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Breaking Benjamin Break My Fall Lyrics

Last updated: 11/21/2010 10:00:00 AM

You fought me once but not again.
Let me feel your heavy hand.
I will clean your fuckin mess,
And leave no trace of evidence.

I am losing you again,
Let me out and let me in.
Cause you're not alone here;
Not at all.
Let me belong here,
Break my fall.

Shelter me from this again.
Dedicated to the end.
Help me break my conscience in,
To free us from our innocence.

I am losing you again.
Let me out and let me in.
Cause your not alone here,
Not at all.
Let me belong here,
Break my fall.

Mayday mayday request permission to land.
I can not control the plane.
We're in danger of crashing.

I am losing you again.
Let me out and let me in,
Cause you're not alone here.
Not at all.
Let me belong here
Break my fall (x5)

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meaning? | Reviewer: lovelylies | 11/18/10

i don't believe this song has anything to do with 9/11. he is asking permission to belong, the terrorists were not. the only thing they were dedicated to is shaking our faith in the stability and safety of what we call home. instead, i agree that he is quite clearly speaking of a relationship. the mayday mayday is a cry for help and clarity as to what the other in the relationship wants. he is trying to tell them that he is willing to be there for them as long as they are willing to have his back and help him when helping them drags him down.

Re: 1st | Reviewer: Isaac | 9/3/10

i don't think it's about 9/11 at all. i'm pretty sure the "mayday" part is just a metaphor... maybe it's just the way i see it but i think it's pretty obvious that it's about a relationship that's been on-and-off "i am losing you again, let me out and let me in..." i think he's just basically saying "make up your damn mind"

1st | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/5/10

Cool! I'm the 1st to post a comment on this song! Um.... I think this song is about 9/11 'cause of tht 'mayday, mayday....' part and 'cause...well to me the whole song just gives it away. tho I no 'we are not alone' came out in '04.