'thats not emo This Is not emo blah blah blah blah to some people it Is emo. Get över it. You compline about People labeling things when your doing it yourself. Just get the fact that the black parade song was about emos check wikapedia and stop being hiporcrites

THIS IS MY PERSPECTIVE | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/11

I was really hoping to actually get some perspectives on what this song means to THEM. Too bad I stumbled upon another debate. I'm not joining in, I just want to submit my perspective.
Dead! I think is from a best friend, lover or a family member of someone who just attempted suicide and is in hospital. They're going through the stage of "what if?". They want to be there waiting for them, but don't know if they'll survive. I think that the reason for the suicide attempt is because of bullying in high school, "never liked you anyway" and that could also be for when people continue to bully a person after they have killed themselves. "If your life won't wait" is sort of going through the process of high school, and if you're bullied then your heart and spirit can't take it. It's attempted suicide because "IF~ you get to heaven". Towards the end of the song, I think that the person is regretting all of it but will come through stronger "is that the most you can give me", wishing for more time.
This is from my point of view because I've had a few friends attempt suicide and keep me up all night waiting for them to call me from their hospital bed. They are tougher now, if any one has a go at them, they bite back, and hard! (MyChem has helped them through it too)

LOL | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/31/11

I just died looking at how many twelve year old and shit put something that nobody gives a fuck about.XD let your balls drop before you try to say you know what "good"music is. Fags. lol


in response to 'well,' | Reviewer: melissa | 10/29/11

i totally agree, and i'd like to say that danger days wasn't my favourite album but in order to call yourself a true fan of MCR you have to evolve with the band and now that gerard dyed his hair black again maybe we'll see more stuff like three cheers and black parade

i'ma killjoy and i'm in the MCRmy

Why? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/23/11

Nobody has really put any input about the song (im one to talk :P)... i don't care if your 5 and listening to this music. Worry about yourself rather than some anonymous reviewer claiming to be 12. They can do what they want. Even if they make themselves look retarded. I think its funny :P

-peace fuckers :)

MCR | Reviewer: I am who I am | 10/13/11

First off i want to agree with anyomous post saying how much music revolves sex these days. I seriously am sick of hearing pitbull or who ever singing about how effing horney or whatever they are. I think its shit. These days when a song is about a women, its about how "her bed rocked hard" or whatever. Thats why i admire My Chemical Romance. I love there songs, I love Gerard Way's voice (and his looks are pretty effin' nice too), and the lyrics have so much behind it. Unlike some songs that just bluntly say "hey pretty lady wana have a couple drinks so you dont feel anything" Though I have to admit, their old albums like The Black Parade and Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge is better than some of the new stuff they have. If anyone disagrees with me then fine, but songs like Na Na Na don't have the same effect on me that songs like Dead or Famous Last Words does. So basically I'm trying to say THIS SONG IS AWSOME.

In response to Caitlin | Reviewer: Well, | 10/12/11

Ever since Danger Days, a lot of the fans have dropped the MCRmy name completely and just call themselves Killjoys. It's hard to find someone now who goes by both, or even goes by just a member of the MCRmy anymore. :/

Erm? | Reviewer: Caitlin | 10/9/11

To the little girl who said something about Killjoys, I don't know much about that because I don't care for their latest album at all, but I'm pretty sure the fans are called the MCRmy.
The Killjoy album was terrible for the most part and they're getting way too far away from what I listened to them for.

To all you gits, read this. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/10/11

Okay all you little noobs calling MCR emo, why don't you actually listen to their music before you label them? I'm 15 and I don't give a fuck if all these wankers tell us that we can't listen to this music when they'd prefer us to listen to meaningless shit about sex and fucked up over edited crap that mostly discriminates women. MCR is real music you twats. All their songs have meaning and a point, unlike Rappers that are constantly whining about girls and sex, boobs, ect... I mean come on! MCR do it for the fans, not for the money. Well they need money to live of course, but at least it is earn't out good meaning.

Killjoys, make some noise! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/11

Okay so I am 13 and have been listening to MCR for the past 6 years so us I may be young, but I am still a true killjoy! No matter what shape or size you are, no matter what you look like or how old you are, you can still be a killjoy. Anyone who says otherwise obviously does not understand the true meaning of MCR. And if you say MCR is emo, you are STUPID! 'nough said.

MCR isn't emo | Reviewer: tadaa | 7/26/11

I just don't get why ppl say MCR's emo? It's alternative rock you idiots! Jimmy Eat World is emo, nothing wrong with that though, they're great too, but mcr isn't emo.
Here some ppl say they are "wanna be" rock, those ppl are just fuckin behind. I love MCR's music, it's deep and has a meaning behind every word. Unlike some crappy rap song about big butts, boobs and sex. Now THAT is grown-up music.

La la la la la. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/11

To the last anon that posted;

And I agree with Face completely.
I'm 12 and I've had suicidal bouts, but I firmly believe this band brought me back to being myself.
I had horrible anxiety, etc., and I heard Welcome to the Black Parade. Anxiety = poof. I've been an MCR fan since I'm Not Okay.
I really hope Gerard knows how much he's effected his fans. (:

this song is amazing | Reviewer: {jaeharmonia} | 6/3/11

mcr has so much meaning, unlike the shit that passes for music these days. so many people listen to mainstream shit instead of deep, thoughtful music like mcr. these songs are a pleasure to hear!
and to those people who say mcr shouldnt be for kids, personally i think youre insane. sometimes in todays society, i think people are purposely trying to stop us listening to actual music. im only 13 and havent been listening to mcr for long, but they are a terrific band who should be listened to by everyone. we should all be allowed to listen to whatever you want!