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Jackson Browne CROW ON THE CRADLE Lyrics

Last updated: 01/10/2010 10:00:00 AM

The sheep's in the meadow
The cow's in the corn
Now is the time for a child to be born
He'll laugh at the moon
And cry for the sun
And if it's a boy he'll carry a gun
Sang the crow on the cradle

And if it should be that this baby's a girl
Never you mind if her hair doesn't curl
With rings on her fingers
And bells on her toes
And a bomber above her wherever she goes
Sang the crow on the cradle

The crow on the cradle
The black and the white
Somebody's baby is born for a fight
The crow on the cradle
The white and the black
Somebody's baby is not coming back
Sang the crow on the cradle

Your mother and father will sweat and they'll save
To build you a coffin and dig you a grave
Hush-a-bye little one, never you weep
For we've got a toy that can put you to sleep
Sang the crow on the cradle

Bring me my gun, and I'll shoot that bird dead
That's what your mother and father once said
The crow on the cradle, what can we do
Ah, this is a thing that I'll leave up to you
Sang the crow on the cradle
Sang the crow on the cradle

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Stunning | Reviewer: David Heavenor | 1/8/10

An incredible lyric by English writer Sydney Carter just like an ancient folk song but hideously prescient and modern for our Nuclear age. Jackson and cohorts do an amazing version. This highlights Jackson's incredible depths as a songwriter and musician - he taps into so many strands in music and has been able to follow his own star in the dog eat dog world of the music industry

one of the great | Reviewer: david eberhardt | 9/28/07

anti violence death lyrics- if the crow symbolizes capitalism/america/george bust/richard nixon/ etc. etc.- even if the conclusion is ambivalent- the crow does symbolize these things/ now doesn't it???
therefore KILL THE CROW
we need to go left-green-pacifist-socialist revolution?
don't let people tell u it doesn't work...
the fact that we would kill the crow w a gun- an instrument of violence- this brings some more ambiguity BUT
over all- a good, if confused lyric (did the author favor gun control? i mean- too often lyrics are not transparent enuff)
but i like this
and i- yes, i too am a poet
john lennon was more to the point- as well bob marley. bert brecht, wilfred owen
dave in baltimore
resist war- parctice non violoence do not sell this on ebay-