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f/ Outlawz

Who'll be the last motherfucker breathin?
Tell me nigga.. tell me
Who'll be the last motherfucker breathin?

Stress, but busta free
Enemies give me reason, to be the last motherfucker breathin
Bustin, my automatic rounds
Catch 'em while they sleepin, now I'm the last motherfucker breathin

[repeat Chorus]

Woke up with fifty enemies plottin my death
All fifty seein visions of me shot in the chest
Couldn't rest, nah nigga I was stressed
Had me creepin 'round corners, homie sleepin in my vest
Shit, I'm like a hostage on this troubled block, call the cops
A thug nigga screamin Westside, bustin double glocks
Hittin corners in my Chevy Surburban
Liquor got me drivin up on the curb, hand on the steerin wheel swervin
Bless me Father I'ma sinner, I'm livin in hell
Just let me live on the streets, cause ain't no peace for me in jail
Gettin world-wide exposure
with a bunch of niggaz that don't give a FUCK, ridin as my soldiers
I just release 'em on a war path, not your average dealer
Westside Outlaw; Bad Boy killer, huh
Complete my mission my competition no longer beefin
I murdered all them bustas now I'm the last motherfucker breathin


[Young Noble]
Make sure I hold my position, stand firm in the dirt
For all my soldiers gone, we burnin the earth
Outlawz WORLDWIDE, we pack the block
Shootin rocks at the kid, I'll bust back for 'Pac
Ask Yak, he'll tell you that it's hell down here
Stale down here, too many jails down here
Why you act like you don't hear me?
Young Noble, Outlaw 'til these motherfuckers kill me
I'm still breathin

Now we was raised, "Fuck this life," I rose my right
Holdin on a tight grip with death in my sight
And the dark is my light, I'm cynical, sleepwalkin as a true
Walk around town with a pound full of, bitter food
Came a long way from my born day, dead away where there's war play
Fuck friends I'll say, rather die for my A-K
with these fag-ass niggaz, see-through glass ass niggaz
Only ride my dick and the skin of my mash-ass niggaz


Uhh, I walk around with a knife in my back
Talkin bout a bad day, I live a life like that
It's unfair, and I'm losin my hair, blastin hooligans
Catch me, I'm fallin out flat, yo I'm ruined and
breathin in sewer stench, no one give a fuck about me
I learned to like it like that, when I was still in mommy
The side of seedy that the devil run from
In the belly of the beast, that's where the fuck we come from
And still I'm breathin!

And still I'm totally wasted, they want me to face this
Just lost two of my closest na'r one of y'all can take this
But I'm Makaveli trained, simple and plain
We number one motherfucker bout to do it again
Shit, 'Pac still doin it, you hoes can't ruin it
Two million everytime he drop I know you fuckers losin it
We movin in - for the kill, for a meal, holdin steel
Hold the wheel I'm bout to give these niggaz somethin they can feel
Fakin real, but we the raw and uncut
Style-bitin thug lyin niggaz, give it up!
We hit 'em up! (and we still breathin.. and we still breathin..)


Tell 'em nigga.. tell 'em
(and we still breathin..)
Who'll be the last motherfuckers breathin?

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Breathin | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/13/12

D controvercy behind 2pac is incredible. To me, I believe he's still alive. And I believe dat he released "breathin" after d incidence. 2pac was imitating makaveli in his doings. Either is dead or alive, someday we will surely know but I am strongly believed dat he's alive.

no fear | Reviewer: smith toxic bytz | 4/25/12

accordin to my opinion tupac had no fear for the govern, he never wanted to be controlled ..well you know about the masons(secret society) people who controll the media, these people wanted tupac dead becouse he was a positive artist who sung about the truth, tupacs death was perfectly planned.

the living gods | Reviewer: The Red | 5/3/11

Yes Tupac is alive only in spiritual form. Breathing is a blueprint he left behind so when he comes back he can remember the plan. His soul was that of Gods and yes my friends, he has resurected only to overthrow humanity for the sins and Jesus killings. however fear nt, if you are good your life will be spared. Tupac was very great, a higher being with the soul of Jesus, but what did we do, we killed him just like we wil do if Jesus was to come back. His women came to clear her name, the Babylon great. where will you hide? doom is coming.The seven day theory, This is just to prepare you for what is coming. if you belive in Pac and pure in your heart your life will be spared. We have come back for everything they own.These are the promised end of times.Remember God is good and trust me has knocked on several doors only to be rejected, before taking this decision.

Tupac is still breathing | Reviewer: Wakiki | 4/20/11

Man, who the fuck said Tupac de king is dead, fuck that mudafucker and his or her fuckin mamma. Tupac the King is fuckin Breathing inside a black skin in black country. If Tupac wants to come out he will do so according to what he told me. So, expect him all those that Luv him as We that Love Jesus is Expecting Him to come back and welcome him back just like that. That Nigga is my Nigga4life.

PAC is not dead! | Reviewer: Godsplan1 | 4/29/10

All of you really don't know anything! If you listen to the song Breathen and Fuckin wit the wrong Nigga. You will know that PAC is still alive. Biggie tried to have him killed twice. Once in 94 & again in 96. That's when PAC put out a hit on Biggie. Listen to the track Fuckin wit the wrong nigga. It's all there in black and white and in color. PAC4Life! 2014

Peace to my Nigga Pac | Reviewer: King Kong | 8/21/09

Keep talking shit about my boy pac and i might find you round the block and it's gona be old school jaw breaking you fucking pussy ... This track is gona be played for the next 100years to come suckers.

King Kong

bloodlove | Reviewer: Jammal G. | 4/23/07

man all yall niggas is wack..... yall dont kno shit about tupac, i grew up wit dat nigga man... he wrote dis song about how he aint scurred of no nigga.. he dont take shit from noone man... demo u a dumbass.. r u even black yall white boys talkin about tupac. demo ur pussy ass prolly some wigger dat goes around skewl pretneding he blak n shit n always wearing tupac shirt n u prolly think u a blood too kuz tupac was ... u prolly made a lil pussy asss gang wit ur friends in a suburban town n u guys calllin ur selves black u wack demo

alex is dumber than demo | Reviewer: Josh | 4/18/07

he repeated him... wow.. and In my opinion your both wrong. The chorus says "who'll be the last mutherfucker breathin" and that hes "stressed" and demo your also wrong "noone fucked with him" ... he got shot man.. a couple times. He was livin in hell, talkin about how him and his bro's had to sleep in kevlar vests because people were always lookin for him... he says "I'm like a hostage on this block" "bless me father im a sinner" Pac knew he was in shit, and he got shot, a great poet, a great lyricist, however, he got in a "big fight" with another branch of the rap game, and they both lost, a sad story. Everyone says he had no fear of dying but the word repeated most in this song is "stressed" hes worrying about that shit, he didn't want to die he was a great rapper. "self made millionaire" Talkin about how they were always fucked up in every verse because so many people want them dead. All these little thuglets idolize tupac so much they can't really decipher the meaning of tupacs art, listen to his original songs, he comes off as a hard ass in the rap game from the general sound, but delve into the lyrics and you'll understand more to tupac than "its about him being a great poet and not caring about dying" tupac had a giant heart, and cared a lot, pacs outlaws in this song were all about "dying for their ak"and killin a bunch of people, but not pac, his lyrics are totally different. "complete my mission my competition no longer beefin I murdered all them muthafuckers now im the last motherfucker breathin" a controversial line in the lyrics, but either way, he is saying his goal is to just live, no more fighting, he wanted to just co-exist, he didn't spark any violence until he got shot in the studio and BIG knew about it, never told him because there was a plot to kill him. If you still think he could give a shit less about living or dying listen to changes.

2pac 4 ever | Reviewer: westside boy | 3/2/07

tupac says in this song he dont give a fuck if he died an he dont fear of diein`

Great Song | Reviewer: Demo Fountalas | 12/22/06

I know it means way more than him having no fear of dieing, you right. But he represents having no fear in dieing with his poetic matters. So he does both of these things, just represents them in a poetic way of feeling he's a leader and respected by many and how they go through their struggles.

Good | Reviewer: Alex | 11/26/06

Demo you are really dumb. the song demonstarates more than no fear of dieing. It demonstrates the poetic feeling of being on top.

The Best | Reviewer: Demo Fountalas | 4/3/06

Out of my opinion this is one of Tupac's best songs. It represents how he has no fear of dieing. Which showed why no one fucked with him. Him and his boys go crazy in this song and showed how they didnt care about no one or any other crew coming up cause inside he knew he was the best and know one can beat him. He blasted any motha fucka who fucked with him and this song really showed it. That is my opinion on this song.

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