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Lights go out and I can't be saved
Tides that I tried to swim against
You've put me down upon my knees
Oh I beg, I beg and plead (singing)
Come out of things unsaid, shoot an apple of my head (and a)
Trouble that can't be named, tigers waiting to be tamed (singing)
You are, you are

Confusion never stops, closing walls and ticking clocks (gonna)
Come back and take you home, I could not stop, that you now know (singing)
Come out upon my seas, curse missed opportunities (am I)
A part of the cure, or am I part of the disease (singing)

You are [x6]
And nothing else compares
Oh no nothing else compares
And nothing else compares

You are [continues in background]
Home, home, where I wanted to go [x4]

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Clocks | Reviewer: Joe | 12/22/13

This song is about someone who is in a relationship but is in love with someone else.At night he can't stop dreaming about the other women and it is all consuming. He wants to say how he feels and to be able to trust the girl. The trouble is what's going to happen when he tells his current girl. The tiger is his new love and he needs to tame it. The confusion is being trapped between relationships and the time is coming to make a move. He is ready to move forward but does not want to hurt his current love. He is thinking about the missed chances in his life and doesn't want to miss out on this opportunity. His new love is his home and nothing else compares.

I love when a song describes exactly how you feel. | Reviewer: Ihavenoname. | 4/11/12

Well,this song is great,I'm from Croatia,learning english for 7 years,at the beginning it was hard to undertand this songs meaning.
Now I've decided that this song have multiple meaning and I can listen it when im sad,lonely,everithing is alright,when im smiling,happy.This song means me a lot to me..sorry for grammary fails..

clocks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/10/12

It's so weird that loads of other people in their early teens listen to Coldplay because their parents were obsessed when they were littlethat happened to me too! My dad used to love Coldplay when I was around 3 or 4-ish (he used to play it in the car when we went sailing and I hated most of it at the time) and this song in particular (and Trouble) has always stuck in my head. I was around 12 when I rediscovered Coldplay and this song always makes me feel really... I dunno, weird and nostalgic inside, if that's possible at my age!

My Interpretation(s) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/11/10

1. This song is probably about mans everlasting struggle against time i.e. "Closing walls and ticking clocks". This is the most obvious meaning.

2. Could also be about coming out of the closet. But, there is less evidence, and it'd be weird for Chris MArtin to write a song about that.

3. All Coldplay songs are super vague, and can have multiple meanings behind them.

abt clocks | Reviewer: mimi | 8/8/08

Clocks is an amazin' song, and coldplay sings it great. We can't deny that coldplay is a good band.
they really calm me down when I'm nervous esp. FOR U sons( this song drives me out of Galaxy )
The lyrics of Clocks are kinda special.

Remembered | Reviewer: Katie | 7/19/08

My Dad always used to listen to Coldplay when i was little. I'm only 13 but I've started to like them lots, even if it used to drive me crazy when i was small, having to listen to songs played at full blast in a boiling car while you've got a headache isn't exactly a 5 year old's idea of fun. My dad went off Coldplay and started listening to U2 and Oasis, so i forgot all about Coldplay. I recently heard one of their songs on the music channels on Sky, however, and asked my Dad to borrow his old albums. i hadnt heard this song for at least 6 years and was amazed at myself when i just started singing along. The lyrics had probably been etched into my brain I'd listened to them played so loud. My Dad was surprised too. He's never been able to remember any lyrics, but i thought it was great when i went ot check the lyrics on here and found I'd remembered every single word!

The song | Reviewer: Erin | 1/29/08

i love coldplay and i used to listen to them all the time when i was littler and then i couldn't find their name so i wasn't able to hear their songs for a while when one day i heard it on the radio and wrote down "coldplay" and found all of their songs again. the song "clocks" really calms me down when i'm angry or depressed i really don't know why but i think its the piano in the background. I asked one of my teachers if music can affect you like that and she actually said every type of music makes you react a different way for each thing you listen to whether it makes u madd, happy, sad , even if you don't realize it. Sometimes it affects you justtt a little bit but its still enough to change your day. Cool how music affects the mind lol =]

this song | Reviewer: adam | 1/21/08

I stumbled upon this song a few days ago, well actually I stumbled upon Coldplay a few days ago. When I started listening to them I had a strange feeling that I've heard this before, and I thought back. I'm not that old, I happen to be in my early teens. The more I thought, I discovered that I had heard these songs from when my mom played them, when i was little. I think she played Coldplay, because of the hard times she was going through. But over the past few days, I've listened to a lot of the Coldplay albums and remembered almost every single song. I find it funny how listening to these songs as a child, not remembering them, but keeping them somewhere deep in my brain, and now discovering them and listening to them again. I think thats really cool, and kind of special. This song by Coldplay in perticular is one of my favorites. Their song lyrics are amazing and mean something to me personally.

YAY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/4/08

i absolutely love cold play!!! Every singe one of their songs are amazing. I just wish more people were into them. :(

Amazing | Reviewer: coldplay luva | 12/27/07

I think you have all summed it up... when coldplay's lyrics show up on VH1's behind the music we will know the true meaning. Until then, it's just amazing and vague enough to be open to interpretation, which is why so many of us love it without understanding it... rock on, Coldplay.

best clocks | Reviewer: pooyan | 12/25/07

this song is wonderful and this song give me a great feel . feeling in the air. i like it . this song help me to better feel the god . congralutions cold play . soooo unreal . this is soooooo wonderfull

Clocks | Reviewer: Mary Margaret | 11/13/07

Done this once before, I just want to know who
asked me to submit my corrections? Who's thankin
me? By the way, How do I Thank Gary for the lyrics. I hope Gary is still writing music!!!
He's got to be pretty special for Coldplay.
I'd love to hear Coldplay at my Wedding or
my 45th b-day or my 50th b-day. Trust Me!!!
I love Altenative music it's fabulous!!!
But Coldplay Has a Special Piece of My Heart!
I Will always love them, Gary is Golden!
Thanx again, fell for the Band on my brother's
Wedding Day in that garage.

Clocks by Coldplay | Reviewer: mary | 10/28/07

This song is wonderful, you can feel so many things in this song. My brother used this song at
his Wedding for the Wedding,Guest to enter the
home-made chapel in his garage. I thought Martin,
was singing "Home is where I want to take you,
Home, is where I want take you, Home,and so on...
I was asked to submit the lyric corrections at
this web site. So I am doing just that. Thanx

It can be religious | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/22/07

Anonymous writer, you are correct, God's greatest gift is sending Jesus! And Jesus is the greatest love ever, so technically Rick is also correct. Clocks is an amazing song and though I don't know what context Coldplay was putting it in when they wrote the song I think it can be religious. I look at it that way.

Hah | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/14/07

This a great song, although how Rick got the idea of it being about God may have been reading too far into it. Realllly far.

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