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Alison Krauss Daylight Lyrics

Last updated: 03/17/2008 11:00:00 AM

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Shade is dark.
Cool and languid for life or love.
Safe in shadows; never stark as the daylight.
As the daylight.

When I was just knee high,
My Momma told me, never try,
To be someone that I am not.
Yet over time I had forgot,
The wandering child, so lost at play:
He's found himself but he can't find his way,
In the daylight.
Oh, the daylight.

Ooh, daylight.
Ooh, daylight.

Life is short, and there's no turning back the time.
Fragrant meadows and rocks to climb in the daylight.
In my mind,
There's a corner I need to turn.
Lessons lived is a lesson learned in the daylight.
In the daylight.

I miss the forest shade,
You took me there, the promise I made,
To never leave the dark so deep.
Safe and soothing, yet I fear,
As I recall and now reflect,
I see it's safer to connect,
To the daylight.
Oh, the daylight. (Light.)

Ooh, daylight.
Ooh, daylight.

Daylight falls and I'm lost in the big parade.
Hold my hand, darling, I'm afraid of the daylight.
Of the day...

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