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Sweet communist
The communist daughter
Standing on the sea-weed water
Semen stains the mountain tops
Semen stains the mountain tops
With coca leaves along the border
Sweetness sings from every corner
Cars careening from the clouds
The bridges burst and twist around
And wanting something warm and moving
Bends towards herself the soothing
Proves that she must still exist
She moves herself about her fist
Sweet communist
The communist daughter
Standing on the sea-weed water
Semen stains the mountain tops
Semen stains the mountain tops

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"Face Value" | Reviewer: KrepEZ | 6/5/12

My point is that given the surreal, fantastical nature of the lyrics it can be difficult to interpret the song in other ways other than literal because the imagery is so vivid you can't help but visualize exactly what is singing rather than analyzing his words as metaphor, etc. I'm not saying this is going to be the case for everyone, just that when Magnum sings "semen stains the mountain tops", I can't help but picture exactly that.

Response To Other Critiques | Reviewer: Jimmy | 4/14/11

The song seems to be Mangum's attempt to describe female sexual ecstasy using words in a similar fashion to a surrealist painting (the words describe not literally what is happening but how it feels to the observer).

The lines "standing on the sea-weed water" are probably referencing Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of "love, beauty and sexuality" who was born from sea foam. "With cocoa leaves along the border" refers to pubic hair around her genitals, "Sweetness sings for every corner" the sexual ecstasy that she feels. I would agree that the line about a bridge is referring to a penis (If you're a male, look down the next time you have sex. Your penis is a bridge to not just her body, but her deepest sexuality as well). The next two lines describe the sex and her masturbating a bit more (most girls hunch a little bit while masturbating both from pleasure and because of the length of their arms) and "She moves herself about her fist" is her masturbating during the sexual act and it finishes with her in ecstasy as he ejaculates on her breasts. From the way Mangum repeats "Semen stains the mountain tops", I would assume he's trying to show the awe he has both for his own feelings and for the girl's sexuality.

Yep | Reviewer: TJ | 1/9/11

I've always thought this song is relaying the masturbatory experience this young woman is having- the things she imagines as she "moves herself about her fist." I've always understood the semen as literal and the mountaintops as being her breasts. I've never thought the bridges could be penises, but that's an interesting take. Also, she's standing on the water. Was Mangum going for holy imagery, as if to say she's pure and innocent- not in a virginal sense- but just that she is beautiful and perfect in his eyes? Also, like Erin commented, I think that if this particular track is indeed inspired at all by Anne Frank (I;m not convinced all songs on this album are), maybe this girl's life has gotten to the point where the only way she knows she's still human or normal or alive is the connection she has to her own sexuality.

I don't, however, think one can take a strictly "face value" approach to interpreting this song (though I do agree that everyone has a right to their own interpretation). For example, what exactly is meant by the "coca leaves along the border" or the "sweetness sing[ing] from every corner"?

It's a beautiful song, though.

Actually, there is no right or wrong | Reviewer: KrepEZ | 9/5/10

How about you interpret the song as you will and don't push your feelings about the song onto other people. Just because you feel a certain way about a song does not mean everyone else has to.

Obviously I don't exclusively see giant penises as the only way to deal with that visual imagery...I was making the point that lyrics as cryptic and surreal and imaginative as this can conjure up various images in one's mind; in this case, monolithic cocks towering over the tallest mountain sprinkling the tops with snow-like jizzum.

wrong | Reviewer: you're wrong | 5/10/10

the lyrics appear at face value only if you settle for face value. 'semen stains the mountain tops' at face value is not meant to conjure images of ejaculation, it is merely a different way of expressing the banal imagery of viewing a mountain scene. not banal in the sense that it is boring image, for mountains are beautiful but in the sense that mangum is trying to express it from a unique viewpoint. 'standing on the seaweed water' isn't meant to be taken literally as well. instead this focuses on the imagery of a young woman, standing ankle deep in a body of water (most likely a pond or lake) that has significant vegetation on the bottom.

this album was a concept album based upon dreams he had about a jewish family in WWII and his obsession with the dairy of anne frank. this song paints surreal imagery of a single moment in time, from the viewpoint of someone near a lake on a misty morning, watching a young woman stand in the water looking off to the mountains, with a bridge leading somewhere

while i agree that all songs have a subjective opinion and interpretation, i just feel sorry for you if all you see are giant penises

Gorgeous | Reviewer: Erin | 4/10/09

A friend of mine sent me a Neutral Milk Hotel song a couple weeks ago, it was "In The Aeroplane Over The Sea," and since then I've been absolutely hooked on them. This song is so lovely in its simplicity, it makes me feel so free.

Indeed | Reviewer: Nick | 3/3/09

This is in response to the previous, and only comment. I found it very insightful, and I agree completely with your analysis. I also found it interesting that someone with creative writing skills such as Kurtis Repstock's would actually comment on the website I searched for the lyrics of this song to find out what they were and what exactly he was talking about. Thanks.

It takes you to a very specific place at a very specific time in your mind. | Reviewer: Kurtis Repstock | 1/25/09

The visual imagery created in this song has a capacity to completely take you to another world; to sweep you away in its majestic yet reserved sound. The structure of the lyricism and the direct, almost monotone delivery of the vocals accompanies the music in such a way as to sustain its impact on your ears and leave you in a state of nirvana as you begin to look upwards, past the mountain tops, to see, standing as flesh colored monoliths supplanted between wispy clouds: fully erect penises ejaculating snow-like cum all over said mountain tops. The surreal nature of the song makes it hard not to interpret the lyrics in anything but a direct, "face value" approach.

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