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Kasabian Club Foot Lyrics

Last updated: 10/30/2012 02:46:34 PM

One...take control of me?
Yer messing with the enemy
Said its's another trick
Messin with my mind, I wake up
Chase down an empty street
Blindly snap the broken beats
Said it's cut with a dirty trick
Its taken all these days to find ya
I tell you I want you
I tell you I need you

friends, take control of me
Stalking cross' the gallery
All these pills got to operate
The colour quits and all invade us
There he goes again
Take me to the edge again
All I got is a dirty trick
I'm chasin down the wolves to save ya

I tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
I... the blood aint on my face
Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
The blood aint on my hands

Just wanted you near me

I tell you I want you
I'll tell you I need you
The blood aint on my hands

Just wanted you near me

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Fifa once again | Reviewer: DSCHOERMAN | 10/31/12

Who is Indie anyways ?! BITCHES !?! NOONE since the Monkeys died a tragic death of credibility theres not gonna be a comparable source of Pop-Inde which both Bands represented...Our audible world succesfully signed up for execution through rihanna, etc... Even Kingdom bands arent save from greed. Whic is - Mos Def - one of the saddest things I experienced in my short career as a lover of music which used to be intellectual challenging and delivering a message behind a few curtains of misbelief and boredom... If mankind will survive any fucked up end of te world scenario it wont survive our own greed........

I take it all back! | Reviewer: Lincoln | 4/30/10

I posted on here that Kasabian were no good, i'm an idiot. I think I was just getting annoyed at how big there getting in the UK. WRPLA is an amazing album, so different from the other bands around at the moment. I saw them in Feb. In Lille at the L'Aeronef, and i'm seeing them on 2nd June at le 112 club in Terville, if you don't like arenas go to France and see your favourite bands in small venues.

CLUB FOOT | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/10

Are you guys serious? kasabian are without doubt the best band around at the moment, fact. They just keep getting better and better, constantly cuming up with fantastic tracks, guitar riffs and great bass lines not to mention the vocals.
Kasabian - FOREVER

Great Song! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/3/09

For this song, i can say it's beautiful.However, i agree with the guy wrote before me, they f.cked up.Their sound is no more attractive.they should find a way to renew both themselves and their music.

ha ha, all mouth no action | Reviewer: lincoln | 5/26/09

When Kasabian first came out, I liked them. They sounded so fresh, lyrically it's all bollocks. But then they are just Oasis copycats now, and Oasis are now living off former glory too. Liam Gallaghers' voice is completely gone, and Noel's songwriting is bobbins. Noel should go solo, and Kasabian should write a better album with songs that actually mean something rather than random words stitched together with some loud powerful drums and guitars, and ooh's and ahh's thrown in the background, I'm seeing the Enemy, kasabian and Oasis at Heaton Park in Manchester on Thursday 4th June, I won't be seeing Oasis again after that because they will only get worse, as for Kasabain, forget it!

Jan Palach | Reviewer: Martin T. | 1/19/09

Yes, this song is dedicated to Jan Palach. He committed suicide by burning himself to death on a square in capital city (Prague) as a protest against communist invasion of Czechoslovak Republic. He died after three days in a hospital in severe pain. Several other students followed him and also burned themselves to death, one on the same place as Palach. His death started wave of student's suicides - almost 30 but 7 actually died.

Excellent Song | Reviewer: HomicideLAX5150 | 11/6/08

It's a very excellent song by Kasabian. It is a song for Jan Palach who commited suicide in Czechslavokia I believe because of communist back in 1969 he wanted freedom. Very sad. Jan Palach 1948-1969 R.I.P

mika | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/3/08

omg so i was online looking for new music and came across these guys, i still dont really know how to pronounce their names very well haha, but that doesnt stop me from loving them so much...check out processed beats!!

the best song. ever | Reviewer: kasabian 4 ever | 10/19/07

this is my favorite song. EVER. kasabian deserves more credit, i can't find them ANYWHERE in the states, they're truly amazing.

club foot | Reviewer: James Carnell | 8/10/07

this song is ace however the lyrics are sadly missing the best bit which is the OOOSH ahh ahh ah ahh aha

Club Foot Review | Reviewer: Ady Wakey | 6/18/07

Breathtaking as soon as I hear the start I want to go and smash shop windows it has so much energy!!

Club Foot | Reviewer: iain | 5/29/07

deffinetly the best kasabian song and one of ma overall favourites, the intro is just pure genius!!

awesome dude!!!! | Reviewer: alexionik | 4/21/07

....just awesosome, is all that i can say...

Club Foot | Reviewer: Kira | 3/27/07

My god, this song is ADDICTING.
Whenever I start listening to it, I must play it on repeat a thousandbajillion times more.
Yeah I exaggerated but I have listened to this song for about twelve hours straight.
It's convenient that this addicting song is pretty darn cool, too.

Awesome | Reviewer: Bob D Prince | 2/27/07

This is one of the best songs I Have Ever heard!!!! It screams brillince . . It is truly amazin!!!!!