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Cameo Candy Lyrics

Last updated: 12/25/2012 09:36:40 AM

It's like candy
I can feel it when you walk
Even when you talk it takes over me
You're so dandy
I wanna know
Can you feel it too just like I do


This stuff is starting now
It's the same feeling
I always seem to get around you
There's no mistaking; I'm clearly taken
By the simple mere thought of you


This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now
This stuff is starting now


My eyes roll in my head
I toss and turn in my bed
In the morning when I think about you

(yes I do)

Simply put, you're the reason why
Even though I'm real shy

(real shy)

I attempt to look my best for you

(indeed I do - just for you)

Cause you affect me, fascinate me
I thank heaven for the things that you do (for the things that you do)
It's like candy
You sure are sweet - Sweet!
You're so dandy
You're taking my appetite - but it's all right

It's like candy

(ooh, vanilla! oh, chocolate!)

You look real nice, wrapped up tight
You're so dandy
(in the night, if I have a little bit more like that)
You're giving me a heart attack
It's the kind I like

It's like candy, you're so dandy...

(Why you do - why you do - baby)

You're like a brand new feeling (feeling)
In a special way
A surprise package
On a bright clear sunny day (you're so dandy)
And wrapped up tight

(so good - so good)

Strawberry! raspberry!
All those good things!
Violets and gumdrops
That's what you're saying to me


(sweet candy - candy)
It's like candy
Sure seems like good candy oh baby!

You're so dandy
Just keep doing what you do

you know what i mean
it's like candy ohhhhhh
your so tender sweet candy
your like your like ohhhhhh

its like candy

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The best song ever! | Reviewer: Molly Medlin | 12/24/12

WOW! I love that song, it will not get out of my head. I keep on singing the tune of this in class and everyone else joins me, my teacher gets angry at first then she joins in with us!

Great song | Reviewer: Eliot | 5/30/11

I grew up around songs like this and love the old school. But once i grew up I found out this song wasn't about white girls, but it was about white girl(cocaine)
hahaha wrapped up tight, tossin and turning in bed,givin me a heart attack, gotta love that yayo

Loving it | Reviewer: Brittney Turner | 3/28/11

I first heard this song on teh radio and I feel in love with it at first sight. It took me some years to really totally understand it, but when I did it was more romantic then I thought. I love it and Old school is always the best. I love you Cameo.

Dats My Song!! | Reviewer: Joi With An Eye | 2/4/11

I loved it then - I love it now & my children have grown up electric sliding...

This song is so about how he's ALL OVER in love with this woman & spends the whole song helping us to feel it too.

Yeah - Candy - DATS MAH CHUNE...

my jammmm!!! | Reviewer: black luv | 11/2/10

im only 16 and i luv music. the best music for me comes from the ole skool!!! i first hurd this song when i was 8 or 9. i luvddd it then and i luvvvv it now. great funk song! in my family, this song is played at the gouse partys, wedding receptions, retirement partys, anniversarys and even baby showers! this song has been featured in black movies like the best man :) and in black plays like whatever she wants :).

CANDAYYYYY | Reviewer: tiaraa | 9/3/10

i was at my cousins weddings lat week and we were all dancing to this song;im 17 n kinda old schooled soo you know i was JAMMIN.Ive never watched the bestman to the end but when i heard the song playing i was like aww snap thats my songg lol!!!!

BEST FUNK SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Jerome Bogan | 6/8/10

I've given a lot of thought before I made my decision. I'm 53 years old so I remember good music and am a composer myself, so I know good music when I hear it. WBLS (especially Egypt) has been playing this oldie but goodie in rotation for a while now. Everything about this song is perfect: the beat is killer, the sax solo all sweet notes, the guitar screams with utter passion, the "Mudbone-like" vocals are indescribably funky and exaggeratedly southern to perfection. Backup vocals - awesome. Mix - perfect! I officially declare this the best song ever in its genre and I'm tempted to declare it best song ever regardless of genre!

Jerome Bogan -

woot.woot. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/2/08

this song iz the sex. started it at skl with 2 people by the end of lunch the whole year was dancing to it.

sexy tune .
cameo rules.
this'll be my first dance song choice at my wedding.


CANDAY!!! | Reviewer: alex | 3/13/08

OMG im 16 but my parents are really old lol so I know all the hits and classics. But whenever i heard this song on the radio I'd sing it but it wasn't anoything, then I saw The Best Man after 3 years after i last saw it and I heard CANDY and i immediatly started singin and dancin then my best friend started singin it like a day later and then we became oppsessed with it lmao we sing it alll the time!!!!!! CANDAY CANDAY!!!

GREAT SONG! | Reviewer: Smartz | 11/17/07

I first heard it in "The Best Man" and searched for it for a week until I finally found it. I love the song and thanx so much for putting up the lyrics :)

A great song | Reviewer: Cactus | 11/17/07

This song I could not get out my head. I heard it last night while looking at a movie .. and it still has the thump .. years later .. A good wedding song at the reception.. :)

This song is all that | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/07

This is the kind of song you can never get tired of. My dad played this when I was a kid and I'm still rocking to it! Cameo is the shit

I Love This Song! | Reviewer: Toni Keelan | 8/7/07

This Song Is The Bomb No Matter How Old It Is!!! Its The Bomb!!!
I Wanna Do The Hustle!!! Someone Teach Me!! LoL!

If You Wanna Chat(No Roll Playiong Or Shit Like That!)Add Me Tu If You Want!! If I Didnt want anyone too add Me I wouldnt have put my email address up!!!
Neat Alright!!

Yeah This Song Is Soo Good!!!

Candy, much? | Reviewer: Halia | 5/30/07

Well.. my brother introduced me to this song, and whenever it gets to the guitar solo I seem to find myself air guitaring.
The sax is so wikid.
I'm inlove with this song and I don't think I could get sick of it.

Yeew/. | Reviewer: Megg | 3/8/07

I abosoloutly adore this song i have listened to it more then 300 times i cant get enough of it. I heard it from one of my playstation games.. and i have loved it ever since. :)