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Come as you are,
as you were,
as I want you to be.
As a friend,
as a friend,
as an old enemy.

Take your time,
hurry up,
choice is yours don't be late.
Take a rest,
as a friend,
as an old memoria,
memoria, memoria, memoria.

Come dowsed in mud,
soaked in bleach,
as I want you to be.
As a trend,
As a friend,
As an old memoria
Memoria, memoria, memoria

And I swear
that I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.

~guitar solo~

...memoria, memoria, memoria, memoria {don't have a gun}

And I swear
that I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.
No I don't have a gun.
Memoria, memoria.

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It means what you want it to mean | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/26/14

I think you guys are trying way to hard to interrupt the meaning of this song. I think this song isn't supposed to have a particular meaning but it means something different to everyone. Not sure if this makes sense lol but

*** | Reviewer: Bri | 5/10/14

I think it's about the drugs. Sometimes it's a friend, sometimes it's an enemy, sometimes it's just a drug. "Mud or bleach" (heroine or cocaine, referring to the colour of it). This is song about relationship with drugs, and he swears for them, that he doesn't have a gun, because gun would separate them apart, i mean, he and drugs, his friend.

Stop arguing | Reviewer: Maria | 4/23/14

I always thought he was saying Maria in Come As you are,but it's not and so quit trying to figure Kurdts lyrics out and have a good life. He would just laugh at all this B.S. You guys are acting like someone is trying to take your toys out of the sand box. Grow Up!

Idk | Reviewer: Cobainers | 12/24/13

You cant just ignore the part where he says no I dont have a gun
His songs are not meant to have only one meaning
They have a lot of stuff sum up together
He doesnt talk only about frienship or idk
He talks about his life

Kurt's view | Reviewer: just some guy | 9/24/13

you see kurt once said in an interview in ( im not sure ) 1993 ( i guess ) that he did never care about any lyrics in any song. It wasnt really important for him. It was just the sound of the songs he cared about.

really? | Reviewer: Terry | 11/15/12

If only any of you knew the truth. I will publish it soon in My AutoBiography. Til then, consider only a few things are called a gun, one is a real gun, another is an hypodermic needle. You all just don't get it.

It's up to you | Reviewer: Robert Warner | 8/15/12

Meaning? Do what ever the f--- you want- it's not up to me. You want to come as a friend, fine. As a trend, fine. Just don't expect me to tell you what to do. You want to play the part of an old enemy, whatever man. Figure it out or f--- off. You want to hurry up, or you want to take your time? Why are you asking me- just don't be late.

I believe that's where Cobaine was coming from.

like this song | Reviewer: shishir khadkaa | 6/12/12

i have heard all the songs of nirvana and kurt is my best singer this song really a confusing one ...i have heard this song more then 1000 times but still i am unable to know the meaning.anyways kurt was the king of the rock and still in our heart and memories..he died but his songs will never die...i miss u alot..kurt

i dont have gun | Reviewer: jd | 4/30/12

ive grown up with a suicide mind so i look at i dont have a gun meaning hes not going to tell you straight out im going to kill myself jjust like his lyrics he wanted people to think all different things of wwhat they mean he was so high playing with words aawesome luv kurt kobain

kurt cobain's style | Reviewer: trey | 12/15/11

When I hear alot of Nirvana I can sense the sarcasm and I've noticed he plays with words alot. Always making things seemingly unnoteworthy part of words and whatnot. He actually does say "I don't have a God" and then later changes it and the person hearing it assumes what he said before was gun as well...And when he's saying enemy ah enemy ah it actually slowly changes to another different word that I can't make out. I think he just enjoyed this style of writing maybe because he knew people would try to interpret his songs and it's really clever the way he pulls these things off...Kurt Cobain really was an amazing writer even though he himself says alot of his songs don't mean anything too important, I think they really do cause he probably felt they weren't important or that they weren't that great cause he wrote some so fast...but that's just how fucking great he was. No matter what, his thoughts and inner conflict always shines through. To be honest Nirvana songs are one of my favorites to interpret because there are just so many different perspectives and so many deep lyrics...something about him not even realizing how great his lyrics were or how deep they seem to others makes me realize how much of a great writer he really was

come as you are nirvana | Reviewer: jim | 12/7/11

enjoy the song, don't analyze it like we do today. grunge was cool music out of seattle, like punk, rock, blues etc. life's to short, and young people don't get it, and are always complaining. the golden years are when you young, so enjoy everything while you can, like nirvana..........! peasce out!!!!!!!!!!

no i don't have a gun | Reviewer: ThisBitch | 10/24/11

Actually, he is saying "I don't have a gun" not "I don't have a god" or whatever. I did listen and you can clearly hear the "-un" not "-od" in the lyrics. Also, people try way too hard to understand the meaning of a song but at the same time, everyone interprets things differently. That's what makes us individuals in our socialized environment. But at the same time, you guys are getting ridiculous. it sounds like your all super stoned, trying to recognize the in-depth meaning beneath Kurt's words. good luck, bros and hoes. I love Kurt, but he was constantly effed up on some kinda substance and probably didn't even know what he was talking about once he came down from a high.

idiots | Reviewer: chuck | 10/17/11

good lyrics id say. love nirvana used to be my favorite band till i got clean and reliezed how nuts kurt is lol. anyway good job pretty spot on. but the "i dont have a gun" is a common misinterpretation to this song. listen close enough he is really saying i dont have a god. kurt was a buddhist who did not believe in rebirth or starting over. and to all the ppl saying what the song is about ummm are you kurt cobian lol lighten up. Most of the time he didn't talk about anything and all i know is he had alot of heroin references in his songs.

Hmm | Reviewer: Bart | 9/28/11

I don't have any particular binding tie to Nirvana (I am not a diehard fan, in other words) but I think they were a good band and Kurt was a fine singer and songwriter. This is a great song, but when I hear these lyrics, I'm not sure there is a cohesive meaning. They are clever, but I feel like the "don't have a gun" part might not have any deep meaning beyond sounding cool and fitting where it fits, which is fine. I write songs on occasion and usually worry about the melody before the words. Sometimes I write whatever words come to mind when I am first singing the melody, and it sounds like that to me. Usually they are nonsensical but sometimes I can't replace them later because they've become stuck in my head. The verses seem brilliant as self-contained writing, especially the first, it's a very accurate description of nostalgic memory, but the bridge/chorus part seems kind of unrelated, maybe I'm wrong.

Bipolar Love | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/11/11

Being in a volatile relationship has its toll, especially if you live in extremes..either its really really good or its really really bad. You hope for the stability of good moments ALL the time..and its like a drug,,, its a high.. You hope to always keep that feeling of when its really good because it feels so fucking good..thats why you put up with all the bad just so you can get the good. Sometimes it gets to be too much that you just wish for it to end and so one may walk away..but then everything else feels dull..nothing can compare to the high u feel with that person, so I feel as if he is feigning for her..he doesnt give a fuck about anything.."come as you are" I don't care if you come as my friend or enemy, I just need you here!..and when he talks about not having a gun...well love is like can battle so its like he is saying "hey I'm unarmed, I just wanna be with you" ...

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