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Yo, check it out, it's fucked up, and I don't see either one of us budging

I'm withholding my anger
Though I'd like to be the strangler
Of this punk ass little pussy's puny neck
It's my right to insist
That he acknowledge my existence
But he just displays complete lack of respect
That's what he says to himself
As he uses magazines to trash me
As he sits with both feet up at his desk
Smokes a bag of his weed
And starts imagining things
And he just can't see that he's manically depressed
And in his jealousy and envy
It just whirls him in a frenzy
As he turns on MTV and sees my face
He don't exist in this world
So he just twists and he twirls
Spirals and spins till he hurls himself into rage
And it's destroying him slowly
Cause he does not even know me
Even though he sees me everywhere he goes
So he just tortures himself
He has no fortune and wealth
So he extorts someone else to get his dough
And now he's acting like a bully
So he tries to push and pull me
But he knows that he can't fool me so he's mad
He has no choice but to scream
And raise his voice up at me
Cause it annoys him to see that I ain't scared

You ain't no motherfucking (bully)
And I ain't bowing to no motherfucking (bully)
I won't allow it, ain't gonna coward to no (bully)
I'll be damned if I don't stand up to a (bully)
Fight like a man and throw my hands up to a (bully...)

And I know it must be fucking with you emotionall(y...)

Now I'm not trying to make no more enemies
No more unfortunately
There's so many other motherfuckers that just are
They just keep pounding at me
Now that I'm down with 50
Suddenly now I got beef with this faggot Ja' [laughter]
But his ass is such a puppet
Irv could shove his whole hand up it
And just make him say what he wants him to say
But Suge has Irv's on a string
And Irv's so nervous that he
Says anything to this man to keep him at bay
So now Ja thinks that he's so tough
And Murder Inc.'s the big bad wolf
And they go huff and puff and blow our label down
But our building's made out of bricks
So you ain't taking out shit
And dawg you just did a song with Bobby Brown
So now you try to pull a race card
And it backfires in your face hard
Cause you know we don't play that black and white shit
Plus this stylist that you fucked
When you was ecstasied up
Was just a man who's dressed up as a white bitch

You must be taking to much (E...)

Now what bothers me the most
About hip-hop is we so close
To picking up where we left off with Big and Pac
We just lost Jam Master J
Big L got blasted away
Plus we lost Bugs, Slang Toungue, and Freaky Ta
It's like a never-ending cycle
That just seems to come full circle
Everybody's gotta be so fucking hard
I'm not excluding myself
Cause I been stupid as well
I been known to lose it when someone says something smart
But as we grow as men
We learn to let shit go, but then again
There's only so much bullshit we can really stand
We all got reps to uphold
When someone steps on our toes
It's no exception, it goes for every man
But if Irv really gave a fuck
About Ja like he claims he does
He'd wake him up and make his boy get off them drugs
But he just keeps feeding him pills
So if that E doesn't kill him
Someone from G-Unit will and I ain't buzzed
Dawg, I'm talking to you straight
If the situation escalates
Any worse, we're gonna lose another soldier to this game
And if I get killed for this rap
I got a million in cash
That says I will get you back in Halie's name

Irvine, get your boy off that (E...)

Get at me, dawg

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best rapper ! | Reviewer: giselle perez | 2/15/14

Omg , I love eminem since the firste song I heard fron him , I hear his songs every day ! I hope you make more hits like this ! And my dream is meeting him o go to his concert :c ! But I don't havo no money so my dream can't become true :( LOVE U EMINEM <3

MAD | Reviewer: MARIA TARLETON | 4/14/13


God still wants you. | Reviewer: JustinNC | 2/25/13

Slim, you are so talented. I only hope and pray that you one day use those talents to serve The Lord. You are great at everything you do and God could use another soldier like you. Honestly, I know you could change the world. I would love to see you put out a gospel rap record. You would be the talk around the world. And honestly if you did that I believe you would be sincere about it. Not just to be the top story, or the new thing. I don't know you but I feel in my spirit that you have been feeling God pulling on your heart. So let Him in...I love you Slim.

This has got to be the most, Awesome, And Epicly amazing rap in the world | Reviewer: AwesomeRainbows | 2/7/13

Through all these years, Em has always brightened my days with his awesome songs, To be more specfic, He inspired me to rap at my High School, I am recently in a group with my friend, We do covers, Em,Your the best!

eminem i know what it is like to be bullyied i was bullyied my self and ur music speaks to me thats what i like about u the most | Reviewer: ashley | 11/13/12

eminem please keep up the good work i love this song because i been bullyied so long and now ur music is there for your fans and i am ture fan i love your music you wirte your songs to your fans and your fans listen to you more and i love u for it thank u

response to this song | Reviewer: derek | 5/15/11

hes dope, can any rappers compete, NOPE, no one is in the same league, so ja and benzino, get on your knees and please eachother, reveal whats under, your both bitches with pussies,you aint men so no need for rubbers.

comment | Reviewer: paul | 10/10/08

Greatest rapper | Reviewer: Fireblade | 11/2/2005

I think eminem is probly the best rapper / hip-hop artist to walk this earth as he is white and has great lyrics, he propa rinses the stage when hes up there, hes shown people that u dont av 2 be black 2 rap. Hes the rappin god. long live marshall.

R.I.P Tupac n biggie

^^^^to that comment , he is not the best rapper / hip hop artist to walk the earth because he is white , because he is white has nothing to do with it , as he says if u spit u can spit thats it . the fact remains he is the best artist in his own right , not because of his skin colour. its comments like that that maybe other people would remark as a bit racist.

lyrical genious | Reviewer: dajer 08 | 9/11/08

eminem is by far the sickest rapper ive ever erd fug me whats happened to all his sick lyrics, i love the way his lyrics have rivem to every song and how he shreds any of the pussys that step up to him i love it i mean the guy must be going crazy with lyrics in his head every single day i mean he probably cant look think or touch anything without thinking of sick shite yeah hes white dont think even the game would rip him they is all to scared of what he will say back on a track n jus for that i say there will never be another lyrical genious like him. but come out with more sick disturbing songs agen em like wid the remaining members of d12 keep them sick ass songs coming and yall jus listen to his words and tell me he aint sick keep it up boy . cant wait for your new solo you are always sick at your own albums love your words man

The King has done it! | Reviewer: Scaper | 7/14/08

If there's any song of eminems that has the most meaning to it its this one! Don't back down to no bully, he explains wel how pathetic they are and as for Ja and Benzino...they thought they could mention someone big to act tough, sorry but obviously you made one fat mistake by mentionin slim shady...

awessssssome | Reviewer: slims hot babe | 12/16/07

this song rox and this shit is true i luvvv eminem he is hot and the best rapper ever to live it even says everywhere that he is the king of rap competely true hes a genuis

What else is left to prove? Best lyricist on the planet! | Reviewer: Jackhammer | 11/21/07

My Goodness!! Ja, Irv, and Benzino must be crying right now, and I know they regret EVER even mentioned Marshall's name in a song. If there's anyone in the game you don't wanna piss off, it's Em. He'll make you look like a Gotdamn fool every time, and this shit is just crazy genious!! Put it on your next solo joint Em, for real. This joint is fucking CRAZY! Long live the king!

Awesum | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/07

Em is tha greatest rappa in tha mothafuckin world and nuthin is up to change it. This song rocks as all of the Em's raps.

eminem is FIT | Reviewer: XxXSexyGirlXxX | 6/5/07

This song is the tits....Gotta love eminem i would so ruin him Hahahahahahahaha

Stephanie Byabeeh | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/21/07

Eminem is the best rapper ever man... n hes wew stunnnin tae =O Ufft x

love it! | Reviewer: KJ | 4/10/07

Love this song. its probably one of the best ones he's done! I so badly wanna meet Eminem! Think he's fantastic!

He's a top rapper - Live Long Eminem, Hope You're Round For Years To Come. I'll Always Be A Fan

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