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Mindless Self Indulgence Bring The Pain Lyrics

Last updated: 07/16/2013 05:27:37 PM

Lemme tell you now:
I came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain
Let's go inside my astral plane
Find out my mental based on instrumental
Records hey so I can write monumental
Methods I'm not the king but niggaz is decaf
I stick 'em for the cream check it
Just how deep can shit get - get deeper than your fists
And brothers is mad pissed accept it
In your cross colors clothes you crossed over
And now ya totally crossed out and Kriss Kross
Who da boss niggaz get tossed to da side
And I'm the dark side of the force of course
It's the method man from the wu-tang clan
I be hectic and comin' for that headpiece protect it
Fuck it two tears in a bucket
Niggaz want the ruckas? so bust it at me son now bust it
Stylez I get buckwild method man on some shit
Fuck'n niggaz foul son I'm sick
Insane crazy drivin' miss daisy
How the fuck am I? now I got mine I'm swayze
Is it real son lemme know it's real son if its really real son lemme know it's real
Load it up and kill one
Load it up and kill one
Load it up and kill one
If it's really real
When I was a little stereo I used to be the champion
I always wonder when I would be the number one - hey hey hey
And now you listen to me darcon darcon
- - -
And all you niggaz come and test me test me
I'm gonna lick out your brains
Mothers wanna hang with the meth bring the rope
Cuz the only way you hang is by the neck
Nigga pump off a set comin' through all your projects
Take it as a threat or better yet it is a promise
Comin' like a vet on some old Vietnam shit
You can bet your bottom dollar that I'm on it
And it'll get even worse word to god it's the wu
Comin' through takin' niggaz 'fore they're
Gone gone gone gone gone gone
Movin' to your left
I came to represent and carve my name within your chest
You can come test realize it's no contest son
I'm the gun who won that old wild west
Quick on the draw with my hands on the floor
Lovin' all those goddamn monkey rhymes galore
Check it cuz I think not when it's hip hop like propa
Rhymes be the proof when I'm drinkin' ninety proof vodka
No OJ no no straw
When you give it to me - yeah - give it to me raw I burn
Give it to me raw I burn
Chest hair
I don't need no chemical blow to pull no ho - no
All I need is chemical bank to pay her up
Is it real son lemme know it's real son if its really real son
Lemme know it's
1 2 3 4
Kill one - fuck it up and kill one
Fuck it up and kill one
Lemme know it's real

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Too much facepalm. It hurts my brain. | Reviewer: Aja Marie | 7/16/13

To all the people that are getting upset over this song, and have absolutely no idea this is a Method Man cover, please go ahead and finish the job nature started and hit your head against a wall until you can taste colors. If you can still type, repeat until you can't.

You SUCK, MSI rocks. | Reviewer: Dressed_in_black | 10/15/11

A band called "Mindless Self Indulgence", with songs calling ppl Stupid Motherfucker, Bitch, suggesting to make out with your GF`s firends, thanking got for killing thugs, and you Bitch arround about the word Nigger?
Lol, i bet you are americans with your double standarts.
MSI rocks, and like every artist they have the right to use political uncorrect terms. Get your stupid asses out, if you dont like it.

like it kinda XD | Reviewer: FuckReally | 8/9/11

I like MSI but songs like this that go half way makes me sad. It just shows why they are not there yet when it been so many years since they started. Why is he saying the N word so much? This just makes me someway happy that I dont buy their CDs or any thing that may help them along the way I only download shit I like from them and i dont pay... but I like this song alot just not the N word that thrown around like its going out of style. I like songs I can sing along with and me being white and having respect for others, because I know skin color is only that. and the N word was made to put down people of darker color. I wont play this song anymore and I'll hope they get their act together with this racist shit, because I really feel they can do better then put down other.

nailed it | Reviewer: ShutMeUp | 7/15/11

Nemma, u hit the nail on the head. I agree 1000% The MSI version is fast and fun, while the original is about as entertaining as watching paint dry. I never heard a cover song that was better than the original b4, but that's exactly how it turned out. I like method man + wu-tang, but their version is boring. kudos 2 MSI for recognizing the lyrics potential.

EH big deal | Reviewer: Stan | 5/4/11

Dude MSI rocks ok. who cares words are just words. and honestly people who say the word niggaz and get mad when someone white or whatever says it is really ignorant and immature. get over urselves and let MSI continue writing great music

hm | Reviewer: Trevor | 10/22/09

all of you are being stupid, fuck the people that are saying its disrespectful for Jimmy to say Niggaz, its okay for black people but not white? that makes no sense and shows how stupid you are.
and this version isn't meant to be different, when a band does a different version of someone elses song, it means they like it, and its just being expressed through someone else, their DIFFERENT, neither is better than the other because being "better" will always be a matter of opinion from different people.

!!! | Reviewer: jess | 9/17/09

me personally .. i like msi's music and i think jimmy urine is HOTTTTT, but msi are being opposite from everything else. they're rebelious, outgoing, colourful and creative. they don't cover up the truth in their songs and they get exactly to the point of their message.
i mean yeah they are insultig and bad influences but thats what they chose to be at the end of it all.

Hahahaha | Reviewer: Katie | 4/4/09

"I don't think MSI are. They are a bunch of assholes, Jimmy Urine dissed Method Man in a live version I seen, OH YA THATS REAL RESPECTFUL. They get the ok to make the song and then that faggot disses him. FUCK MSI."

Artists "diss" each other constantly, alive or dead. It's all apart of the business. The stereotype. Rappers do it constantly.

Like the members of MSI give two shits what their fans think anyway. They're there to have fun and do what they love.
They say what they want, when they want and fuck anyone who doesn't like it.
That's their prerogative.
Don't like it? Don't go to their shows, don't buy their music, don't buy their T-shirts and don't bother writing pointless reviews.

Paying respect huh?? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/25/09

I don't think MSI are. They are a bunch of assholes, Jimmy Urine dissed Method Man in a live version I seen, OH YA THATS REAL RESPECTFUL. They get the ok to make the song and then that faggot disses him. FUCK MSI.

Hypocritical | Reviewer: Katie | 3/25/09

"First of all the dude is saying the n-words that method man originally wrote which is really disrespectful IMO"

It's okay for a black man to say "niggas" but it's not okay for a white man to say "niggas"?
Little hypocritical wouldn't you say?

It'd be funny if white people started calling their friends "crackers" and "honkeys"... And then get pissed and scream racism when black people use those terms.

What has the world come to?

bring it | Reviewer: steve | 3/10/09

mindless are paying their respects to a great rapper, and are doing him justice. This version definitely belongs to MSI, being one of their more well-known songs, signature even. if you are upset they used the word niggaz then you need to reassess your prioties as a music lover and look at his job as a musician, its just a song.

Sean P reply | Reviewer: Lav | 3/9/09

I don't think you can compare the versions. They're so different, if you like hip hop and don't like whatever MSI are, you're obviously going to prefer the hiphop version. Also, if Method Man wrote 'niggaz' into the lyrics, why shouldn't MSI sing the lyrics? It's only blanked out in the rap version for censorship purposes.

method man. | Reviewer: Sean P | 2/13/09

if anyone even considers the msi version remotely good they need to be smacked. First of all the dude is saying the n-words that method man originally wrote which is really disrespectful IMO. Method man is the original and there is absolutely no questions who's is better. Just more proof the being a great hip hop lyricist is much harder than a singer hands down. And the dude who said he doesn't like black rappers needs to be smacked up because all modern music is directly derived from black music. Jazz - Funk - Soul - Rock - Hip hop all created by black people and this is coming from a white boy. Bo diddley and James Brown were doing rock before any white people were. Stop hating.

Forget Method we got Mindless! | Reviewer: Nemma | 1/18/09

Oh yes this version is so much better. The MSI version was the first one that I heard and when I found out that they didn't origianally do it I found the Method Man version. I didn't enjoy it. At least this version is enjoyable. Thank goodness for MSI makin up for lousy songs from Method man! XD

less talK MoRe RoKk!! | Reviewer: edaliz | 9/21/08

this version is sooo much better!i believe rap is so played out and diz band is proof!all the rock versions of rap songs sound better,like soulja boy's song and jayz's song!you gotta respect these bands!COME ON PEOPLE LESS TALK MORE ROCK!!!