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Led Zeppelin Bring it home Lyrics

Last updated: 01/13/2011 10:00:00 AM

Baby, baby... I'm gonna bring it on home to you.
I've got my ticket, I've got that load. Conducter gone hollered, all aboard.
Take my seat, right way back. ooh yeah. Watch this train roll down the track.
I'm gonna bring it on home, Bring it on home to you.
Watch out, watch out...

Try to tell you baby, what you tryin' to do?
Tryin' to love me baby, love some other man too.
Bring it on home...

Went a little walk downtown, messed and got back late.
Found a note there waiting, it said, "Daddy, I just can't wait."
Bring it on home... Bring it back home to me baby...

Tell you, pretty baby, you love to mess me `round.
I'm gonna give you lovin', baby, gonna move you out o' town.
Bring it on home...

Sweetest little baby, daddy ever saw.
I'm gonna give you lovin' baby, I'm gonna give you more.
Bring it on home...

Bring it on home, Bring it on home to you...

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musicianship | Reviewer: dustin mj c | 1/13/11

most of what music is, is taking a single idea and building on it. youd be hard pressed to find a recording artist or even a non-recording artist (many jazz, blues, funk, rock, etc. musicians) that havent gotten an idea for their piece, chart, or song, from somebody before them. some call it poetic license, i.e. taking liberties. now, if some just covers a song, its hard not to be ridiculed, because your walking a thin line not to offend fans and the original sound, so unless its absolutely effin fantastic, someone will always complain. i myself am not a fan of covers at all, but i do recognize true musicianship when, instead of ripping every part of a song besides the solos (lyrics, harmony, melody, riffs; basically the entire layout of what theyre covering, then just changing the solos and adding or removing certain nuances to make it "theyre own sound" or "their interpretation"), some artists, lets say for example, zeppelin, can take a single idea from something theyve heard, and create something completely new out of it. its been argued that the intro to stairway was even ripped from from taurus by spirit. its eerily similar, but then again, uncanny and superstitious fear was zeppelins goal and luckily for us, their specialty. it takes balls, not only to re-construct someone elses piece of art, but to create your own at the same time, and thank the higher powers p,p,b, and j had massive ones.

Wki entry for Bring it on Home | Reviewer: dude | 5/20/10

"Bring It On Home" is a song written by Willie Dixon and made famous by Sonny Boy Williamson II in 1963, featuring a simple rhythm track and interplay between vocals and harmonicaIn 1969, English rock band Led Zeppelin recorded a version of the song for their album Led Zeppelin II. The intro and outro were deliberate homages to the Sonny Boy Williamson song, while the rest of the track was an original Jimmy Page/Robert Plant composition.[1] However, Dixon was not given a lyric writing credit for the track, leading to Arc Music, the publishing arm of Chess Records, bringing a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for copyright infringement and winning an out-of-court settlement in the 1970s. Dixon himself did not benefit until he sued Arc Music to recover his royalties and a copyright creditIn an interview he gave in 1977, Page commented:
The thing with "Bring It On Home," Christ, there's only a tiny bit taken from Sonny Boy Williamson's version and we threw that in as a tribute to him. People say, "Oh, 'Bring It On Home' is stolen." Well, there's only a little bit in the song that relates to anything that had gone before it, just the end.

tribute | Reviewer: liam | 11/2/08

The intro and outro were homages to the Sonny Boy Williamson cover, while the rest of the track was an original Jimmy Page/Robert Plant composition. so this song has a tribute to the song that went before it and should not be called a cover.

Who doesn't cover now-a-days? | Reviewer: Jay | 7/9/07

Good eye Rob. Zeppelin covered a few songs (just like every artist today)...and they all kicked ass.

Real Credit | Reviewer: Rob | 6/18/07

Well, if you really want to be specific, Sonny Boy Williamson was actually covering Willie Dixon.

Cover? So what | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/14/07

First: This is a great song, better than the original.
Second: The greatest band/artists in the history of music covered: Beatles, Doors, BB king, Glenn Miller, Johnny Cash, Black Sabbath (not as much), Deep Purple, Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Muse, Chuck Berry, Elvis (a lot), Jimi Hendrix, Clapton, Zappa, ...
Just to say a cover is a tribute, not a rip off.

!!!!! | Reviewer: kutcha | 6/4/06

aha! but see travelling riverside blues is also a cover, but sounds totally UNLIKE the original... this is yet another show of how creative zeppelin really can be!

This is a COVER people, NOT a Zeppelin song! | Reviewer: Bill Milo | 5/23/06

Bring it On Home is is a straight cover from the great Sonny Boy Williamson, this is not a Zeppelin song!
Let's give credit where it's due.