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People like you
You live in a dream world
You despise the outside
And you fear next one!

It's in your dream
There's just one question
Should I kill?
Or should I be left behind?

Sick and tired
Of all your complaints
This is the hour
We bring it down!

I've come to realize
With everylittle glimpse, you fade
I was told that I could fly
When least expected,
Cloud Connected!

You seem to be
So introverted
How come we fail
With all that is given?

You crossed the line
You remember my name
Time runs backwards
As we're heading that way!

I've come to realize
Every little glimpse, you fade
I was told that I could fly
When least expected,
Cloud Connected!

I've come to realize
Every little glimpse, you fade
I was told that I could fly
When least expected,
Cloud Connected!

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Cloud Atlas | Reviewer: Ic3m4n | 11/7/12

Does anyone know the film, that will be released soon, Cloud Atlas?
The film says, everyone is connected with people, beyond time and space. The film is based on a Best-selling Novel and the slogan of the film is "Evereything is connected". Very suspicious.

We're All Connected | Reviewer: Rob | 3/8/12

I don't see anything in here talking about this meaning correctly.

It's about a strong disagreement with another person, and both have strong positions, and both wish the other person were out of the picture. Take them down, or be taken down.

After one person has been eliminated, the other realizes that a chain of events or circumstances that connect people to one another. Removing a person solves nothing, because eventually, things will turn around on you. Being rid of somebody brings them in closer to you.

Killing a girl brings her boy friend to your door.
Hurting somebody else triggers feelings of remorse.

The point of the song being, that even the simplest of misdeeds can have greater consequences.

cloud connected | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/15/11

not sure y others havnt picked up on diz, just my th8s on the meaning of cloud connected is bout humans bein connected to the 'cloud', doin things in a dream world 'cyberspace' as opposed to bein outside 'in nature or real life' .. I blv theyr tryna say dt they not happy with the way modern society have turned out, and i see the song as a warning, with every little glimpse you fade 'every tym u connect to the cloud, eg fb, u as an individual become less.. Anywayz gr8 song frm a fkn awesome band !

Interpretation | Reviewer: Lizabee | 4/8/11

I believe, being a "big picture" thinker at the moment, the song represents awakening from delusion.
"You live in a dream world" - believing in something irrational, or unrealistic, strongly, being terrified of the outside (reality), from a lack of understanding. Like, for instance, believing strongly, that there is, say, an afterlife, because one is terrified of the reality- that death is death, or else it would not be called so. "To die is to cease".

"How can we fail with all that is given" - On planet Earth, so much luxury, technology, convenience, and yet it is all taken for granted and abused. Using connection means, like social networking, to cheat on partners, pry people's lives, or simply getting addicted to it with no malicious intent, to destroy their own lives... or so many opportunities, to live, and yet one gives up on one's self, and fails their own game.

"I was told that I could fly, when least expected" -
Certainly, when something doesn't happen (the "flying"), like success, money, etc, there is always an excuse, like "when least expected" - kinda like saying a spirit won't manifest with a skeptic in the room.

I love In Flames | Reviewer: Valentina | 3/31/10

I love them so much, their songs make me feel so invincible and strong! When my life crushes, i just listen to their songs and forget about everything! They're awesome! With them and their songs i can do anything, it's my life! This song makes me feel like i could say 'f**k you!' to some persons and then to fly away! :D

One of their best... | Reviewer: ChrisW | 10/9/09

I love this song, it's my fav by In Flames, even if it is one of their oldest, it certainly is one of their best. I'm working on a cover for this song to do for Battle of the Bands this year at my school.
In Flames We Trust - Westminster, CO, USA

Interpretation | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/11/09

I think this amazing song, is about a person that's been told all his life that he is incredible, and outstanding in either apperence or talent.. but then figures out later that he ain't and how the disappointment breaks you down..

I loves this song..

and this is only my interpretation

In Flames we trust | Reviewer: Herbi | 6/14/09

In flames is just fucking awesome, they're music is great so is the underlying message in they're songs.
And this song is totally a masterpiece, I can't stop listening to it!

In Flames till I die!

Amazing Band | Reviewer: Her3tik | 3/26/08

In Flames has done a ton of amazing work. I don't care if it's old or new, it's all amazing, especially when you consider the messages they're trying to send. Nothing makes me appreciate musicians more than hearing them move to inspire their fans to something beyond what they could ever imagine, and In Flames has done a beautiful job of that with every album.

Cloud Connected | Reviewer: Poncius | 12/16/07

The song is a response to all the critique In Flames had from their core fans. Their style changed completely from being more raw, hard on and emphathizing the twin guitars to more emotional songs, that subjected what hardcore fans might call emo shit (i.e suicide and love etc).

clouded | Reviewer: upi | 12/1/07

first song that made me feel that i was really cloud connected, i saw in flames on 2006 in finland at place called the house of culture (kulttuuritalo). I was really taken when Anders took my digital camera and videod whole crowd with it, guys behind me called me a lucky sob...but it wasnt for nothing :D

Burner! | Reviewer: Danny | 11/15/07

Hi folks,
this song is one of the best In Flames songs ever!
It rolls in like a hurricane and blasts all sorrows away! Genious' at work!

could connected | Reviewer: Kerby | 11/14/07

This is my favorite In Flames song next to The Quiet Place and Embody the Invisible. In Flames are such talented young chaps, It seems they are incapable of making a crappy song...then again I haven't heard most of their older stuff so don't know. :)

Ivan | Reviewer: Ixy | 10/20/07

This song, makes my adrenaline rush!
If, somehow i hear this song in my head, makes my feel like i could punch down 5 people!

cloud connected. heavy metal art! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/12/07

This song is so awesome. If you play it through some nice loud speakers, and just feel the sound, it is such a heavy, intense well done song. the sound that guy is making on his guitar is just so heavy and awesome, its hard to believe that its just some guy playing with a piece of wood with some strings on it.

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