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Move slowly
Beyond the colors on my eyes
Move slowly
Into the corners of my mind
Rising like the Pegasus
Each and every one of us
Islands in the sea of dreams
Always searching harmony
And peace

All we find
Reject our mind
Don't you wonder why

If the war by heavens gate release desire
In the line of fire someone must to know
That a human heart demands to be admired
Cause in the Center of the Universe
We are all alone

Show me sign of paradise
A place we all would like to go to
Tell me what to sacrifice
So there's a chance for me to want you

All I find
Reject my mind
And I wonder why

If the war by heavens gate released desire
In the line of fire someone must have known
That a human heart demands to be admired
Cause in the Center of the Universe
We are all alone

I have a tale to be told won't you listen tonight
Follow me into the core of the fountain of light
Try to imagine that hope is our ship for the soul
[Over the ocean the quest of your life lies ahead]
Maybe together we'll find there's a place for us all
[Follow the star in your mind, sail along sail along]

If the war by heavens gate released desire
In the line of fire someone must have known
That a human heart demands to be admired
Cause in the Center of the Universe
We are all alone

Cause in the Center of the Universe
We are all alone
we're alone

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NEWBIE | Reviewer: Smurfette | 5/17/12

I just started to getting in to power-metal and especially Kamelot.... it i have listened to since April Break.... cant get enough... the lead OMG.... his voice is soo hypnotic.... KEEP WRITING AND PLAYING GUYS :) <3

Very Poetic | Reviewer: Nate | 7/14/11

As a couple of people have said, Center of the Universe refers to Ariel's desire for knowledge. Epica and The Black Halo are concept albums based on Goethe's Faust (but with a much happier ending), and this really introduces alot of elements continued throughout Epica, particularly the strong melodies of the lead guitar and piano versus the much darker rythm guitar and bass.

However, it is interesting to note that so many people see the meaning of the song as love, because in the end it turns out to be what Ariel is searching for the entire time. So in a way this foreshadows some of the later song in Black Halo, like Momento Mori.

Regardless, the poetry in this song is masterful. "If the war at heaven's gate released desire/In the line of fire someone must to know". Beautiful and amazing.

Kamelot is a great band and it's sad that they kind of moved away from the more concept oriented Prog work, and furthermore that Khan left. Still a great band.

Awesome | Reviewer: Kenoryn | 12/4/10

This song is ridiculously catchy. It's been stuck in my head for days. But, yes, as previous reviewer Mark said, it's not about love, but about Faust's (Ariel's, in the Kamelot version) quest for knowledge. It's basically the first track after the prologue and is sort of an overture to these story, introducing the ideas of the human condition - not knowing our purpose, ever-searching for something unknown and feeling alone and isolated in the world.

Amazing | Reviewer: Mark | 3/13/10

While this song is beautiful as all other Kamelot songs, I don't think this one is about love. The Epica album is based on Goethe's story about Faust and this song imo represents his thirst for knowledge. Go read something about this and Black Halo album.

But I'm still amazed at how little popularity this band has. It deserves much, MUCH more. They actually produce emotive, artistic and creative stuff, unlike some other bands.

Lovely | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/20/09

This song is full of emotions, passions, desires, and a bit of pain, like all theyr songs are. They have a special way to play with words..and it really touch your heart and soul with them. I love this band. Lovely voice, lovely sound, lovely lyrics!

truly about when you're in love | Reviewer: Aquismaia | 12/27/08

This song is truly about love I still love my ex-girl friend but I dont know about her and the line: Tell me what to sacrifice, So there's a chance for me to want you
I want to know what to sacrifice to have her back
Kamelot Rocks!!!!!!!!!

Center of the Universe Rocks. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/5/08

This is a song that embodies almost all of Kamelot's repertoire, exhibiting some areas where the orchestral sounds lead the song, other parts where Kahn's voice takes the control and thomas youngbloods excellent solos. It is an amazing song and is amazing live.

When u r in love... | Reviewer: george | 11/7/08

I've felt in love...I'm suffering so much and so strongly...Oh, i love her!
Only this song can correctly represent my love.


I'm so pleased to the band of ''Kamelot'' for their inspiration and feelings that their music has!

great song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/28/08

i did this for the school thing at the end of the year, we got alot of great responses, but i think it see im a girl, and my voice is, well a girls voice. so i think we should've done a diffrent song. maybe next year. his voice
is so beautiful.

Kings | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/24/08

Kamelot is the king of all matter how much i wonder, the only way i can describe the feeling i get from listening to their songs is love. I absolutely love their music and no matter what i cant get enough of them.

YAY FOR KAMELOT!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/14/07

dude! I love this song!!! Thats all i can say is i love this song and me and my friends might try to do it for the show thing at the end of the school year so im glade I found this.

kamelot! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/22/07

greatest band! great song! lovely combination! my favorite song ever!

Just WOW | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/07

The whole song is great, but the end...I'm speechless. I love Khan's voice so much.

AH EXCELLENT | Reviewer: URDU | 5/15/06

This song just kicks ass. Period. It is given to BOOOOOOORISHES UP! AH URDU!

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