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Crawling in my skin
These wounds they will not heal
Fear is how I fall
Confusing what is real

There's something inside me that pulls beneath the surface
This lack of self-control I fear is never ending
Controlling/I can't see

To find myself again
My walls are closing in
(without a sense of confidence and I'm convinced that there's just too much pressure to take)
I've felt this way before
So insecure


Discomfort,endlessly has pulled itself upon me
Against my will I stand beside my own reflection
It's haunting how I can't see...




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Your own view | Reviewer: Gurt | 10/23/12

There is no meaning to this song, the only meaning is for the viewer who's viewing it. You may view it as meth or something else, but it's what you view it as. This song strictly isn't about a certain thing, subject or object. It's all basic lyrics telling you what is wrong with you.

Meaning | Reviewer: J | 10/13/12

The song is completely about being addicted to METH crawling in my skin refers to how meth crawls through his skin fear is how I fall means how he gave up in life cuz of meth and confusing what Is real means hallucinating.

Never surrender | Reviewer: Makayla | 8/27/12

They describe me so well. I am very insicure about myself but they are helping mr get through this. I now never give in... most of the time. Without music I am nothing because music is my religion.

Suffering From Depersonalization | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/5/12

This song indeed is about the struggle with Depersonalization Disorder. I have had it for 9 years, and you should all thank your lucky stars that you don't have it. It is very crippling, and an awful thing to go through. When I found out Chester had it as well, it gave me the strength to move on and know all things are possible. Its not as bad as it once was, but I still have it. I would hope you all are open and at least research it a little, just to be aware of it. Thanks.

Desperation | Reviewer: Mysterious Hooded Man | 5/21/12

For something so depressing, it actually helps to listen to LP when your off kilter. They deserve an honarary GED in therapy. When I'm down songs like Crawling and Forward get me back on my feet. But mostly, it makes me want to fight for something good. It makes me want to make people afraid of my words, because this makes me see their power

And, off course, LP rocks. Sort of like therapy without a shrink, and it's enjoyable.

Depersonalisation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/22/11

It's a fact that it's about depersonalisation disorder. As schosta rightly said, it's a horrible disorder and you should all look up what it's about. You'll then get a better understanding of what this song (and 'Numb', too) is all about.

mad ass song | Reviewer: schosta | 6/19/11

you guys honestly have no idea what this song is about, im not being mean or anything, but this song is about depersonalization. search it on google of you have never heard of it. its a terrible disorder, absolutely horrific, i have it myself, listen to the lyrics of this song, and read the wikipedia of depersonalization, then you will know the true meaning of this song. p.s chester bennington used to suffer from depersonalization, im not sure if he still does

The true song of our life. | Reviewer: Manik Mondal | 2/19/11

Like every LP FANS i also belive that the meaning of linkin park's song is the front site of our culture,of our humanity,of our country,of our world,of our galaxy.we have got the grt songs like 'NUMB','WHAT I HAVE DONE' and so on.'CRAWLING' is also one of my faboulas song.

Relating | Reviewer: Laura | 11/13/10

It's actually true what people say on here.
I mean... Whenever my life gets tough, or I just had a fight with my mom, I listen to Linkin Park. I have a song to describe each situation, it's actually rather funny. When I'm in a fight with my mom, I listen to Numb... but when my dad says he's going to commit suicide (which he actually never does, but he's not actually emotionally in order... so I'm always afraid) I listen to Crawling.

A 50-year-old's Perspective | Reviewer: GreyGnome | 9/22/10

I love the dynamics of this song. The intro with its light synth tones and synth strings, followed by the singer shouting out the chorus, hint at an understated complexity that enables me to listen to it again and again and find something new. What Linkin Park excels at, IMHO, are the layers of the hard core overdriven guitar and screaming lyrics countered by the harmonies sung in the background and layers of different musical streams in tension with each other all at once. Oh what the hell- I like it, and if this old body could take it, I'd be thrashing at some Linkin Park show somewhere. But I'm afraid for my creaky bones and instead, I'll continue my cochlear demolition until I can't hear anymore. Which shouldn't be long now... :-P

best song ever | Reviewer: eva | 8/29/10

That's just to bad if some of you don't like this song but it is amazing. I can say that I understand where chester is coming we all can relate to the song in a sense each and every one of us has a monster eating at us we all fight our own demons.

Heroin | Reviewer: Devon | 8/8/10

Chester Bennington (Singer) stated this song is about his struggle getting over his addiction to heroin and cocaine. Not about the "basics of what it takes to be a man" or any religious meaning. And, to the guy below me. Music doesn't have to be complex, if you don't like Linkin Park, why bother looking up the lyrics to one of their songs? So you can get off on trying to prove something? You're right, their music isn't complex. However, their lyrics (Mainly Mike Shinoda's) are, and having meaning behind them.

Lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/4/10

Lol, linkin' park sucks, lolololollolololo, and in my opinion, the lyrics make no sense, and the structure of the guitar parts is so simple, it seems like it could have been put together super fast, like, as if the song itself was impromptu.

The Man | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/29/10

so, this song also talks about the basics of what it means to be a man. Guys are simple, ok stop trying to usurp our freedom and power. Try using the freedom you REALLY DO HAVE, and develop your own power.

God(The Man) made the individual, the family, and reality. He did not make government or who we are or what we may become. Those things are artificial...even if they happen to be inspired by what he has done...Men, down to their souls ARE mortal, finite, and ARE beings of Chaos, and are barely worth having faith in. It's just better to minimized the damage and stay redundant/independent.

I find these truths to be self evident. That all men are created equal, able with the choice to live and die in happiness or misery.

"As he was Valiant I honored him; But as he was ambitious, I slew him."
- Bill Shakespeare basically saying: Don't Mess With Me.

Theres is nothing emo here, that is an offence to LP | Reviewer: LP fan | 11/28/09

for who think that linkin park, are a emo band, they never were so wrong in their life, linkin park never (almost never), talks about love disaster or loosing a close friend or all that stuff who make a emo, they talk about (principaly) the politics, the ways of live, the crysis in the world, and the social contrasts ( you never ear mike shinoda, or a subvocalist saying shut up nigga, or something racist, right by the other way). i also bet that almost of you who considers yourself "LP fan" know the true linkin park, not that one who pass on mtv or mcm or else, not that one o goes to rock in rio or ema, the "linkin park " that we can truly discovery the meaning of their songs, im talkin about Linkin Park Underground Albums or Hybrid Theory EP (attention EP not the normal), songs like Step Up, Carousel or even Enth e ND (in the end but remix). that albuns shows us thw true likin park and their havent anything about emo

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