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Grateful Dead Cosmic Charlie Lyrics

Last updated: 05/02/2013 10:15:46 AM

Cosmic charlie how do you do? truckin in style along the avenue.
Dum de dum de doodley do. go on home your mamas calling you.
Kalico, kahlia, come tell me the news.
Calamitys waiting for a way to get to her.
Rosy red and electric blue I bought you a paddle for your paper canoe.

Say youll come back when you can whenever your airplane happens to land.
Maybe Ill be back here too it all depends on whats with you.
Hung up waiting for a windy day kite one ice since the first of february.
Mama keeps saying that the wind might blow ,
But standing here I say I just dont know.

New ones comin as the old ones go,
Everythings moving here but much too slow now,
A little bit quicker and we might have time,
To say how do you do? before were left behind.
Calliope wail like a seaside zoo. the very last lately inquired about you,
Its really very one or two. the first you wanted, the last I knew.

I just wonder if you shouldn't feel,
Less concerned about the people unreal.
The very first word is how do you do? ,
The last go home your mamas callin you.

Calling you, calling you, calling you, calling you,
Go on home your mamas calling you.
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